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Beast Hunter Tryndamere Review

Alright Summoners, are you feeling ready to roll out and undertake the legendary hunting mission in League of Legends? If so, then Beast Hunter Tryndamere is just what you are looking for! This beloved regular skin came out on February 4th of 2016; it’s definitely worth a try if your goal is to crush your enemies in battle. Get ready as we dive deep into the background information about this one-of-a-kind skin. Hold tight onto your trusty sword now people and let’s embark upon this epic voyage of exploring Beast Hunter Tryndamere together!


beast hunter tryndamere splash art

With one strong rip of his sword, mighty Tryndamere who’s earned the title of ‘The Barbarian King’ for being best in class when it comes to taking down beasts can chop off a limb better than anyone else. His passionate rage is the key to his remarkable abilities and limitless strength. It pushes him ever onward, keeping those close by on their toes. Whenever an especially tough creature needs taming, there’s only one guy you should call: Tryndamere. He’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed but man alive, he sure knows how to hunt!

Concept and Inspiration

Tryndamere has ramped up his hunting game, shielding himself in the indicative spoils of his ferocious battles. Horns and shells gaze out from all angles of him. And as if this cool look could not be more intense, there are his weapons. A sword forged from the bones and fangs of the monsters he had slain – barbaric, jagged-edged, radiating brutality. This skin is stunning – combining epic fantasy with warrior style for an incredible visual experience!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

beast hunter tryndamere turn

Tryndamere’s design is absolutely killer! His armor has all the trophies of his battles against beasts, and it looks solid gold; oozing power. The star of the show though is his bone sword – an emblem of his battle-won skills and sheer might. Wow, the very presence of Beast Hunter Tryndamere on the field is enough to strike terror into your foes’ hearts! The sound effects are electrifying and every slice with his sword feels like an earthquake. You can almost feel him fighting alongside you – it’s something else!

Unique Features

Gleaming golden armor, decorated with a plethora of spoils from vanquished enemies. The glinting of the metal in the light gives an air of invincibility that cannot be denied. Crafted by the very bones of Tryndamere himself, this dynamic sword is a symbol of his expert hammer-wielding skills and sheer might. Its sharp blade speaks for itself – an ultimate testament to its creator’s undeniable strength! A design as wild and fierce as a beast hunter under a midnight moon. Something that speaks to primal instinct, embodying dignity, strength, and agility – something that’s majestic in its own right, yet still hints at the complexities of nature. Tryndamere, Sejuani, and Draven soar as they hunt the humongous reptilian of Bristle! The valiant Tryndamere soars are sky-high with a gravity-defying hop from its back. It’s an incredible sight to behold!

Obtainability in 2023 

Want Beast Hunter Tryndamere in your arsenal? Look no further than the in-game store, where you can grab him for a reasonable 750 Riot Points – an absolute steal! Even if it stretches the budget a bit, this investment’s worth it. You can also buy the Beast Hunter Tryndamere skin in the SmurfMania store.

Gamers Feedback

Players disliked the Beast Hunter Tryndamere skin. Many players say it’s the worst choice of champion for the series. I’ll leave you some feedback on Beast Hunter Tryndamere from real League of Legends players:
“I really appreciate Riot for making monster hunter skins, especially being a US company where a monster hunter isn’t all too big.”
“It looks like really cool skin, the main problem IMO is that Tryndamere is probably one of the if not THE worst champions to make skins for, his kit is so simple and really doesn’t have any flashy or visually appealing animations in it that there isn’t really anything to work with, so the one thing you can work with is his gigantic blade or do something with Spinning Slash animation….”
“These monster hunter skins are for some of the worst champions to put into monster hunter styling.”
“Monster Hunter skins? Sounds pretty cool.”

My Feedback

As I said before, I’m not a fan of the Monster Hunter series, so I’m talking about a skin separate from the franchise. I did not like the skin very much, rather simple and at the same time not beautiful design. It looks like a mess of orange something. Tryndamere has a lot of great skins like Blood Moon, Chemtech, and so on. In motion it looks disgusting, everything looks like it’s made of cheap plastic, like a cosplay from a pirated version of Comic-Con.

Conclusion and Rating

Beast Hunter Tryndamere is rather strange skin. Maybe a Monster Hunter fan will like it, but even fans of the universe can see its low-quality design. Even at this price, the skin looks pretty bad. I rate this skin a 4 out of 10, where 3 is my support for crossovers between gaming universes.


What is the Beast Hunter Tryndamere skin in League of Legends?
Beast Hunter Tryndamere skin for Champion Tryndamere, released on February 4, 2016, as part of the “Monster Hunter” series of skins
How can I get the Beast Hunter Tryndamere skin in 2023?
Beast Hunter Tryndamere is still available in the League of Legends in-game store for 750 Riot Points, as well as in the Smurfmania store.
What do LoL players and the reviewer think of the Beast Hunter Tryndamere skin?
Players note that Tryndamere is the worst choice of champion for the series. I gave the skin a score of 4 out of 10.