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Arcade Sona is one of the representatives of the arcade series of skins released especially for fans of arcade games of the 80s and 90s. Having played on this skin, you can experience nostalgia, because everything from its appearance to 8 bit sounds will remind you of a beautiful and carefree childhood with slot machines.

Instead of a standard harp, Arcade Sona flies with a huge Arcade panel that looks exactly like those same old slot machines, which you could play a bunch of fighting games with your friends, looks incredible! With each opponent you will play as if in the good old mortal kombat!

Sona herself appears before us in the image of an arcade girl from the 80s with acid flowers, pigtails on her head, and 4 stars that depart from her dress supplement the image.

The developers changed everything, animations, sounds, appearance and even the animation of returning to base, and if you fell on the battlefield, then your character will be decorated with the inscription GAME OVER in the style of retro games.

Sona is someone who is artistic, fun, and bottom line a very neat person. She likes to play her guitar when she is not fighting the crime or fighting the evil armies that have sworn to take down the peace and everything good. She remained the only person to date to be able to beat the keyboard solo 4’s ultra at the nightmare difficulty which by comparison is a feat that must not have been possible or so the developer admits.

How to get Arcade Sona in 2022?

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Arcade Sona was the only skin that was made up only for the game League of Legends true fans. It was basically a fan edition skin. And with a sort of good luck gamers fall in love with this skin. It reminds us of the time when we played a lot of games on gaming machines and enjoyed almost all of them. These games include Cadillacs and dinosaurs, the Metal slug series, and many more. When riot games introduce Sona for the first time she looks different from now because of a lot of alterations that have been done by the programmers.

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