Almost Prom King Amumu is a skin released on February 7, 2011 that shares its line with skins such as:
-Hextech Amumu
-Infernal Amumu
-Surprise Party Amumu
-Sad Robot Amumu
-Little Knight Amumu
-Re-Gifted Amumu
-Pharaoh Amumu
-Vancouver Amumu

Despite the fact that prom is one of the most significant and joyful events in everyone’s life, it is also fraught with a significant amount of disappointment. This unfortunate turn of events befell Almost Prom King Amumu, who had high hopes of becoming the king for this evening but did not end up in that position. On the splash art, he is shown to be standing dejectedly and all by himself behind the scenes. It displays the tape for Prom King, on which Amumu is written, and it is displayed on it. In addition, he is holding a rose flower in his hands, which was most likely meant for the queen. Unfortunately, the true king and queen are currently taking center stage, basking in the reflected light of the spotlights. This is a complete breach of trust! Amumu wears an elegant evening suit throughout the game, and his jet black hair is beautifully styled in various ways. Do not overlook the fact that he is wrapped up like a mummy and has all of his body in bandages. When presented in this manner, it is extremely challenging to win the approval of other people. It would appear that he made the decision to try and become Prom King in vain!

Riot did an excellent job in developing both the model and the texture for this skin. Nevertheless, everything was resolved through the use of a different disguise. There were no modifications made to the animation of abilities, particles, or sounds. Indeed, both the default animations and the particles are of a very high quality. When you consider that the price of the skin is only 520 Riot Points, it is clear that purchasing it will be an excellent investment. Additionally, there are only two skins included in the collection of skins with a Prom theme, and putting it together is a simple process.

How to get Almost Prom King Amumu in 2022?

At this time, the skin is stored in Legacy Vault, a location to which Riot Games grants access for a condensed amount of time in order to commemorate an occasion. The only way to acquire the skin at this time is to make a purchase in our store for an account that already has Almost Prom King Amumu activated on it. Unfortunately, the skin is no longer available for purchase in the game’s retail store.

Where can I get my hands on this skin? This skin is no longer available for purchase, and it has been moved to the Legacy Vault instead. The Vault is normally only available for a limited time, after which this skin will be made available for purchase in the Riot Store. Be patient because, in my observations, the amount of time that passes between each opening of the History Vault can also be quite considerable.

Should I go ahead and make the purchase? – If you are unsure about whether or not it is beneficial to purchase this skin, read on. We would like to bring to your attention that the Public Beta Environment server offers you the opportunity to test out this skin whenever you like. Once you have access to the PBE server, you will be able to buy and try out any skin that is available in the game.

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