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Apocalyptic Brand Review

Greetings, LoL fans! Today’s the day we’re entering the world of Apocalyptic Brand. Time to take a look at its story, design, unique features…and how you can get it in your collection. So suit up and come along for a journey into the post-apocalyptic wasteland with none other than Brand himself! It’ll be an adventure to remember.


apocalyptic brand splash art

Before we dive into the lore of Apocalyptic Brand, here’s a peek at their story. Amidst a world of destruction and flux, Kegan Rodhe was leading rescue missions through raging fires. That all changed as soon as bombs shook the earth – altering it to oblivion. Out of the ruin rose Brand, the embodiment of fire in this apocalyptic setting. Now patrolling the desolate wasteland with enough intensity to burn a hole in the rock!

Concept and Inspiration

Brand strides into an apocalyptic time and space as if he was forged from the shattered remnants of cities left in ruins. He points his torch-wielding figure with fearless honesty, applying heat where it is most needed. Not only does Kegan Rohde leave his trademark scorched footprints everywhere he’s been, but it inspires awe in the soul.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

apocalyptic brand turn

Apocalyptic Brand is one head-turner – equipped with a badass gas mask, tubes, steel body armor, heavy pants, and solid boots to traverse the post-apocalyptic wasteland like a pro! His body is shrouded in blackened flames which almost appear electric against the dark backdrop. The glow of his head and hands blazes crimson with fire billowing from within them, making sure everyone takes notice. Though his skin’s missing moving particles or animations, this stylish guy definitely manages to set the tone for what’s left after doomsday!

Unique Features

The backdrop of Apocalyptic Brand is rivaled by none – take a peek to see what makes it so special. Check this out, it stands apart from the rest: its specific qualities are unique.
Conjuring a riveting concept, Apocalyptic Brand thrusts the classic flame-bearing hero into a desolate setting of impending doom. Offering an environment that captures the imagination with its design and eerie ambiance.
Apocalyptic Brand’s design gives you a real post-apocalyptic vibe, from the huge gas masks and tough steel body armor to the blazing fire marks and creepy red eyes. Every one of those details brings that terrifying touch to your video gaming experience!

Obtainability in 2023

There are 2 ways to get an Apocalyptic Brand skin in 2023:
  1. You can buy Apocalyptic Brand from the League of Legends in-game store for 750 Riot Points
  2. You can buy the skin in the SmurfMania.com store.

Gamers Feedback

The opinion of the players divided. Some players consider this skin a rather lazy work, not much different from the original skin. Others, however, despite its simplicity, like this skin. I give you some feedback on Apocalyptic Brand from real League of Legends players:
“Basically regular brand with a mask “
“Cheap but fits brand good “
“This skin really needs a color rework…”
“Looks pretty much the same as the original.”

My Feedback

I do not have this skin, but I often saw him in the game, so I’ll tell you my opinion. I don’t like this skin, it hasn’t aged well. I have nothing to add, as the skin is completely unremarkable. The skin would only suit a Brand fan who decided to collect the entire collection on this champion.

Conclusion and Rating

I always ask myself a few questions before buying or reviewing a new skin. Let me say them out loud and answer them for myself. Appearance? Not interesting. New animations and soundtrack? None. Does this skin have collector’s value? Nope. Having answered these questions, I can understand that I do not need this skin and I can’t recommend it for purchase. I give this skin a score of 3 out of 10 solely because of the fanbase this skin has.


What is the Apocalyptic Brand skin in League of Legends?
Apocalyptic Brand is a skin for the champion Brand, released on April 11, 2011, that turns him into a pyromaniac.
What are the unique features of Apocalyptic Brand in LoL?
No new animations or sound effects. Apocalyptic Brand only boasts an updated look and feel.
How can I get an Apocalyptic Brand skin in 2023?
You can buy Apocalyptic Brand in the in-game store for 750 Riot Points. You can also buy Apocalyptic Brand on the SmurfMania website.
What do League of Legends players and the reviewer think of the Apocalyptic Brand skin?
This skin has not many fans, but they still have them. I gave this skin a score of 3 out of 10, as I did not really like the skin and found it very simple.