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Archduke Nasus Review

Welcome to the League of Legends universe! Today, I’m taking you on a journey through the imposing Archduke Nasus skin – who emerged in all his glory back in March 2015. Boasting awe-inspiring class and style, this fascinating champion brings the game to life! Get ready for one wild ride: it’s definitely a must-have skin for any self-respecting Nasus fan!


archduke nasus splash art

Fascinating tales tell of Archduke Nasus, unveiling the multi-faceted elements of his personality. Of course, he was told at one point an aged pup couldn’t learn new tricks but he’s not so sure about that claim – now a savvy statesman, painter, and composer! Despite these impressive aptitudes, he continues to challenge himself by mastering control over his chaotic chamber orchestra.

Concept and Inspiration

Nasus, the Archduke of swagger and style, proves that classic elegance never goes out of fashion. Flaunting his dapper threads – from mustache to monocle – Nasus is sure to add a dash of distinction no matter where he goes. But enough about the looks; let’s dig into all the bells and whistles this royal release has in store!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

archduke nasus turn

Nasus’s design could make royalty jealous! From his blue coat from the 18th century to those white pants and leather boots, he looks as sleek and stylish as an aristocrat. His bowler hat and trademark mustache – topped with a monocle – put him in the upper echos of sophistication. He cuts as good a figure as any refined gentleman!

Nasus’s staff, with its large golden dog head, radiates wealth and elitism. But Riot Games took it one step further with an improved texture on Nasus’s Fury of the Sands ability – giving him a captivating presence when active. He grows to epic proportions as his coat takes on a striking red hue – taking it from utter opulence to an eye-catching masterpiece!

Unique Features

  • This design is sheer brilliance! It pays homage to timeless, dapper looks that old-school gentlemen know and love. Every detail carries a solid weight of sophistication, making it so stylish – you can feel the nostalgia in its bold lines. A choice made not only for aesthetics but for the ages!
  • Nasus has a great appearance, boasting an aristocratic look complete with a monocle and mustache. His style is one of luxurious distinction – making him stand out in any crowd!
  • The golden dog head atop Nasus’ halberd is no decoration – its symbolism acts as a sign of wealth and distinction. Laden with its full significance, speaks volumes at a single glance, passing from owner to owner before finally shortening his journey home. So powerful in character are these emblems that even outside their lush craftsmanship stands a sign of true splendor beyond measure.
  • The Fury of the Sands ability has seen an incredible improvement with new textures. This elevates the player experience to a new level!

Obtainability in 2023

Archduke Nasus is available right now in the in-game store for 750 Riot Points. You can also buy it in the SmurfMania store.

Gamers Feedback

Players like this skin, but at the same time, many note the lack of animation. Here are some reviews about Archduke Nasus from real League of Legends players:

“This is the skin Nasus deserves, but not the skin Nasus needs.”

“This skin needs chromas.”

“This skin has so much potential. If only he had animations that matched his skin. I would buy it then and only then.”

My Feedback

Nice skin, I don’t see it very often on Rift. Not to say it’s a must-have skin, but if it’s interesting to refresh the gaming experience on Nasus with a completely unusual skin, I’d choose it. Overall, it’s not one of my top 3 favorite skins on Nasus.

Conclusion and Rating

Archduke Nasus is a typical representative of low cost skins offering some alternative to upgrade the original image. Nasus has quite a few skins and if you’re looking for your one and only skin, this one is not for you, but rather for the person who has everything and lacks only this skin. I’m giving this skin a score of 5 out of 10.


What is Archduke Nasus skin in League of Legends?

Archduke Nasus skin on Champion Nasus, released on March 31, 2015, transforms the classic image of the hero into an aristocrat in a blue jacket with a cane.

How can I get the Archduke Nasus skin in 2023?

There are 2 ways you can get the Archduke Nasus skin in 2023:

  1. Purchase it in the League of Legends in-game store for 750 Riot Points;
  2. You can also buy it in the store.

What are the unique features of Archduke Nasus skin?

Updated appearance, Nasus is now dressed as an aristocrat.

What do LoL players and reviewer think about Archduke Nasus?

Archduke Nasus is unremarkable skin, so the players’ opinion is rather neutral. I gave the skin a score of 5 out of 10.