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Angler Jax Review

Let me take you on a journey to the magical realm of League of Legends. Here heroes are born and epic showdowns await! Right now we’ll be kicking off with one of the game’s greats – Angler Jax! This super rare skin first made an appearance back in 2010 so it’s not to be missed. So, put your fishing rod down and prepare for something wild!


angler jax splash art

Soak up the sun, and feel the rush of anticipation as you wait for that one big bite. Before you know it, Jax is yanking out a monster from the depths with his trusty fishing rod and he’s warming up! For Angler Jax, catching fish isn’t enough – he’ll slay any would-be challengers in the Fields of Justice too. His perfect castdowns have become legendary. Each success reeling creating epic moments that won’t be forgotten. Armed with all his skill and warrior spirit, no obstacle can keep this badass fisherman down!

Concept and Inspiration

Angler Jax is trying to add some levity to his look, but it’s hitting a sour note with some players. This Legacy skin gives the champion a unique look and turns Jax into a real fisherman with a new fishing rod as his weapon. Folks may compare it to PAX Jax, but Angler Jax has its own flavor too; small changes in model design, plus beefing up his tackle make for something unique!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

angler jax turn

Angler Jax is stylin’ in an eye-catching yellow robe with some amazing blue patterns – it’s almost like there are electric pulses shooting through them. His trusty fishing rod has power-packed potential, something you could miss until he starts swinging it around like a pro! He may have been at this since way back in the day, but his animations still keep us on our toes ahead of what happens next. This fish market style won’t be hitting any new notes when it comes to sounds either, so don’t expect the same grandiose soundscapes as some skins. Let’s hope Jax takes a bite outta all other foes instead!

Unique Features

  • Legacy Skin, they don’t make them like this anymore. Angler Jax is a one-of-a-kind skin that’ll definitely turn heads. looking into your collection knowing you have an exclusive Legay Skin will put you at ease – it’s something special!
  • Jax’s fantastic skin pays a subtle tribute to his original passive ability: Weapons Mastery. As an homage, the art on this particular skin features him casting out a line – what better way to represent mastery of weapons?
  • Angler Jax is a real catch! His design is noteworthy for its simple cut and classic fishing-themed attire, complemented with a weapon so sharp it’d make any fisherman proud. It’s the perfect dish for every fan of clean aesthetics!
  • Ah, the nostalgia! Fans of the OG Jax have been blessed with a special skin that takes them on an exciting trip down memory lane. It’s nothing short of epic to recall how far this storied champion has come since his early days—all the way up to reigning Grandmaster of Coolness. All those who are super into classic Jax can appreciate its charms.

Obtainability in 2023

If you’re desperate to sport the Angler Jax skin and tap into your inner sea spirit, rejoice! You’ll have a crack at grabbing it when Riot Games decides to reopen the Legacy Vault. They usually do this around particular times or holidays—meaning you can score it for 975 RP. So keep your fingers crossed that they drop it soon!

Gamers Feedback

I want to leave below some feedback for you from real League of Legends players about Angler Jax:

“All the Jax skins are beautiful. But this one is SO MUCH beautiful.”

“This is the closest I can get to PAX JAX… I’ll take it! “

“Love the skin just bought it gonna fish up Nami and Fizz 😀 “

“This skin is awesome why I didn’t buy it? 🙁 “

” I like this skin because it’s a vault skin actually and I have this one :p”

My Feedback

I’ve had this skin in my inventory since its release and want to share a few words about it. It has more of a collector’s value than any other Legacy Vault skins. I don’t know why, but even I, as the owner of Pax Jax, often play with this skin on Rift. Wait until Legacy Vault opens to buy it, as it’s often discounted.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, I want to add that if you’re looking for a well-designed skin with great animations and sound, then this option is not for you. Angler Jax is more for Jax fans, collectors of rare skins, or those who want to touch the history of the League of Legends universe. It so happens that I’m a 3 in 1 and so this skin was perfect for me. I give this skin a score of 7 out of 10.


What is the Angler Jax skin in League of Legends?

Angler Jax is a skin for Jax, released on June 07, 2010, which transforms the champion into a fisherman, with a fishing rod instead of a weapon.

How do I get an Angler Jax skin in 2023?

Unfortunately, right now you can’t get the Angler Jax skin in the in-game store, since it’s placed in the Legacy Vault. So for now, the only way to get Angler Jax in your inventory is through the store.

What do LoL players and the reviewer think of the Angler Jax skin?

Players like this skin because it’s very similar to Pax Jax, which you can’t buy anymore except the SmurfMania store. I gave this skin a score of 7 out of 10.