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Beast Hunter Sejuani Review

Hey, gamers and LoL fans! Ready to join the hunt? Saddle up for some prehistoric adventure because we’re taking you through Sejuani Beast Hunter skin! Released on February 04, 2016, as part of the Prehistoric Hunters series, this skin features tons of unique content that’ll make you feel like the beast hunter. From exploring its unforgettable lore and design to finding out how to get it, we got you covered on this epic journey. So let’s go! Tag along with us and become one with nature as an unstoppable Beast Hunter Sejuani!


beast hunter sejuani splash art

Sejuani is killin’ it with Beast Hunter! You can now ride a freaking Triceratops – no joke. Ditching the ho-hum bear skin for Bristle, this time she brings out the big guns and turns her loyal steed into an absolute unit that’s downright awesome to behold. Seriously, riding in on something prehistoric? It doesn’t get any cooler than that! You’d better buckle up because there’s gonna be one wild transformation coming your way.

Concept and Inspiration

Sejuani, the Beast Hunter, offers an unforgettable experience. Forget about regular walking – with her, you’ll be riding a fierce Triceratops! Her new skin breathes life into her look and makes this champion even cooler. Now head-on into battle on top of Bristle, Sejuani’s loyal companion that this time is taking things up a notch. So why wait? Get ready for an out-of-this-world makeover!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

beast hunter sejuani turn

Sejuani’s design as a fantasy huntress brings out the best of both worlds: practicality that comes with confidence and strength. Clad with her colorful blue armor, her midriff is portrayed for style rather than effectiveness in battle but what pushes it to the next level is its powerhouse weapon – a huge mace made from an unknown monster’s spine! Even more attention-grabbing details can be seen on her helmet featuring an impressively long horn that glams up her flowing hair. Delicately lined in spikes similar to Bristle’s scales adds texture to her already epic look, while icy effects and blue vortices seen all around accentuate every ability she casts. All in all, although she may not come off as someone you want to mess with – one cannot deny this huntress looks fabulous! The Beast Hunter skin adorning Sejuani has an alluring look that takes you on a fantastical journey. Bristle is eye-catching and awe-inspiring, from its intricate scales, distinct face, and recognizable shape – it’s hard not to be impressed! Whilst the front bit of its body may seem busy with fangs, horns, and more scales, no wonder there’s enough room left for practical gear inspired by Bear Cavalry which emphasizes functionality. In total though: this marvelous being looks like something straight out of a mythical world – pretty magical stuff if you ask me!

Unique Features

Beast Hunter Sejuani looks ready to take down any challenge that comes her way with an awe-inspiring model that embodies the powerful presence of a majestic Triceratop – but is still so elegant. Her armor stirs up feelings of grandeur and supremacy, making it clear this huntress is not one to be trifled with! Sejuani’s introduction of ear-tingling new icy particles for her abilities takes you into the gaming atmosphere and you can feel the energy crackle around your skin! It’ll make you shiver with wonder – what an enchanting addition to the game. Get a load of this incredible splash art – it’s the famous Beast Hunter Draven and Tryndamere, going hell for leather against what looks like some kind of wild, colossal creature. The artist nailed Sejuani here; she’s thrashing her flail around trying to take down an absolute behemoth of a dinosaur! It’s awesome!

Obtainability in 2023

The Beast Hunter Sejuani skin is still available for purchase in the Riot Games in-game store for 750 Riot Points. You can also buy this skin in the Smurfmania store.

Gamers Feedback

I can’t say that this skin is the favorite of all League of Legends players. Some like Bristle, some like the “Monster Hunter” universe reference. Some players noted the poor execution of the skin. I will leave you a couple of reviews about Beast Hunter Sejuani from real League of Legends players:
“So basically Seju got Zinogre armor and is riding on Dodogama on steroids… Cool”
“I like the look of Bristle, but Sejuani’s Armour doesn’t look all too great.”
“Just like the other beast hunter skins, ugly and creepy.”
“The concept is great and the design of the dino is creative, the problem is how it’s executed awfully as a cheap skin.”

My Feedback

Be warned, I am not a fan of the “Monster Hunter” universe, so my opinion is made solely in isolation from this franchise. I’ve seen this skin several times on Rift and I want to say that this skin looks pretty good in the game. From the positive, I can note a well-done Bristle resembling a dinosaur from afar. Also, it has pretty nice accessories on the champion.

Conclusion and Rating

Beast Hunter Sejuani will definitely appeal to all fans of the Monster Hunter universe. Having studied the materials before writing this review, I can say that the designers of Riot Games were able to convey the spirit of this franchise quite successfully. For the rest of us, though, I suggest picking it up at least to diversify your closet on Sejuani, given that it doesn’t cost that much. I also suggest waiting for the sale and then buying Beast Hunter Sejuani will bring you only positive emotions! I give this skin a score of 6 out of 10.


What is the Beast Hunter Sejuani skin in League of Legends?
Beast Hunter Sejuani skin for the champion Sejuani, was released on February 4, 2016. The skin is inspired by the “Monster Hunter” universe.
How can I get the Beast Hunter Sejuani skin in 2023?
It’s very simple! Beast Hunter Sejuani is available in the League of Legends in-game store for 750 Riot Points. You can also buy it in the Smurfmania store.
What do LoL players and the author of this review think of the Beast Hunter Sejuani skin?
Players liked the basic idea of the skin but did not like its implementation. I gave the skin a score of 6 out of 10 because I’m not a fan of Monster Hunter.