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Aviator Irelia Review

Get ready to hit the stratosphere, because, with the Aviator Irelia skin, you can bring a whole new level of action-packed intensity to your League of Legends game. This regular skin for our beloved Ionian warrior takes players up in the air with an aviation-themed look released way back on November 16, 2010. Since then it’s been consistently popular and just continues to soar! So if you’re interested in living out your sky-high dreams while also making sure your character looks their best, this is definitely one skin you won’t want to miss out on!


aviator irelia splash art

Irelia is an extraordinary soldier when it comes to the art of soaring through the air – something out of this world! No matter how tough life was after the war, her passion for piloting planes never wavered and she continued to reign supreme in aerial combat. In League of Legends, championing Irelia’s skill set is like nothing else – a strong fighter on both land and sky who’ll knock your socks off!

Concept and Inspiration

With a one-of-a-kind twist, Aviator Irelia is ready to take flight. Sure to set her apart from the pack—you can’t miss this awesome aviator theme that captures all of Irelia’s bravery. From her outfit resembling propeller blades to her weapon — it’s a fun and adventurous overhaul for sure! Get ready for a whole new level of style as you experience Irelia in a sensational new way.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Irelia’s got a killer new look! She looks like an aviator with her sleek goggles, plus those awesome blades and mantle of decorum that throwback to the propellers. So cool – this skin is on point for sure!

Irelia’s stunning poster splash art is one of a kind – you’ll be blown away by how cool she looks! It showcases her smiling blissfully as mighty planes soar and circulate above the airport, making it seem like any old pin-up magazine. Relaxed yet radiant – there are no two ways about it, this image is ravishing!

While Aviator Irelia isn’t the biggest update in terms of particle effects or animations, it amazes you how much attention to detail has gone into the design. The sound effects remain unchanged from her vanilla skin, which could’ve been a great opportunity to add propeller noises and take this skin experience up a notch!

Unique Features

Irelia’s Aviator skin is a real standout, offering unique features that’ll make it well worth snapping up for your collection. Here’s a quick overview of all the awesome stuff this skin has to offer:

  • Irelia looks off the hook in her aviator gear – nothing like a total badass with blades that look like airplane propellers. Her skin rocks this iconic aviator thing and it’s stunning to behold!
  • Wow, Irelia looks stunning now! Her blades and her Mantle of Decorum have been drastically altered, making for a completely refreshed look. She’s one-of-a-kind and it definitely shows – people will be drooling over her style.
  • Aviator Irelia is an absolute knock-out: from her head to toe, the muted yet eye-catching colors of her clothing and aviator goggles ooze style and make heads turn. It’s a stunning look no one could resist!
  • Irelia’s design pays tribute to a few legendary aviators, such as Amelia Earhart. Super-slick – it oozes cool historical vibes! It goes to show that heroes from the past can still be remembered and cherished today.

Obtainability in 2023

You can get this skin right now in the Riot Games in-game store for 520 Riot Points. Also, if you are interested in an account with Aviator Irelia and many other skins, you can get it in the SmurfMania store.

Gamers Feedback

In the case of Aviator Irelia, League of Legends players were won over by her splash art, but the skin as a whole has received many positive reviews. I’ll leave you a couple of reviews from real LoL players about Aviator Irelia:

“The person who did Aviator Irelia splash art should make every splash art cause she looks so beautiful <3”

“For a cheap skin, you get a cool splash art, and a cool skin in the game sounds fair to me.”

“I’ll buy it only for the splash art.”

“Her skin was inspired by amelia earhart, the first woman to ever fly solo across the Atlantic ocean”

“She looks so happy in the splash art.”

My Feedback

I have to admit, I was won over by the splash art, great work by the designers! Played with it a couple of times and I liked it, quite a decent skin, especially considering that it costs 520 Riot Points. I got it for 260 Riot Points at a discount, so my advice to you is, if you are interested in this skin, wait for a sale. It’s hard to say bad things about a skin I bought for 260 RP, I can only add the lack of at least a couple of animations.

Conclusion and Rating

Aviator Irelia is a good alternative to the classic image of a champion for a small price. Of course, you can endlessly talk about the need for new sounds, and animations, but the skin came out in 2011, and then such almost did not do. All in all, it is a good skin for its money, when you buy it you get excellent splash art and a nice updated look. I rate this skin at 6 out of 10 and recommend it for purchase.


What is the Aviator Irelia skin in League of Legends?

Aviator Irelia is a skin for the champion Irelia, released on November 16, 2010. The skin is inspired by the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

How can I get Aviator Irelia skin in 2023?

You can get this skin in the LoL in-game store for 520 Riot Points or in a store like Smurfmania.

What do LoL players and the reviewer think about the Aviator Irelia skin?

Players liked the new skin, especially its splash art. I gave the skin a score of 6 out of 10.