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Battle Queen Diana Prestige edition is quite the breath-taking skin. It’s very shiny and it lives up to its name “prestige edition” because it is quite a luxurious skin.

Many League of Legends fans consider this to be the best skin in the roster of Diana skins. Battle Queen Diana was quite a popular skin, and the prestige edition was just as popular.

Diana will not let anything stand in her way after disclosing the truth during her nomination ceremony. Diana wants to vanquish the Tournament’s monstersand the power-hungry religious organization that has suffocated Eosiaclad in new armor as steely as her determination. The champion undergoes drastic transformations, bringing the fantasy to life. New model, texture, splash picture, animations, visual effects, and audio are all included. If you’re not sure whether or not this skin is worth purchasing. We’d like to note you that you may try out this skin at any moment on the Public Beta Environment server. You may buy and test any skin in the game once you have access to the PBE server.


Battle Queen Diana prestige edition in detail

It is basically a rich-mans version of Battle Queen Diana. With golden-plated armor and a dazzling golden sword, this skin could be considered superior to the original Battle Queen Diana.

Being a prestige edition, however, makes the obtainability of this skin limited. The best way to obtain it now is with the use of 2000 Battle Queen tokens. Prestige editions will be extremely difficult to obtain once they are no longer obtainable through normal methods, so act quickly before it’s too late.


Is Battle Queen Diana prestige edition worth it?

Skin collectors and Diana mains will most try to get their hands on this skin. The demand for this skin is high, so therefore many players really want this skin. As to whether or not it’s worth it still remains a mystery, but the best way to find out is by asking yourself the question, “Do I really need this skin”, “is it practical” etc.

It is not just a normal skin though, it’s a prestige edition, meaning its value is significantly higher. Due to that reason if you are trying to collect “rare/legacy” skins then yes this skin is worth it.



Overall Queen Diana’s prestige edition is a very rare, and mysterious skin with some excellent features. Possibly the most unique thing about this skin would be its rarity, and that feature alone makes its value significantly higher.

A lot of League of Legends players consider Queen Diana to be the best prestige edition ever, and for good reason. This is one of the best prestige editions we have received from Riot Games.

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