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Best Supports in LoL – The Ultimate 2022 Guide

The support role has been underrepresented and underappreciated for all of the league. Supports have been neglected due to their role, usually a tanky healing type champion. They aren’t the showstoppers of the team or the carries of the team, but they play an important role in the success of the team as a whole. The ADC especially needs a good synergy with their support to win the bot lane effectively and quickly. While supports aren’t the most interesting of categories to play, they sure are important. Here are some of the best support champions in the current patch of 10.11


Morgana has been around best supports in lol for a long time, with her sometimes annoying bind and shield she can change the tide of laning with a single bind or a single save with her black shield.

Morgana’s Passive is Soul Siphon, which allows herself to heal every time she deals damage to enemy champions and minions. This passive is great just to get extra healing when laning, and just in general.

Her Q ability is Dark Binding, which binds her enemies in place and deals magic damage. This ability is extremely useful since her bind lasts for a significantly long time. Her Bind can easily immobilize the enemy leading to an easy kill for your ADC.

Her W ability is Tormented Shadow which casts a shadow in a circular area dealing with magic damage over time. The lower the health the opponents are the more damage will be dealt with. This is great to do chip damage and aoe clearing.

Her E ability is Black Shield, which gives an ally a barrier that absorbs magic damage, and disables effects until the shield is broken. As a support, this is great to prevent your ADC from being snared or stunned as the shield will absorb the damage and effect.

Morgana’s ultimate ability is Soul Shackles, this unleashes dark chains onto nearby enemy champions, Morgana gains movement speed while the chains slow and damage. After a certain amount of time, those who don’t break the chains will be stunned.

Morgana’s primary runes are Arcane Comet with Sorcery and Domination. This of course is situational depending on your team. Morgana has great stun, utility, and crowd control making her one of the best supports in the game to currently play. Just using your Q against the enemy ADC can nearly guarantee a kill for your ADC, allowing you to snowball and get an early lead. Furthermore protecting your ADC is easy with your E which can block annoying Blitzcrank grabs from afar.


Blitzcrank has been an annoyance ever since his release, many low-level players believe his grab is extremely powerful which allows an easy kill for the ADC.

Blitzcrank’s passive allows Blitzcrank to activate a Mana Barrier once he is brought below 20% health. This mana shield equates to 30% of his mana for 10 seconds. This mana shield can only occur once every 90 seconds.

Blitzcrank’s Q ability is Rocket Grab, Blitzcrank fires his right hand to grab the enemy towards him dealing damage. Deemed by many players as an annoyance, this ability can make or break a bot lane. Blitzcrank pulling the enemy in combination with his E can lead to an easy kill for your ADC.

Blitzcrank’s W ability is Overdrive, Blitzcrank rapidly increases his Movement and Attack Speed, this could be useful to run away quickly if you’re outnumbered. Once the ability’s duration is up Blitzcrank is temporarily slowed.

Blitzcrank’s E ability is Power Fist, Blitzcrank charges up his fist which makes his next attack deal twice the amount of damage and causes the enemy to pop up into the air. Usually, many players use this ability in conjunction with Blitzcrank’s Q ability. After the pull, using the E is beneficial as it guarantees that the opponent will stay up in the air for a little bit of time, allowing your ADC to do damage.

Blitzcrank’s Ultimate Ability is Static Field, enemies that Blitzcrank has attacked will be marked and will take lightning damage after a second. Blitzcrank can also activate this ability to remove the shields of the opponents, damaging them and silencing them for a short amount of time.

Blitzcrank’s runes are Aftershock with Resolve and Inspiration. Having Resolve is an obvious choice when using Blitzcrank to become tankier, and Inspiration allows Blitzcrank to get Biscuit Delivery helping him in the survivability aspect just a bit. Blitzcrank is a great option in all levels of play as his pulls can change the pace during laning or even during a team fight. By pulling the opponent’s carry, the team can single them out. Taking out the strongest opponent on the other team is important to win. Blitzcrank’s pulls can easily do that if timed correctly. And now Blitzcrank in one of the best supports in lol.

In League of Legends, the support role is sometimes disregarded, which is terrible. Supports give vital support to the rest of the team, and their role in team fights is crucial. The team would come apart without them. A great support Champion possesses a unique set of skills that allows them to keep their team alive while also assisting them in gaining an edge. In this post, we’ll look at the greatest support champions in League of Legends for Season 11. Both Thresh and Blitzcrank have a hook ability (which any ADC player knows is a pain to deal with), as well as a slew of other fantastic skills. Leona is similar, but she compensates for her lack of a hook with her ability to stun.


Leona is another champion that annoys enemies with her stuns and great engage. Leona comes with a lot of crowd control allowing her ADC to easily pick up kills after stunning the enemy.

Leona’s passive ability is Sunlight, which states that damaging spells afflict opponents with Sunlight for 1.5 seconds. Every time an allied champion deals damage to targets with sunlight, the sunlight is consumed to deal extra magic damage.

Her Q ability is Shield of Daybreak, this ability allows Leona’s next attack to deal bonus magic damage and stun the target. This is very helpful to do extra damage as a support character. But the main point of this ability is the more useful stun, opponents that are too close to you will feel the effects of the stun, opening up a chance for your team to capitalize and get a kill.

Her W ability is Eclipse, which enables Leona to gain Damage Reduction, Armor, and Magic Resist. Once the duration is over nearby enemies will get hit with magic damage. If enemies are hit with magic damage during the ability, the duration of the effect will increase.

Her E ability is Zenith Blade, this ability deals magic damage to enemies in a line formation. When the image of her sword fades the last champion hit will be unable to move, allowing Leona to dash to them. This is a great engage move to start fights as it enables Leona to go to a nearby champion and stun them. In combination with her other abilities, Leona can stun and increase her defense making her difficult to kill.

Leona’s ultimate ability is Solar Flare, where she calls down a beam of energy that deals damage to enemies within an area. Those who are in the center of that area are stunned, enemies on the outside are slowed. This is another crowd control ability that is very useful against multiple enemies or a single enemy since it adds an extra stun. Best Supports in LoL – this can be said about number of champs, and Leona is definitely one of them 🙂


Nautilus is another champion that has great immobilization abilities, his tankiness and crow control are great.

Nautilus’ passive ability is Staggering Blow, this enables Nautilus’ basic attacks to deal extra physical damage. This also roots the target briefly. Hower Nautilus is unable to use his passive on the same champion more than once every few seconds.

His Q ability is Dredge Line, where Nautilus throws his anchor forward. If his anchor hits an enemy champion, it will drag both himself and the enemy closer together. If Nautilus hits terrain it will pull him towards the terrain. Furthermore, if Nautilus hits terrain the cooldown of this ability is halved and the Mana cost is refunded. This is a great ability to get closer to enemy champions and to bring enemies closer to him, allowing the ADC to do damage freely and easily. This also is a great ability to move around terrain to flank or engage.

His W ability is Titan’s Wrath which makes Nautilus gain a shield that blocks incoming damage. While Nautilus has his shield active his attacks will do damage over time effect to his opponents.

His E ability is Riptide, where Nautilus slams the ground causing an explosion around him in three sets. Each explosion does damage and slows. This is useful as a general slow ability against crowds of enemies.

Nautilus’ ultimate is Depth Charge where he fires a shockwave that knocks up enemies into the air. When the shockwave hits an opponent the opponent is also stunned.

Nautilus like Blitzcrank can also go for the Resolve and Inspiration runes as a general tanky support character. Being a natural tank with tons of immobilization potential, Nautilus is a great support for many different scenarios and team fights. Nautilus is a great supporting character that won’t die easily and provides crowd control.

These are some of the Best Supports in LoL (League of Legends) right now, playing them in most situations will help your team. Remember every team needs a great support in order to keep the team together.

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