8 tricks you don’t know on low elo

Today we will break down 8 Tricks You Don’t Know on Low Elo, and in the current meta, these tips are especially relevant. You should definitely pay attention to them and add them to your game.

Climbing through League of Legends’ lower tiers may be a genuine headache. Being trapped in Iron or Bronze isn’t enjoyable, and getting out of it is a difficult task. However, when we consider our own games, we see that there is still a lot of opportunity for growth in order to achieve the highest positions. So, here are the tricks for you to climb out of low elo if you don’t already know.
1.Look for a video on YouTube that discusses the ward place and ward time, as well as when a support may and cannot wander.
2.Try to learn about jungle clear times and how to trace an enemy jg on the mini map by doing some research. This may not appear to be a big problem, but it is crucial.
3.They don’t mute the guy who is flaming. Always mute them for your own sake.
4.Always try to understand the champion you want to play before jumping into ranked.
5.They don’t work together. Because they concentrate so hard on their own lane, low elo players are less likely to engage in battles in the jungle or near them.
6.They have no idea how to play mid game and it just turns into ARAM.
7.Don’t be a dick to your teammates.
8.Always take a break to cool off after several losses, playing more will tilt you and ultimately you would stay in low elo forever.

So the first for our 8 Tricks You Don’t Know on Low Elo is about the early game wards. Remember how the Scuttle Crab changed? Now he appears a little later. It used to be profitable to place an early ward near its spawn. In the past, this ward was considered almost the most popular, but now it doesn’t make much sense, because the crab began to appear 3 minutes 15 seconds later. But where it makes sense to put a ward is in the Raptors forest camp. This is the best place for an early ward right now, as it opens up several options for the game.
Look, the jungler started his blue buff path. Almost immediately, he will go to collect the red buff, after which he will beat Raptors almost 100 percent. You can tell your allies which line the enemy team’s jungler is closer to. This is the beauty of the Raptors ward. Well, since this ward is placed at the beginning of the game, you will almost immediately understand where the jungler started his journey, where he will go next. Of course, the easiest way to place such a ward is for a player in the middle lane, because after installing it, the mid lane almost immediately finds himself on his lane and continues farming. Basically, not
it is especially important at what point the Raptor camp ward. However, there are two main options: at the fortieth second, if you and your team decided to arrange a reconnaissance in force, and at the 1 minute 15 seconds mark, just when the lane phase begins.

The next tip in our list of 8 Tricks You Don’t Know on Low Elo is also about tracking the enemy jungler. In the early game, the main route of all junglers, especially at low elo, is to pick up one buff and immediately go for the next one. By the way, I don’t often notice that they try to take the crab immediately after its appearance. The so-called vertical jungling is not very common now. Well, that is, when you take a buff on your half of the map and then people go to the enemy to farm there already. I’ve analyzed a huge number of low ranked games, and indeed, most junglers want to pick up the second buff right after the first. In this case, you need to pay attention to which line will appear later, that is, if the bot lane came later than the beginning of the line phase, then you know that they helped the jungler pick up the buff, and you can be sure that now this very jungler will go to the upper half of the forest behind the second buff. This means that your top laner should play carefully and wait for the enemy jungler to appear. Indicate such movements to your allies, regardless of your role in the game, and be sure to keep an eye on those who later appeared on the lane. You can see the jungler take the red buff and immediately go to beat the krugs. Now it is a very profitable route that gives a lot of experience. Most often, we see such a development of events at high ranks. At lower ranks, things are much more straightforward. Junglers use a horizontal route, going from the first buff to the next. Let’s take a closer look at the starting route, the red buff plus the krugs. Let me remind you that if you want to get as much experience as possible at the start of the game, use this particular route. By the way, this option is suitable if you want to arrange, as in the third level, on the top or bottom line, depending on where you started. Let’s say you play for the blue team and start with the red buff. Then go farm raptors, krugs, and that’s it! You are at the third level. You can immediately go to bot lane and help yours. In general, krugs is your ticket to the third level. The benefits of krugs are just a lot of experience. Keep in mind, however, that this path is not universal and may not work for all champions. If you do not have massive damage at the beginning of the game, then you should not choose that option. Well, if there is massive damage, then welcome to the krugs camp!

Let’s consider an example: you play as Olaf, and on the bot you have Nautilus and Jinx. This is pretty cool, because there are good garters, and in general, control. If you start for the blue team, then you pick up the raptors and krugs buffs, and already at the third level, focus on the bot lane gang. At low elo, players rarely expect this to happen. As I said, low-ranked players prefer to take one buff and immediately after it a second, this is found in almost every game, so keep in mind, if you are a jungler with massive damage, and you have people with control on your bot, then use the above tactics.

Let’s go back to mid, well, and top at the same time. But first, we figured out where it is better to put the early, namely in the raptors camp. This is especially true for characters who can clear lines quickly. In this case, you can push the line forward and go roaming. You have potential in the initial game, but to roam will help you, namely the raptor ward. So you can more or less confidently guess where the enemy jungler is. All this is very cool, for example, with Rumble, especially with ignition. Thus, at the beginning of the game you will have a lot of damage, and even add to this execution with electricity. That is, they pushed the line, went to look for the jungler, inflicted damage on him and got an advantage.
And the next tip is about the Herald. If you were able to pick it up before the tower plates disappear, and this happens within 14 minutes from the start of the game, then it is very important to release it when there are still plates on the towers. Thus, you will give your ally a good advantage at the beginning of the game. At high elo, this game is more common. They understand that gold from tower plates can dramatically enhance the initial game. At low ranks, the following mistake is common: before releasing the Herald, the team gathers in a crowd on one line and tries to demolish a couple of towers. This is a very greedy and risky high elo game. Everything is somewhat simpler – he released the Herald up to 14 minutes and gave his ally gold from the plates. Even if the tower is not demolished, he will still receive a chic boost in the form of extra gold.

The next tip in our list of 8 Tricks You Don’t Know on Low Elo is about choosing a spell on the top lane. You should choose it depending on the degree of your own indifference, but at low elo, I noticed that top laners prefer the teleport, regardless of the game situation. Look, there was a teleporter last season, so now it’s a very valuable resource. Such a small waste may not be appreciated. Ask yourself a question – are you ready to provide your team with the benefit of your teleport at the beginning of the game, and in general, at any necessary moment? If you are not sure about this, then take a better ghost, well, depending on the champion. It doesn’t matter if you play Kennen or Maokai. Their potential in helping the other lane is quite high, and at any stage of the game. You can take a teleport on them calmly, but again I draw your attention, it is not necessary to do this, proceed from each separate game.

The next one in our 8 Tricks You Don’t Know on Low Elo is already more or less known and widespread. Sometimes at the pick stage it is not clear which lane this or that hero will go to, for example, the same Rumble can win back both the upper and the middle lane. How to understand which one he chose? It’s that simple! See which hero he banned. If he sent someone Kassadin to the bank, then you know, with a high probability you will meet Rumble in the mid lane. But if, for example, Darius is banned, then most likely this Rumble will go to play on the top lane.

And one last tip of the 8 Tricks You Don’t Know on Low Elo. If you entered the queue to search for a game and see that you have not been able to get into the game for a long time, you should know, most likely, you will be thrown into a role other than yours. In other words, the command will autocomplete. In this case, it is better to start your search again. I do not know exactly what time is considered normal for searching at low ranks, but at high ranks it is about a minute, one and a half to three minutes. I usually set the search when the counter reaches 1:39. Usually I want to get into my role in mid lane, but if the search takes too long, I can be put on a role that I am absolutely not ready to play. So you too, if you see that the search has been going on for three or four or five minutes, immediately cut it out, and get into a new line in order to precisely get into your role and adequately play it.

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