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Aether Wing Kayle Review

A legend stalks the virtual battlefields of League of Legends. Aether Wing Kayle skin is a powerful, hi-tech battle angel with a futuristic exosuit, mechanical wings and an electrifying neon blue sword. Released on January 17th 2013 and available for 1820 RP in-game, this skin has all that you could desire from a League of Legend’s addition. So let’s take a dive into the lore, concept, design and uniqueness behind this legendary champion – and we’ll share gamers’ feedback plus my own experience too! 

It’s no surprise that Aether Wing Kayle comes with a superior set of features; from its enchanting voice lines to its formidable custom spell effects – there really isn’t anything else like it. And obtainability wise? It’s only available through Riot Store or special events which makes this skin truly exclusive…you won’t see many other gamers with it! With all these advantages though comes with its downsides: some gamers find it pricey due to having limited access to RP points or being able to acquire them cost effectively. That being said, I still consider it worth every penny when looking at everything that this skin includes – I’m sure you would agree!


aether wing kayle splash art

Kayle is no ordinary pilot. As a justicar and authorized pilot of the XO7-Gevurah combat exosuit, a core part of the Royal Space Military, she’s taken it upon herself to uphold postwar peace – often with a ‘no questions asked’ policy. Years of conflict have led her to become a radicalized heartless judge, jury, and executioner – meting out lethal justice wherever necessary…and beyond. An example of Aether Wing Kayle’s ruthless nature? Look no further than her cold killer splash art – coal-like eyes and mechanical neon blue wings – that speaks volumes! There’s no denying her advanced exosuits grants her terrifying power; and boy does she use it to keep anyone thinking they can dodge the law in check!

Concept and Inspiration

Aether Wing Kayle skin manages to throw the realms of sci-fi and fantasy into a mad blender – it’s quite a confusing and contradicting mix. With Kayle as a high tech battle angel, mechanical wings, and that neon-blue blade; the concept envelops a fusion of futuristic films, tech couture, alongside mysticism for an ethereal twist. Truly transcendent!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Grab your keyboards and mouses, folks, because Aether Wing Kayle’s here! Sporting a sweet new combo of model and sword for Kayle and electrifying particles for her abilities and auto-attack, this skin keeps you soaring. Plus: flashy animations for every step – walking, recall, death – you name it; emotes immerse you in the experience; voices that vivify each move; critical hits crackling with energy plus wings twitching in robotic fashion with bright neon blue energy pulsing through. And when ascending…the metal armor’s as black as the night sky while Kayle seems to hover up off the ground with a cutting cybertronic sound. Ready to get wowwed? Let’s go!

Unique Features

aether wing kayle turn

The Aether Wing Kayle skin packs a serious punch – she’s totally tricked out! Her new model and lethal-looking sword are just the beginning. There’s an awesome exosuit, and her wings are infused with electric blue energy to light up your screen. Plus, when she recalls you get one epic show as Kayle turns into a future space ship and jets off into the sky! Not to mention her snazzy auto-attack swings, the spectacular Righteous Fury glow from her sword, and that quick vanishing act when she dies – meaning this skin is full of surprises!

Obtainability in 2023

There are 3 ways to get Aether Wing Kayle in 2023:

  • Purchase the skin from the League of Legends in-game store for 1,820 Riot Points;
  • Hextech Crafting;
  • Purchase an account with this skin and more at for the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Player Reviews

Players really like the Aether Wing Kayle skin, the latest rework of the skin though made a couple of unnecessary changes, but it is still the best skin for all fans of champion Kayle. Below I will leave a couple of reviews about Aether Wing Kayle from real League of Legends players:

“I really like this skin personally. Kinda sad they took her robotic voice. They could have at least gave it to her at level 11 and/or 16. Love the new death animation. Good job Riot!”

“I’m so happy the voice was changed and the old death animation was added back but the last 2 transformations are still not elegant like Aether Wing Kayle was known for. I like that they’ve changed this skin to be part of the Bullet Angel Kai’Sa & Gun Goddess Miss Fortune universe but those last 2 transformations feel more like PROJECT than the universe they supposedly belong to here.”

“Finally, Riot fix the Kayle form auto range, I hate when that happens like she only has one auto instead of two, but Riot finally fix it. But the recall, I don’t like it, it’s like she has a bug’s wings when she recalls. And I like the death animation tbh.”

“Okay, I’m glad they brought back the old death animation of how she implodes and gets sucked into a black hole. But it still needs the screaming, cry of rage she used to make when she died. It made the death more dramatic.”

My review

Aether Wing Kayle is probably the most legendary Kayle skin. So much cosplay, fan arts and other activity from the League of Legends community is not on any single skin and so having a skin like Aether Wing Kayle is a necessity for all Kayle main! This skin has also undergone rework and has had a couple of animations changed for the better. Aether Wing Kayle looks great on Rift as well as the other legendary skins, I tell you this as its owner. Purchasing this skin you get: one of the best Kayle skins, a sense of belonging to League of Legends history and community, an iconic skin for your collection. Bingo!

Conclusion and Rating

Wrapping it up, if you’re a  Kayle fan or just appreciate stellar design, the Aether Wing Skin is absolutely essential! It perfectly reflects Kayle’s incredible traits as an electrifying battle angel; from sound effects to animation and visual flair, it deserves top marks all around. At 1820 RP, the skin might seem pricy but it’s really worth every penny if you’re a Kayle fan or just can’t get enough of this design. Not to mention their ultimate ability’s nothing short of extraordinary. I mean, you actually get to witness Kayle ascend and become a cybernetic angel – talk about a show-stopper!

All in all, I’d give the Aether Wing Kayle skin a solid 9/10. It’s totally worth the cost and I seriously suggest it to any League of Legends enthusiasts! Without a doubt, this skin is an awesome choice that no one should pass up.


What is the Aether Wing Kayle skin in League of Legends?

It is an iconic skin on champion Kayle, released on January 17, 2013, that turns the champion into a robotic, perfect angel wreaking havoc on Rift.

How can I get an Aether Wing Kayle skin in League of Legends in 2023?

  • Purchase the skin in the League of Legends in-game store for 1,820 Riot Points;
  • Hextech Crafting;
  • Purchase an account with Aether Wing Kayle and more at

What are the unique features of the Aether Wing Kayle skin in LoL?

  • Completely redesigned appearance of the champion;
  • New Vfx and Sfx.
  • New animations in abilities: Recall, Death, Emotes.

How do LoL players and the author of this review rate the Aether Wing Kayle skin?

Aether Wing Kayle is one of the best skins on Kayle, players and reviewer agree on that. I gave the skin a score of 9 out of 10.