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Ambitious Elf Jinx Review

Are you a League of Legends enthusiast with an affinity for Jinx? Oooh, lucky you! Get ready because your dreams are about to come true – Ambitious Elf Jinx skin is here to spread the Christmas cheer this festive season. Released on December 12, 2012, this skin transforms Jix into a Santa elf completely armed and loaded with toy weapons. In this article, I’ll take you through the backstory, design, new features, and more – giving an exclusive tour of the most festive skin in the game!


ambitious elf jinx splash art

Jinx is an extraordinaire inventor with a secret dream of being the most magical Santa there ever was. Despite other elves’ concerns that her creations could be used as weaponry, this ambitious elf sees potential in taking risks! Enter ‘Ambitious Elf Jinx,’ ready to redefine and blur your usual vision of festive fun and delightful chaos.
Concept and Inspiration
Jinx is looking extra naughty in her Ambitious Elf Jinx skin! She’s dressed to the nines in her vibrant red dress, striped stockings, and a pointy elf hat. Remarkably true to character but not lacking in fun either – no surprises there from Jinx! Her boots may be plain, but that’s all part of the plan for embracing little miss troublemaker’s irresponsible streak as only an elf can.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

ambitious elf jinx turn

The Ambitious Elf Jinx skin has been completely overhauled, giving her a fresh new look. This transformation extends to her weapons: Fishbones – the rocket launcher. Pow-Pow – the minigun, and Zapper -the shock gun. They have transformed into toys such as a train! Her arsenal exemplified cuteness overload. The sounds create an atmosphere that reflects its theme, although there’s a dissonance with the polar visuals. The booms and bangs sound pretty much as expected – but now and then, they get swamped by icy effects. Jinx’s Switcheroo! Ability rings out loud and clear with distinctive noise for each weapon. Still, occasionally this audio gets completely muffled by crunching snow. The visuals of Jinx’s Ambitious Elf skin aren’t lackluster. With her recall animation featuring her atop a train full of penguins, you get an extra helping of fun.. Even so, the existing ones still live up to the character!

Unique Features

The Ambitious Elf Jinx skin has something special that the other skins don’t! Her ringlets bring her whole look to life and make it complete – she looks mischievous yet adorable! But wait, there’s more. With her weapons Pow-Pow and Fishbones becoming toy versions of themselves, you can be sure this skin will be naughty in no time. Talk about a scene-stealer – talk about pizzazz! Jinx’s attacks, flurries of snowflakes and icy particles, were slightly off compared to the toy theme. Fishbones’ auto-attacks had some fireworks, alright, but not much else. Using gifts or Christmas lights as alternatives would have been perfect; “Zap!” could fire sweets, Flame Chompers could’ve become toys – even the Super Mega “Death Rocket!” could’ve made into a rocket-shaped deer with a sparkling red nose and antlers; leaning Into that festive spirit. Accomplishing the Acquisition If you’re looking to snag the Ambitious Elf Jinx, it’s available now in the League of Legends store for a steal! 1350 Riot Points is all you need to secure this little gem. So what are you waiting for — grab it already!

Obtainability in 2023

The Ambitious Elf Jinx skin is still available in the League of Legends in-game store for 1,350 Riot Points. You can also buy it at

Gamers Feedback

I want to leave you reviews of Ambitious Elf Jinx from real League of Legends players for your review:

“I love all aspects of this skin apart from the colors.”
“That splash art tho, elf jinx is the cutest skin. Change my mind.”
“Love this skin, purchased it, and don’t regret it!”
“I want this for Christmas!”
“Got it from a chest. I’m so happy!”

My Feedback

Let me tell you, as the proud owner of Ambitious Elf Jinx skin – , it’s a thrill to have that beauty in my collection! When I saw those colors pop on the splash art, I knew this would be a perfect addition. And trust me when I say there are no disappointments once you jump into a match with them. This skin comes with cheer and captures the spirit of the holiday season to perfection – awesome!

Jinx’s champion always lights up my day with her bright expression and taking out teddies and presents! The amount of detail applied to each weapon from the toy train called Pow-Pow to the moving cardboard box Fishbones – is incredible.

The sound effects match the skin to a tee, though I have to agree with some of the players that sometimes the ice sounds don’t jive so well with the visuals. But then you’ve got Jinx’s Switcheroo! ability and its unique audio, giving each weapon its personality – now, that stands out for sure!

Conclusion and Rating

All in all, Ambitious Elf Jinx is a decent skin that bounces with the holiday cheer, while showcasing her naughty side. Although there are a few slight missteps, it still has immense appeal.

It’s a solid 7/10 for Ambitious Elf Jinx! Now Jinx is sure how to bring the festive chaos, so why not pick up this little beauty before the holiday season starts? So, inject that wild Yuletide spirit into your League of Legends journey and make everyone laugh with anticipation. Believe me when I say you won’t regret it!


What is the Ambitious Elf Jinx skin in League of Legends?

Ambitious Elf Jinx skin for the Jinx Champion in Christmas style, released on December 12, 2012.

How can I get an Ambitious Elf Jinx skin in 2023?

The Ambitious Elf Jinx skin is still available in the League of Legends in-game store for 1,350 Riot Points. You can also buy it at

What is unique about the Ambitious Elf Jinx skin?

  • The appearance of the champion has been completely changed to a Christmas theme;
  • Jinx’s weapon has been changed to a toy weapon.
  • New Recall animation with a small train.
  • New sound effects for Jinx’s “Switcheroo!” ability.

What do players and the reviewer think of the Ambitious Elf Jinx skin?

Players who own this skin are generally happy and excited about it. They appreciate the playful theme, the attention to detail in the design, and the unique toy weapons. I scored the skin 7 out of 10 for its excellent holiday addition.