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Arcade Riven Review

Hey there, gamers and League fans! It’s time to dive into the beautiful digital world of Arcade and take a closer look at the Arcade Riven skin. This epic skin, released on June 28, 2019, will take you on a digital journey with its pixel design, amazing SFX, and great VFX. Let’s look in-depth at this skin’s lore, special features, and how you can add it to your inventory. So grab those gamepads ’cause we’re about to step into the mystical realm of Arcade Riven!


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Little did Riven know when she followed her passion for arcades and landed a part-time gig at an arcade bar. She found herself in a Arcade World where digital creatures lived side by side. Now Riven pitted herself against the fearsome Veigar. His gang with impressive skill sparked by signature moves from legendary figures. Rallying on amidst pixelated foes, she charged towards victory!

Concept and Inspiration

Arcade Riven rares up like a trendy toy warrior with one goal: ruling the arcade realm! She’s got a modern look, but her plastic aesthetics give us all those sweet classic arcade game vibes. The symbol on her helmet and sword gets us back to that legendary castle of Ghosts’ n Goblins. Garbed in a casual and toy-ish style, she still looks super awesome – if I say so myself!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

arcade riven turn

Arcade Riven brings you soaring right back to your 8-bit heyday! With its delightful pixelated visuals, every “HIT!” packs a punch that will warm any retro fan’s heartstrings. To make your champion’s death less bitter, you will meet with the classic “K.O.” sound each time.

Unique Features

Riven’s recall animation is captivating! She stands ready as the shimmering pixelated sword selector appears in front of her. With a wave of her hand, she chooses her favorite blade, and it’s already in her palms in the blink of an eye. Once armed, she lifts the sword with grace above her head before vanishing into thin air – spellbinding and exhilarating!

  • Riven’s abilities are filled with eye-catching, pixelated particles. Every time the sword is swung, you can see a mesmerizing green trail sparking from it – predicting every sharp motion. Taking a step back in time with these effects adds energy to any gameplay experience!
  • The oh-so-intoxicating chiptune soundtrack will transport you straight into an ’80s arcade! Those classic video game sounds to go with the pixelated visuals for an arcade vibe. It’s enough to make your mouth water and leave you wanting more.

Obtainability in 2023

Get out your wallet and prepare yourself for an incredible gaming experience! It only takes 1350 Riot Points in the store, so don’t wait any longer – start that awesome arcade adventure now! You can also pick up an account with Arcade Riven at

Gamers Feedback

Players liked this skin. Many mention great animations and a nice price for such a skin! I’ll leave you some feedback from real League of Legends players below for your review:

“Finally! I don’t care how much this costs. I’m going to buy it!”
“Riot for that skin, I can only say – amazing. Good job on the animations. They back me in time. ”
“To anyone wondering, the ‘KO’ knockout sound is from Chun Li in Street Fighter 2 for Super Nintendo, released in arcades in 1991. Any other assumption is just plain wrong… I know this because I used to play this at an arcade all the time when I was very young (cool Dad). However, the actual “KO” is something that was added to the Street Fighter series in later editions. Just wanted to straighten that out, because I have read a lot of people’s comments who seem confused about this bit of gaming history! :)”
“I want riven just for this skin.”

My review

I have a complete collection of Arcade skins, including Riven. The pixel effects add a nostalgic touch that takes me back to my childhood in arcades. Every hit feels like a hit with retro “HIT!” messages. The skin makes it feel like an arcade game from childhood, warm to the heart and vibrant. I recommend collecting the entire collection of skins from this series.

Playing Arcade Riven makes me feel like a young kid again, barely reaching for the arcade machine. The Arcade series itself challenges you! Every time, I want to put a red wristband on my head and show all the opponents on Rift who is the champion here!

Conclusion and Rating

Wrapping things up, Arcade Riven is a true gem in the world of League of Legends skins! If retro 8-bit vibes are your jam, this skin’s definitely got what you need. I can’t say it’ll reach heights you won’t believe, but there’s a unique allure to it that can come alive on Summoner’s Rift. The recall animation could make any real gamer geek out, solid particle effects right out of the box; and chiptune soundtracks for days! It truly makes for a dauntless gaming experience…
I’ll rate Arcade Riven a promising 8 on a scale of 0-10.


What is the Arcade Riven skin in League of Legends?

Arcade Riven skin from the Arcade series in LoL, released on June 28, 2019 on Riven.

What are the unique features of Arcade Riven in LoL?

  • Riven’s completely updated look and feel;
  • Pixel animation effects;
  • Chiptune soundtrack that immerses the player in the world of Arcade.

How can I get Arcade Riven skin in 2023?

You can buy Arcade Riven in the in-game store for 1350 Riot Points. You can also pick up an account with Arcade Riven at

What does League of Legends players and the reviewer think about the Arcade Riven skin?

Players liked this skin, as well as many others in the series. I scored the skin 8 out of 10 for its great design and good animations and sound effects.