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Arcade Ezreal Review

Hey there! Let’s strike up some pixelated mischief with the always awesome Arcade Ezreal skin that was released back on August 24th, 2016. Get ready to electrify your style as we explore this one-of-a-kind skin – from its design concept, and features to a gameplay experience. It’ll take your game collection to the next level so heat those controllers and jump into these 8-bit realms of endless excellence!


arcade ezreal splash art

Ezreal’s world-renowned gaming skills take him on a wild adventure into ‘Arcade’, courtesy of Veigar. Having set a record for speedrunning the original Hyper Crystal Dungeon, Ezreal faces forward with his controller all at ready – he finds himself slashing through the level in only 45 seconds! Get ready for something completely new – and thrilling!

Concept and Inspiration

Ready to step it up a notch, Arcade Ezreal is all about embracing the edgy cool gamer style. Inspired by Japanese RPGs, this skin exudes the essence of your favorite Captain N: The Game Master character – transported into an arcade dimension. From his casual and on-trend outfit complemented with spiky hair – to his mega zip hoodie exuding that Kingdom Hearts feel. Now you can get in touch with your own inner super-gamer!

Arcade Ezreal’s amazing design fuses those classic JRPG vibes together. Sure, the controller glove and backpack may be cool retro console references. Even so, combining various influences works well in creating a unique look for Ezreal that stands amongst its peers in the LoL universe!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

arcade ezreal turn

Have you seen the visual changes made to Ezreal’s Arcade skin? He’s brought back all the pixelated nostalgia from classic RPG characters like Neko from Final Fantasy 7. His hairstyle, shoes, shirt, and shorts mirror those iconic old-school outfits so well! Plus check out his gauntlet with its Sega Dreamcast controller look – almost too cool for school. But what adds that finishing touch is Mystic Shot – you get to shoot golden blades right outta your palms!! It doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

This skin definitely brings the heart and soul of JRPGs to life. Transporting us with their mystical powers, imparting an electrifying energy slash that is as fresh as it is reminiscent. One may even spot those classic RPG touches given a pixel-style spin – nevertheless, its ultimate ability animation? Unquestionably remarkable! It’s such a jolt; almost like seeing something from the Classic skin again… in an upgraded form.

When it comes to sound effects, the champion on hand is Arcade Ezreal. The chip-tunes that heighten the brilliant visual antics intensify his tried and true gameplay staples. Though Mystic Shot and Essence Flux boast nothing revolutionary, they provide a pleasant ‘pop’ at their conclusion. All put together? It’s like a nod to arcade emulators–the recall with Ezreal ending an old dragon’s reign in spectacular fashion!

Unique Features

Arcade Ezreal pulls out all the stops when it comes to giving you an absolute thrill ride of a gaming experience. His features will bewitch your senses and have you absolutely mesmerized! From the sharp details to its exclusive embellishments, there’s no doubt about it – this skin doesn’t hold back.

  • Step into the vibrant insanity of pixelated frames with Arcade Ezreal! His masterpiece outfit adorned by dazzling, flashy details brings forth a unique flavor inspired by classic arcade games. Strap on his meticulously crafted gauntlet and get ready to sparkle in your battles on the Rift. Trust us, this skin is all set to make you shine like no other!
  • Ezreal’s new visual effects in Arcade mode are guaranteed to dazzle! Every ability grabs your attention with flashy energy slashes, spectacular teleportation tricks, and of course, that oh-so-glorious golden sword for Mystic Shot. These stunning visuals accentuate the skin’s wonderful arcade theme – it won’t take long until you’ll be lost in the amazing experience!
  • Arcade Ezreal has a fantastic recall animation that really pays homage to all those JRPG classics. Say goodbye to your opponents cause when he recalls, this dude deals an outrageous 9999 points of damage – and trust me, it leaves quite the mark! It’s like adding some heroic flair right into your gaming strategy.
  • The all-new sound effects in Arcade Ezreal take the gaming experience to a whole other level! From those old school, cool chip tunes that give your visual feast the right ambiance, to the delightful popping sounds when Mystic Shot and Essence Fllux fire off – you’ll be amazed at how authentic each ability feels. Every single one is an utter joy!

Obtainability in 2023

Fancy getting your hands on the incredible Arcade Ezreal? Then head to the in-game store right away! Make sure you have enough Riot Points this skin comes for 1350 points. Don’t miss out -this epic outfit is worth it!

Gamers Feedback

The opinion of the players was divided. Some people like this skin, while others find this skin rather boring for a bright Arcade series. I’ll leave you some feedback from real League of Legends players:

” I love roxas of kingdom hearts in League of Legends, thanks riot! “

“Reminds me of Tidus from FFX.”

“His ult animation looks not powerful enough imo”

“The recall and aa look cool, but have nothing to do with that outfit…and no death particles…”

“Already have all his skins… Pulsefire is still the worst”

My Feedback

As I have written in my previous articles, I have the entire collection of Arcade skins. I can’t say that this is the best skin in the series, as the look is really a bit boring. References to old game projects, to be honest, I did not find them until I started studying the material for the review. The animations themselves are quite normal, well done, and well suited to the Arcade series. For me, it’s not the best skin for Ezreal.

Conclusion and Rating

Before us on the review was a skin from the Arcade series, about which we can say that he is not the brightest representative of the series. Changed the appearance of the champion, and added animation and sound, but something is missing! When Ezreal has a lot of great skins, make an average Arcade Ezreal I do not see necessary. Looks like an attempt to fill the series with more champions. Of course, a lot of players like this skin, but I’m somehow not hooked on it. I give this skin a rating of 6 out of 10.


What is the Arcade Ezreal skin in League of Legends?

Arcade Ezreal is a skin on Champion Ezreal from the special Arcade series, released on August 24, 2016.

How can I get Arcade Ezreal in 2023?

Arcade Ezreal is available for purchase in the League of Legends in-game store for 1,350 Riot Points or in the Smurfmania store.

What are the unique features of the Arcade Ezreal skin?

  • A unique retro arcade style look with a huge special gamepad gauntlet.
  • New SFX and VFX effects, including animation.

What do LoL players and the reviewer think of Arcade Ezreal?

Many players note that Arcade Ezreal is not the brightest representative of the series of skins. I gave the skin a score of 6 out of 10.