League of Legends’ new champion is Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful.
Riot Games announced the release of a new champion for LoL, he will be a marksman from Targon, Aphelios.
The Internet just exploded, just look, we selected a random article from the first page of Google for “league of legends new champion” and are still in shock, the site attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors with this news alone, small sites like ours have never dreamed of, not comprehensible!
Who is Aphelios?

Aphelios, the Weapon of Faithful, or as it is also called Aphelios, a marksman from Targon appeared on the League of Legends news site quite recently and immediately caused incredible excitement. Judging by his biography, marksman Aphelios himself is dumb and listens to his sister Alune, who lives in a temple located in the distant Targon, she leads the modest life of the priestess of the moon and directs her powers to help her brother Aphelios with an arsenal of moonstone weapons. There is an assumption that in the game the hero will acquire different types of weapons, depending on what phase the moon is in. Interesting idea, Riot games!
Senna – the previous Champion in League of Legends was released just two weeks before Aphelios, which is very unusual given the considerable time intervals between the release of the champions that are characteristic of Riot. But Aphelios alone did not come as a surprise; a month before the release, the champion roadmap was released, which represented a certain lunar-style shooter with an arsenal of a huge number of deadly weapons.

Aphelios is in the ancient order of Lunari, which is located in Mount Targon, where he himself and other celestial beings live. There are also Solari – the exact opposite of the Lunari cult, they worship the sun and consider the followers of the Lunari cult to be heretics, so the latter live in exile, cherishing their service to the Moon.
The sister of the new champion learned to be a visionary while the hero himself honed his killer skills, but this was not destined to exist forever, during a Solari attack, his brother and sister were separated. During the separation, Alune learned to channel lunar energy into her brother, which allows him to apply incredible magic during battle.
At the moment, Alune herself is imprisoned in the temple, helping Aphelios find the way, while the hero himself risks his life to save his sister and the Lunari cult from imminent death.
From Riot Games, there were only a few hints about what Aphelios would be like,
before the champion’s release, there was only a short story about his future capabilities, so fans of the greatest MOBA in the world could only guess about the real state of things.

Apehlios is the most organized and potent warrior there is as he carries 5 lunar weapons at a single time that were prepared by her sister for him. But he can only use two weapons at a time which means that he would have to secure the other three someplace safe. Anyway, he is actively looking for action,
hunting his enemies in the silver moonlight of the arena, and would not settle for anything less than cutting the heads of his enemies with the marvelous weaponry her sister has designed for him.

How to get Aphelios in 2022?

After the champion is released, you can purchase it in the official Riot Games store in the League of Legends game client.
What wil Aphelios be like in-game?

The new champion should become the most advanced ADC in the League of Legends, so far you can only guess about his abilities, however, there are rumors that he will be able to take away not the easiest to manage and only experienced players can effectively apply it. League of Legends fans will have to work hard to master the new champion, especially if you prefer a lot of fights and an aggressive style of play.
Aphelios is scheduled for release on December 11, 2019, and will be the fifth champion released in the League of Legends in a calendar year.
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Although her sister can listen to Aphelios. But he can explain his words in hand expressions. Her sister can understand his hand expressions. The weapons are directly linked with his powers which are controlled by her sister.
These both Lunari and solari are different from one another hence there is a hatred between them.
He can become a great fighter and can easily defeat the opponent with his powers. With his Lunar energy which he got from moon are unbeatable.
The champion will be from the participants of the league. It took a lot of effort and struggle because the player has to work hard to become champion and to win the champion league it is not easy as it seems.

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