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Alien Invader Heimerdinger Review

Alien Invader Heimerdinger—the skin to have if you’re a League of Legends Heimerdinger player! Released way back in 2010, this legendary piece has you blastin’ through the competition with some seriously next-level Martian invader fire power – don’t tell me those aren’t his turrets up there workin’ overtime as ray guns! But what makes it so great? Let’s find out: we’ll explore the concept, design, lore and obtainability of this one-of-a-kind legionnaire. Plus, I’ll share gamers’ feedback and rustle up my own first person experience with this extraterrestrial epicness. Buckle up – here we go!


alien invader heimerdinger splash art

No one would believe Heimerdinger when he tried to warn them of the alien invaders from outer space – that is, till he whipped off his wig. Yup, this is the legend of Alien Invader Heimerdinger! Riot Games crack some wicked jokes with their skins; and this time, sci-fi comedy fans get a real treat! Dinger joins the Martians to take over Summoner’s Rift and tells everyone he comes in peace – that is, until his actions speak louder than words. 

His hair has been replaced with an huge green brain – looks just like Tim Burton’s aliens in ‘Mars Attacks!’ His peepers have changed too – now as big as they come! Instead of his trusty lab coat, Heimerdinger wears a red robe just like the Mars ambassador in the movie (a bit creepy if ya’ ask me!). Despite these alien features though, it still be oh-so-familiar: those legendary mustaches are still there; and all guns blazing wielding wrenches in hand. So watch out Summoners, here come Alien Invader Heimerdinger!

Concept and Inspiration

Alien Invader Heimerdinger was made with the incredible movie, “Mars Attack!” from 1994 by Tim Burton as its concept base – and boy, did Riot Games deliver. Their unique and creative work is out-of-this-world! Everything from the oversized brain and alien eyes to the red robe totally screams ‘alien invasion.’ It’s evident that a lot of thought was put into this one, and it surely pays off. I mean, talk about nailing it on the head!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

alien invader heimerdinger turret
Alien invader Heimerdinger with turret

Riot Games has absolutely nailed it with the re-design of Alien Invader Heimerdinger! Every detail has been accounted for; the skins includes a complete makeover of the model plus new models for his tools and turrets – which, by the way, have been completely transformed into some super cool ray-guns. And that’s not to mention those amazing particles getting added to his auto attack – talk about taking it up a notch on awesome! But you know what? That little something extra is missing…There are no fresh animations or sounds for this badass new skin and that’s definitely a shame.

Unique Features

Heimerdinger’s Alien Invader skin – it’s truly out of this world! Not only do his turrets transform into awesome-looking ray guns, but the particles from his auto-attack give him that extra sci-fi touch. And let’s not forget that gigantic brain – it takes the appearance to a whole ‘nother level! But really, what would make it perfect are some fancy new animations and sounds… Ah well.

Obtainability in 2023

Alien Invader Heimerdinger costs 1820 Riot Points in the official League of Legends store, but that’s not all. Unfortunately, in addition to 1820 Riot Points, you have to wait for the opening of the iconic Legacy Vault, in which this skin was helped. You can also ask the team at for help picking up an account with Alien Invader Heimerdinger, who will definitely have the right one on the counter if you don’t want to wait.

Player Reviews

League of Legends players and fans of the movie “Mars Attacks!” appreciated this skin, while other players who are not familiar with the movie noted that for such a price it would not hurt to add a new skin voice and animation. Below you can read reviews from real LoL players about Alien Invader Heimerdinger:

“Yes is it, Alien invader is right atm 910, in the shop. Every legacy skin is reduced with 50%. If it wasnt reduced it would be 1820. 1820 = legendary”

“This skin so cool =))”

“I regret SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much that i didnt buy this skin. :(“

“As a fan of Mars Attacks! I think I’m gonna have to pick this skin up!”

“I bought this skin just cuz it’s legacy and legendary, might never come back again so grab it quick guys”

My review

As a fan of “Mars Attacks!” of course I bought this skin! The unavailability of this skin only increases my desire to choose this skin for the match, every time I play Heimerdinger. If you’ve seen the movie “Mars Attacks! rel=”nofollow”” and love League of Legends, and if you collect rare champion skins, why not get Alien Invader Heimerdinger? A great option for your collection!

Conclusion and Rating

Alien Invader Heimerdinger skin is out of this world! It brings a whole new angle to everyone’s favorite champion and is sure to tickle sci-fi comedy fans and lovers of ‘Mars Attack!’ Not one for everyone, but if you’re an avid Heimerdinger player and want to add a sprinkling of fun – it’s definitely worth investing in.

I’m gonna give the Alien Invader Heimerdinger skin a solid 7/10. It’s got a unique concept but the fact it has no new animations or particles makes it tough to shell out for that legendary skin price tag. Still, if you dig the Martian invader vibe and want an awesome skin in your collection, then it’s worth thinking about – no question!


What is the inspiration for the Alien Invader Heimerdinger skin?

The skin is inspired by the 1994 movie “Mars Attack!” by Tim Burton.

What are some unique features of the skin?

The turrets are transformed into ray-guns, and Heimerdinger’s brain is oversized and alien-like.

Is the Alien Invader Heimerdinger skin obtainable in the in-game store?

As of the time of writing, the skin is not available for purchase in the in-game store, but it can be purchased from third-party sellers like

What are some opinions of players who own the skin?

Some players appreciate the skin’s unique concept and love the Martian invader theme, while others feel that it is overpriced for what it offers.

Does the Alien Invader Heimerdinger skin have new animations or sounds?

No, there are no new animations or sounds for the skin, which may be a disappointment for some players.