Astronaut Bard is a really wacky skin because no one expected Bard to receive a space costume, but at the same time, this skin is also incredibly unique in terms of originality, and design. Astronaut Bard is quite literally the “oddball” compared to the rest of Bard’s skins.

It is an epic skin, and costs 1350 RP in the store. It was released during patch 10.11. The astronaut skin line is quite small consisting of only a mere 3 skins, therefore not much effort is needed to obtain them all.


Astronaut Bard in detail

It has a lot of features that make it stand out from the rest of Bard’s skins. For one it’s entirely space-themed. None of Bard’s other skins could even come close to that magnitude of creativity. Indeed this skin is certainly the “oddball” in the Bard skins.

Astronaut Bard’s chromas aren’t really that special, but their color changes are heavily noticeable. Sadly although Bard has some very noticeable skins, his chromas don’t really have the diversity of colors in them, for example, papercraft Anivia had way more diverse colors than Astronaut Bard’s chromas.


Is Astronaut Bard worth it?

If your looking for a unique skin to give to Bard, or are looking for something that is solely unique, then Astronaut Bard is a great option. This skin really has some amazing features that none of Bard’s other skins have in them.

Ultimately, however, it is up to the player as to whether or not they want to purchase this skin, but as it stands right now it seems quite popular in the League of Legends scene.

The character model is a little basic, it looks great how the cables on the back of his head keep his silhouette distinct. And the animations are exactly what you’d expect them to be. In contrast to Café Cuties, it’s quite reasonable for Bard to transform into a little UFO while traveling with his E. So, there are a lot of brownie points there. And the fact that W is another small UFO is just too charming. Astronaut Bard is a fantastic interstellar adventure to play with. And the Meep whispers blend in so beautifully with the alien idea. The background animation is very entertaining, and there are several chromas to pick from.


Out of all of Bard’s skins, it is probably the most unique option. None of Bard’s other skins even come close to this design, all of them are great skins don’t get me wrong, but I highly applaud Astronaut Bard’s design and creativity; Riot did an excellent job with this skin.

Even though Astronaut Bard has some lackluster chromas, this factor is easily forgiven by the fact that he has some really well animations, and fantastic design like mentioned before.

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