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Arcade Caitlyn prestige edition

Originally appearing in Sniper Cop 7 as a golden-cad secret character, it has now recently made its way into league of legends and is now available in two forms. First being Arcade Caitlyn (normal), and Arcade Caitlyn (prestige edition).

This skin is sold as a mythic and is available for 100 prestige tokens. It is extremely difficult to obtain as of right now, because of how difficult event skins can be to obtain.

Obtaining Arcade Caitlyn isn’t entirely impossible, it’s just very difficult, and tedious to obtain, but if you desperately want this skin, you will have to go the extra mile to obtain it.

Arcade Caitlyn prestige edition in detail

It is essentially an “arcade-themed” skin with lots of gold plating, and several “futuristic vibes” to it.

My personal favorite thing about Arcade Caitlyn’s prestige edition would have to be her futuristic gun of awesomeness. This gun is just very cool-looking and generally amusing to play with. The champion Caitlyn is a sniper, after all, so the futuristic gun is a great addition to her arsenal.

Caitlyn is dressed entirely in gold! She’s flaunting her Arcade Prestige Edition skin. Caitlyn’s particles and effects are all Atari-themed. Her standard attack fires golden bullets with two-dimensional effects. A 16-bit sound cue will play when her passive is active, and her weapon will glow gold. Her Q has the appearance of a golden spacecraft! When it passes through a target, its wings extend. Her E fires a golden 2D net; if an adversary is captured, an Arcade-style big indication appears around them. Caitlyn’s R focuses on a specific target. Until Caitlyn fires her golden shot, a golden crosshair mark will appear above them, and a yellow square will begin loading beneath their feet. She was making a golden fireworks display.

Is Arcade Caitlyn prestige edition worth it?

To the average player, this skin is probably not worth much to them, but for collectors or die-hard Caitlyn fans, then this is a skin you don’t want to pass up on. Obtaining ACP is a very difficult thing to achieve, but it’s not impossible. You will need to follow legacy/event/prestige skin methods in order to obtain this skin.

Although Arcade Caitlyn prestige edition is a nice collector’s skin, it isn’t probably worth the time of most League of Legends simply due to the fact that it’s a very difficult skin to obtain being a prestige edition. Not only that, but there already exists a regular Arcade Caitlyn edition, which is much easier to obtain, and is almost identical to the Arcade Caitlyn prestige edition.


It is a great skin don’t get me wrong, but sadly “looks don’t always mean success”, and that couldn’t be more true than this skin. Riot’s annoying method of making it super difficult to obtain prestige editions really hinders the ability to gain traction for a specific skin.

It’s understandable that some skins have to be limited, and that’s fair, but the aftermath tends to be quite desperate, and unfortunate. Players are desperate to get their hands on limited skins, but then realize the unfortunate reality that these skins are near-impossible to get.

However, you may be able to still obtain this skin, but you will have to rack up a ton of prestige points, in order to make any progress what-so-ever.

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