Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol – skin released March 24, 2016. He shares his line with Mecha Aurelion Sol – a futuristic mecha. Well, Ashen Lord perfectly complements this beautiful series, so if you decide to collect it all, you will not regret it.
Fire Dragon, Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol has the fierce power of flame. He was once called up by the cultists of Pyromancer, and in vain. They hoped to control Aurelion Sol and its fiery power, but is it possible to control the god of fire? In the end, Ashen Lord got his nickname for nothing. His strength, as well as hordes of infernal warriors, turned everything into ashes. Only death bears his power! On splash art, you can watch how Aurelion Sol destroys the next, once peaceful lands. He rises like a colossus over small villages and showers them with flame, huge pillars of ash cover everything. From the sky, fire meteors also fly, which destroy everything below. On the land you can still see small village houses, but most likely they will suffer the same fate and they will turn into ashes. Aurelion Sol looks like a dragon, with white skin. He is dressed in gold armor, covered with various patterns that are vaguely similar to maya art. An infernal flame resembling a volcanic eruption erupts from his head. There are also two black horns on our heads so that we don’t forget that this is an infernal skin.

The developers created an attractive and stylish model for this skin, but did not forget about other aspects. Particles of abilities, as well as animation feedback, also underwent animation. Now, all particles of Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol’s abilities have been replaced by fiery ones. Around him circling fiery spheres that leave a trail of smoke behind them. The recall animation is that Aurelion Sol starts spinning quickly and breathing fire, and a ring of fire appears on the ground. It all looks incredibly beautiful!

How to get Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol in 2022?

Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. You can buy it for 1350 RP and add this collection to your skin. The infernal theme is fully embodied in this skin, so hurry to buy it.

When all of the elements are considered, we arrive at a skin that owes its whole attraction to its fire particles. The new model is appropriate but not revolutionary, and the noises serve just to complement the aesthetics. There is just a new recall in terms of animations, thus the new flames bear the brunt of the skin’s weight. The good news is that they are, for the most part, adequate to make it appealing. Even yet, it isn’t enough to justify the skin’s expensive cost. Except for the flames, Ashen Lord has all of the original components, but they’ve been adapted to the new fire motif.

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