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Let’s go straight to the errors. 5 Mistakes New Players Make. The first mistake and, oddly enough, this is farming. I think here and without me it is clear to everyone that many are sagging on the farm. Not everyone makes time for it. It’s in vain. I will say more: many even finish off creeps with skill shots, and not by hand.

Despite the fact that League of Legends is a game that millions of players enjoy, getting started might be challenging. Many new participants in the League community make several frequent blunders when they first start out. This article will go over 5 of the most typical rookie mistakes made by novice League of Legends players, as well as how to prevent them!
1.Wards Aren’t Used
2.Prioritizing kills over gold and goals
3.Without Vision, Overextending in a Lane
4.Not Devoting Enough Time to One Champion
5.Champion Selection Using Win Rates Posted on the internet

What else says right away about the second mistake: you are wasting your skills in vain. Why? Just imagine. You play Zyra at mid against Talon. For example, you used Q to finish off ranged minions. And Talon at this time realizes that almost all of your damage, which you have just on Q, was wasted and you will not be able to answer him with anything right now. He will start to become impudent, use his W. What are you doing? You endure. Q then you have it in cooldawn. And this is far from the only situation. I think anyone in the commentary can give a worse example, where, perhaps, it cost you your life. But what about farming? Yes, just open the training mode, take any character you would like to play, for example Ahri. Well, train the finishing off minions! You do not knock on a creep for two hours to finally finish it off, but wait until the creep becomes almost dead and turn on the executioner mode. This is the only way to get used to your character faster, to his hand damage. Well, gold will now come constantly. And the second mistake is working with the eyes. You need to look at the minimap – a small corner of the screen. Yes, yes, yes – this is just a hackneyed topic in all guides. Who really followed it at least once? I put a ward and went to farm, and then teammate with mid says that they come in my back. And I just didn’t see some dude passing by near the ward.

Third mistake. In the third mistake, I would rather disassemble such a separate provisioning technique. I want to remind everyone that in addition to the yellow ward, which everyone has from the very beginning of the game, there is also another tracking functionality – by the type of ward control, which very few people buy, and this is a really necessary ward. Placed in a convenient location, it can give you an overview of the entire game. Imagine a jungler running the whole game near some bush, on which your control is a ward. But you just know where he is. You know every time. Isn’t it helpful? You need to spot your mistakes!

Also those who play for the junglers. In any case, you need to buy a magnifying glass at least after the first back to the base. Ask why? Because the magnifying glass will help you check dragons, Herold and the presence of enemy wards. When entering a lane, you can turn on the magnifying glass and turn off enemy wards. Your enemy may not have read the guide with the second point, about the minimap, and will not even notice that his vision has suddenly disappeared in some part of the map. Well, this will be the easiest gank for you. Also, a magnifying glass is important for supports as another means of earning a ward. Suppose many people probably had this: you come up to a bush to put a yellow ward in it, and from there they attack you. Unpleasant, huh? And if you buy a blue ward, then you can immediately put a ward there from a rather good distance and, thereby, upset the enemy. In general, guys, use other means of review. They can really save your life. Mistakes help us to learn!

The fourth mistake is to walk one at a time. How many times have you had similar moments when you went to push to top, middle or bot. And here again the opponents! Remember that it is very important to walk in a team of at least two people, to cooperate with the team! You must know where your enemies are. And only then can you push. And even if they attack you and kill your teammate, you will have time to escape. Or do kills at this time too. This is a team game!

And the last one from these list of mistakes. Perhaps many have such a friend or even a few friends, or maybe it is you. This is when everything is bad for you. You merged the fight with a score of 0:10 and you just split push further away from the team. You play there and go push again. Or always walk alone in the enemy jungle, try not to play with the team at all and do not help. You can not do it this way! Even without your items, you could make a couple of kills during the fight or somehow help your team. With such a detachment from the team, you are definitely not doing anything useful simply. These were 5 Mistakes New Players Make in League of Legends!

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