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Asylum Shaco Review

Hey, gamers! If you’re ready for an adventure, strap in, and let’s take a deep dive into Asylum Shaco – the regular category skin that was released on November 7, 2011. We’ll explore the idea behind it, along with its design and animations. Time to get creeped out as we uncover the secrets of this wicked skin – so hang on tight!


asylum shaco splash art

It’s happened! We’ve got a breakout at the Asylum and everyone is on edge because this time it isn’t the Joker. Our Shaco has escaped from his padded cell and he’s ready to wreak havoc on Summoner’s Rift! Anyone going toe-to-toe with him had better is prepared for a mind-melter. Brace yourselves Summoners; chaos in all its crazed glory is heading your way!

Concept and Inspiration

Asylum Shaco truly kicks insanity up a notch with its design. Drawing inspiration from mental institutions, the jester look takes on a captivating effect. Awash in a mysterious blue hue that gives off chills and creeps like never before! While some will claim it’s not quite wild enough for our beloved clown, I’d argue that Asylum Shaco is unique and unforgettable! Just one glance at this skin’s incredible aesthetic is all you need to grab hold of Shaco’s full untamed essence.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

asylum shaco turn

Asylum Shaco’s design is a haunting nod to mental hospitals. His off-kilter aesthetic is made more sinister by the straitjacket he dons. The stitches and straps of that blue garment affixed to him, while an iron contraption locks onto his shoulders and neck. As if taunting us further with a dash of irony, the keys needed to devastate these chains hang from his trademark cap in plain sight. This one detail ties together an already captivating skin.

Unique features

Asylum Shaco stands out due to its unmistakable straitjacketed look; it’s clear that no other figure dares try and replicate it. Eye-catching, the contrast between this outfit and any of his counterparts is quite stark, only further highlighting Asylum Shaco’s bold abilities! His skin oozes with intricate textures and attention to detail, and it’s hard not to gape in awe. A revolutionary look for Shaco and his daggers graces us with its presence, full of life but still ominous enough to send shivers down your spine. Restraints, shackles, and keys add an extra layer to the story behind the skin; they speak volumes without uttering a word. You can almost feel the weight of history these symbols bring with them as if they were tangible reminders of what lies beneath. Each item carries its own message and together gives substance to the tale that’s waiting to be told. The ashen hue of his complexion heightens the eeriness, encapsulating the personification of insanity.

Obtainability in 2023

You’re in luck! Right now you can get this piece of madness in the form of Asylum Shaco in the in-game store for 975 Riot Points. You can also buy it in the Smurfmania store.

Gamers Feedback

Shaco Maines has already appreciated this skin, the choice is yours! To make your decision easier, I’ll leave some feedback from the real owners of Asylum Shaco in League of Legends:
“Personally I like Asylum Shaco and Masked Shaco the best. ^.^”
“I like this skin good work Riot.”
“I just love ASSASSINS! Seriously! Shaco is one of my favorite champions, and love this skin, and ROYAL Shaco!.”
“This is my favorite Shaco skin…”

My Feedback

This skin is really older, coming out at a time when skins had no animations and sound effects. Still, despite the lack of SFX and VFX, our hero of today’s review looks quite interesting. I wouldn’t say I use it often, but it still gets some attention on Rift.

Conclusion and Rating

You can’t just stop reviewing old skins! Asylum Shaco is not a bad option for those looking for the most authentic looks that fit the Shaco character. I could start describing the lack of animations and sound effects as the main disadvantages of this skin, but why? It was a very different time, it was a very different league that gave us a lot of great skins with which to associate the rise of a great franchise. The model of the skin itself is made of enough quality and thoughtful, so I’ll put a score of 6 points out of 10.


What is the Asylum Shaco skin in League of Legends?
Asylum Shaco is a skin for the champion Shaco, released on November 7, 2011, which transforms our hero into an escaped psychiatric clown maniac.
How can I get Asylum Shaco in 2023?
Asylum Shaco is still available for purchase in the League of Legends in-game store for 975 Riot Points, as well as in stores such as Smurfmania.
What do LoL players and the reviewer think of the Asylum Shaco skin?
Players liked this skin, and many are waiting for its rework. I gave the skin a rating of 6 out of 10, recognizing that it is perfectly aged skin.