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Annie-Versary Review

Ten years is a long time! To mark a decade of epic Summoners’ Rift battles, Riot Games has cooked up something special –– the Annie-Versary skin. This limited edition skin adds some sparkle to everyone’s favorite fiery champion and her trusty bear Tibbers. We’re here to tell you all about this hoopla, so let’s get into it! Discover what went into designing this delightful seasonal change-up, its unique features, and ways you can get your hands on it.


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It’s a special day to mark the decade of memories that Riot Games has created with League of Legends – enter Annie-Versary! How appropriate is it that our beloved, mischievous girl who lives for fire and magic so happens to be front and center for this festive celebration? We have no better way to honor the occasion than by sprucing her stalwart friend Tibbers up in a Teemo costume. What an awesome way to mingle fun and excitement together; we all get a kick out of this sweet skin while playing which adds sparkle to the moment!

Concept and Inspiration

Today we commemorate Annie-Versary, one of the fabulous members of the Surprise Party skin line! Each of these skins was designed around having a good time and showing your excitement – especially when it comes to this champion. Her joyful nature is infectious, like a dose of confetti when you’re surrounded by chaos. With great animations and good visuals, she reflects throughout years in League o Legends with a bubbly spirit that can light up any battle. Here’s to ten wonderful anniversaries full of much mirth and merriment!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

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Annie-Versary’s design is oh-so-cute! She looks so ready for any fun, with endearing details like suspenders and Band-Aids decorating her ensemble. The striking bluish tinge brings out the skin making it noticeable to pals and foes alike. But, nothing beats Tibbers – he looks epic in his Teemo costume! When summoned, this gargantuan Teemo must send a chill down one’s spine and scare off everyone around.
The skin not only brings the anniversary theme to life with new animations and particles, but it also adds a touch of festive magic. Every spell showcases the dazzling display of colors, giving players an eye-popping visual feast as they play. But most impressive is Annie’s ultimate – a whopping pink cake rises up from the ground, speckled with ten candles that sparkle in honor of the exciting event! It captures that celebratory atmosphere and makes even casting an ult to feel like a special occasion.

Unique Features

Hitting the mark on its first try, Annie-Versary skin is a sight to behold. She’s sat head and shoulders above all her other skins with some top-notch features that make her one for the ages. Let’s take a glance at what she has in store:
  • Little Annie is sporting a brand new look with spiffy models and textures that exude her cheeky personality! It’s as if someone cast a magical spell on her, revealing a new style that looks fabulous. With this upgrade, she’ll be turning all the heads in town!
  • Tibbers swelled up into a massive, cuddly Teemo – completely unexpected, but oh-so-adorable! He seemed to bring a whole new level of sweetness to the champion’s repertoire.
  • A new visual feast awaits with a myriad of added special abilities and eye-catching animations. This cutting-edge experience promises to dazzle like nothing before it!
  • The soundtrack of the anniversary celebration was special. It created an immersive, celebratory atmosphere for players with its memorable sound effects. It made you feel like you were there!

Obtainability in 2023

Ah, who could forget League of Legends’ 10th-anniversary celebration back in 2019? It was quite the occasion as players had ten days of unimaginable options – luck and dedication sometimes have a way of being rewarded. From October 17th until the 27th, everyone could take part and receive loads of giveaways!
The memory of that event may be fading fast, but the limited edition Annie-Versary skin could still be yours! carries a tonne of these sought-after skins – though make sure you do your research first.

Gamers Feedback

Of course, the players liked this skin. The most beloved champion in League of Legends got a beautiful and memorable skin. I’ll leave the feedback from real LoL players for your perusal:
” This should be a legendary skin, with new dialogs and all. “
” This Skin is amazing. I hope they’ll put it in the shop after the event. At least every year in October. “
” I absolutely love the color effects on this skin when she casts spells. Don’t much care for the giant Teemo thing, but it’s still funny on its own. “
” I actually love that Riot chose Annie for such a type of skin, nostalgic. The face of League. Existing from the very beginning. “

My Feedback

As an Annie-Versary owner, I want to tell a few words about this skin.
Sure enough, the great design and joyful reactions by our beloved Tibbers in his Teemo clothing never miss bringing out hundred-watt smiles. reminiscing about it makes me happy again! It elevates the in-game atmosphere. Of course, you can’t get much better than Annie’s ultimate animation – a ten-tiered cake made out of the ground complete with celebratory candle designs is something to behold!
Anniversary skin has definitely grabbed my attention — not for how amazing it looks, but also because of what it stands for. When League of Legends hit its first decade anniversary last year, this celebratory edition was released and man did I feel proud to have it! Every time I take glance at the extraordinary item in my inventory, nothing less than nostalgia rushes through me.

Conclusion and Rating

All in all, the Annie-Versary skin is nothing short of spectacular! Its oh-so-dainty design and one-of-a-kind features coupled with its festive animations make it an absolute must for any LOL fan or collector of rare skins. Even though you may not have what it takes to grab this beauty anymore, its restricted availability only feeds into its desirability – making it truly a gem among gems!
On a scale of 0 to 10, I’d give the Annie-Versary skin a solid 8. It captures the spirit of celebration and brings joy bubbling up in each game.


What is the Annie-Versary skin in League of Legends?
Annie-Versary is a limited skin created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the League of Legends universe.
How can I get an Annie-Versary skin in 2023?
Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to get this skin in the game, as its release was in honor of a special holiday in League of Legends. You can buy Annie-Versary in 2023 exclusively from
What are the unique features of the Annie-Versary skin?
  • New appearance of the skin and teabbers;
  • New animations and SFX effects.
What does League of Legends players and the reviewer think of the Annie-Versary skin?
LoL players liked the skin for its appearance and for its historical value. I gave the skin a score of 8 out of 10.