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Barbecue Leona Review

It’s time to sizzle up the Summoner’s Rift! Are you ready to spice things up with Barbecue Leona? This scrumptious skin for Leona rumbled onto the rift on September 07, 2016. Feast your eyes on a totally cool skin that brings out the grill master in her – this is sure one flavor you don’t want to miss! In this article, we’ll explore the story behind it, its hot features, and how to get it plus some personal tips. Let’s dig in and bring all that heat!


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Imagine this – Leona is the master of backyard grilling. She’s Barbecue Leona and her recipes are out of this world! Her bold flavors will have you licking your lips in anticipation. But, if her cooking doesn’t tantalize your taste buds, then the sight of her forty-pound grill sure should. A true maven when it comes to tasty justice meals, come on over to join rare League of Legends Cook Thru where Leona takes charge and serves up something special.

Concept and Inspiration

Leona’s Barbecue skin is more than meets the eye – it’s an absolute feast for your senses. With its mischievous flair, this one gives off a playful take on the usual serious warrior vibes. Drawing inspiration from life’s simplest of pleasures – cooking deliciousness – Leona rocks the coolest chef look that will make Gordon Ramsey seethe with jealousy! Armed with her trusty shield grill, she’s sure to get things smokin’ hot in battle. This fun and endearing skin shows off her cheerful spirit in style… And yes, did we mention it looks deliciously yummy?

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

barbecue leona turn

When it comes to design, Barbecue Leona sets the bar high with her ensemble. She’s draped in golden details that reflect like a mirror – a napkin at her neck, baggy trousers, and leather boots that give off a rustic vibe – all paired with her fashionable apron for added drama. Her new weapons come equipped to create just as much of a stir; imagine the proverbial fork (in this case, tipped ever-so-cleverly with a sausage) and shield disguised as ‘a grill’. The combination is all sorts of funny – in the best possible way!
Even without cooler animations, Leona’s shield has something that really sizzles- flaming mote embers which give her immunity a hot touch. And with her special E ability to throw in smoky strings of sausages on sticks, you’re practically ready for a backyard barbeque party!
Leona’s legendary battle cries remain untouched on the revamped skin! Her iconic voice lines capture her commitment to justice and unwavering determination – a true symbol of strength. It just goes to show how nothing can dampen her heroic spirit, no matter what.

Unique Features

Sporting her signature chef’s uniform, the brave Leona is ready to sizzle up an appetite for justice! Her Barbecue-styled attire adds a touch of culinary glamour to the battlefield – now that’s something you don’t see every day. A unique combination of classic grace with modern panache, this heroic heroine knows how to tackle any mission with sartorial sophistication and gourmet gusto!
Leona’s trusty grill had been transformed to become her shield – quite the unique twist for her defense! This shield was a symbol of both confidence and strength; one worthy of admiration. With her fortified protection, it’s like no other…An indestructible barrier against whatever life throws at her!
Leona’s protection amplifies! Her shield now radiates smoldering, fiery tendrils that arc after her every move. Witness the explosive show as she sears through enemy lines in order to keep her team secure. What a sight – sparks and flames swirl around her like a sizzling starburst of fire-y energy!

Obtainability in 2023

If you want to buy this skin, you’re in luck! Right now it’s available in the League of Legends in-game store for 750 Riot Points or in the Smurfmania store.

Gamers Feedback

Players have come to love the new skin, in particular the quality of the appearance. I’ll leave you some feedback on Barbecue Leona from real League of Legends players:
“This will probably be my favorite Leona skin … and before you judge me, note I appreciate seeing her hair in full and her actual face. Most of her other skins did a bad job modeling her in-game face while this one does it right. Also, her outfit is very clean with good texture, which looks updated to today’s standards when even PROJECT Leona looks a bit dull. Call me a noob, but I’ll gladly pay 750 RP for this glorious skin… which I will once it’s released haha.”
“I got it in my shop and this is my new favorite skin…maybe even over High noon Leona…but just maybe cuz that skin is legendary.”
“Really cool looking skin, with a nice outfit and beautiful hair. 750 is a very fair price. Probably going to be my favorite Leona skin.”

My Feedback

I’ll probably cause outrage with my reviews, but I didn’t like this skin. Don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like such fancy themes for new skins. Cook, baker, what’s next? Teacher? Oh yeah …. Corporate Mundo is one thing, where it’s done in a very funny and all sorts of ways, but this isn’t about Barbecue Leona. Although I can see why players liked this skin, given its classic look.

Conclusion and Rating

Barbecue Leona in spite of my comments above deserves your attention all Leona mains. Well-done textures and a refined champion model will bring a certain “refreshing” factor to your gameplay. Taking into account the large fan base and the fact that I did not like this skin, I will put a fair rating of 6 points out of 10 and will still recommend buying.


What is the Barbecue Leona skin in League of Legends?
Barbecue Leona skin for Champion Leona, released on September 7, 2016. The new model of the skin is made with the theme of a barbecue party.
How can I get the Barbecue Leona skin in 2023?
The Barbecue Leona skin is available for purchase in the League of Legends in-game store for 750 Riot Points. This skin is also available at
What do LoL players and the reviewer think of the Barbecue Leona skin?
All gamers who play Leona rated the skin very well, noting its perfectly made model of the champion. I gave the skin a score of 6 out of 10.