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Arctic Ops Gragas Review

Step into the freezing polar battlefield and witness Arctic Ops Gragas, an awesome skin that was released on January 25th, 2018. This legendary skin envelops Gragas in a cool Arctic soldier uniform while arming him with frosty new abilities and icy sound effects. So buckle up – we’re about to explore the chilling story behind this unique skin, plus how you can get it! Can you feel the chill in the air? Grab yourself a warming drink and let’s go all in!


arctic ops gragas splash art

Step into the icy battleground with Arctic Ops Gragas, a formidable skin released on January 25th, 2018. This hulking soldier is ready to take on even the most frigid terrain in style. Equipped with an awe-inspiring look, capabilities, and bracing sound effects! Let’s dive right into this chilling tale for some secrets about this skin – buckle up and grab something warm to drink.

Concept and Inspiration

Arctic Ops Gragas shook things up with a shift away from his usual jocular self. While some folks assumed the skin would impart a darker, more solemn energy, there wasn’t quite enough of it – after all, dear ol’ Gragas still hoists that mighty explosive cask of his with fearsome resolve – though it’s not in keeping with the intended rigor.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

arctic ops gragas turn

Arctic Ops Gragas is decked out in a snazzy new look, featuring heavy armor and an icy diving suit that helps him hide like a chill in the cold. His color palette? All blues, so he can blend with the frosty environment like it ain’t nothing. And there’s even better news: his cask now holds freezin’ liquid for extra frigid flair. Talk about on-theme!

Shards of ice tossed up in explosions – it definitely looks awesome! Barrel Roll spinnin’ and cask explodin’, ya gotta admit that’s mighty chill. Drunken Rage bringin’ forth its glow, they aim to put on a show ‘n keep it frosty cold. Though some might find the effects rather simplistic an’ lackin’ depth; with predictable blasts all around, this ain’t cuttin’ it for the serious players – making ‘ultimate’ feel like a shallow breath.

Unique Features

  • Gragas is looking oh so fresh and ready to take on the arctic temperatures with his recently updated model Wow! You can see why he stands out among his other versions – one glance will have you in awe. He’s all set to keep things cool, no matter how frosty it gets.
  • Visuals that veer towards the frigid – hot off the press and designed to bring his wintry aura to life. Volatile, subzero chemicals cascade in veils of frozen fire, making for an epic show as if from a broken-hearted Ice King’s realm!
  • Gragas clamors over the radio, and boom! Out of nowhere bursts a submarine from beneath the icy ground. Chunks of ice in every direction, drawing you into this adrenaline-filled arctic operation. It’s electrifying – a surefire way to get your heart rate up!

Obtainability in 2023

You can buy a skin in-game for 1350 Riot Points or at anytime.

Gamers Feedback

League of Legends players generally liked this skin. I’ll leave you some feedback from real players below:

“I love the fact that the splash art has Arctic Ops Varus and Arctic Warfare Caitlyn.”

“Actually this skin is cool gj rito”

“This skin is terrible good”

“Wow it looks like a white walker from GOT”

My Feedback

I don’t play Gragas and so don’t have this skin in my inventory, but have seen it in the game. The skin looks generic, I believe the snow effects are worth 1350 Riot Points, but I’d rather leave that to Gragas fans. All I can add from me is that I don’t like the whole Arctic Ops series so it’s hard for me to find anything good in it.

Conclusion and Rating

I cannot recommend this skin for purchase, at least at this price. You can wait for discounts and get it cheaper or go straight to SmurfMania team if you want to save money, but I don’t recommend buying it at full price. Another skin with no wow effect, which can only be recommended to someone who decided to collect the entire collection of skins on Gragas. I’ll give it a score of 4 out of 10.


What is the Arctic Ops Gragas skin in League of Legends?

Arctic Ops Gragas is a Gragas champion skin released on January 25, 2018, from the Arctic Ops special series.

How can I get the Arctic Ops Gragas skin in 2023?

You can buy it in the in-game store for 1350 Riot Points or at anytime.

What unique abilities does the Arctic Ops Gragas skin have?

  • Updated appearance in the style of the Arctic soldier.
  • Snow effects to all special features.

What do LoL players and reviewer think about the Arctic Ops Gragas skin?

Players liked the skin, many positively note its splash art. I gave the skin a score of 4 out of 10 because of its high price in the in-game store.