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Welcome aboard, friends! We’re setting sail for an unforgettable voyage to the fabled seas of League of Legends, with the legendary Bilgerat Rumble skin as our captain. Although this treasure was discovered as early as April 25, 2011, its beauty and scope are still astounding. Whether you’re a fan of ol’ Rumble or just looking to switch up your champion’s style – this pirate-inspired cosmetics is your plundered prize! So gather yer wits ‘n set course for adventure: it’s time to dive deep into the lore, design, sound effects, and rollicking features that make Bilgerat Rumble so special. Yarrr!


bilgerat rumble splash art

When the inventive young yordle was feeling overwhelmed, they sought solace in a thrilling life of piracy. Bilgerat Rumble, the infamous swashbuckling yordle buccaneer, had found his calling: plundering ships with a thirst for adventure. With Tristy by his side, he combined inventor skills with their piratical lifestyle.

Concept and Inspiration

Rumble’s totally slammin’ design has got a major mechanical influence. Blastin’ the traditional dynamics to pieces, its pirate-inspired look with sick cannons and flamethrower is a match made in mayhem heaven. The giant rat may be calling it simple but this getup of Rumble’s slides right into awesome territory – havin’ casual clothing, an eyepatch alongside those off-the-wall forces of nature? Count me IN. All in all, Bilgerat Rumble looks fit for any fight!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

bilgerat rumble turn

Bilgerat Rumble is steppin’ up with a revamp of its original skin that offers some eye-catching sightseeing. His signature blue and white color scheme fits in with the maritime vibe, and he’s got this all-new awesome wooden pirate ship setup…it’s like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before! This thing even comes complete with its own little bilge rat flag – how cool is that?! It only gets better from there. His battle mech now has this sick machine gun addition, takin’ his coolness to unchartered waters! Bilgerat Rumble’s ultimate ability, The Equalizer, is a sight to behold; it unleashes cannonball particles for an electrifying visual impact. Though his other animations and sound effects remain unchanged, this new showstopper more than makes up for it.

Unique Features

Get ready to sail the seven seas in true pirate fashion with Bilgerat Rumble! Its mecha-infused ship design is captivating and its blue-hued interior melded with bright white accents will make you look like a captain of the high seas – booty included. So take charge of your own destiny on this seafaring tour de force! Rumble’s upgraded mech has just been outfitted with a menacing machine gun, and it sure puts him ahead of the competition. It’s like he got himself an extra layer of armor and an array of weaponry all at once – what a powerful statement! His opponents should be shaking in their boots knowing what kind of firepower he can now wield. He must have gone over the top on his revamp; there’s no way anyone will look at him the same ever again. Unleash The Equalizer’s devastating might! Feel the heat of battle with thundering cannonballs – watch the tide turn in an eye-popping, awe-inspiring show. Put your opponents to shame as you take control of combat with one unmistakable shot! Ahoy! Bilgerat Rumble considered every detail to bring the pirate look to life, from his authentic flag-waving off the ship’s stern to the rogue of an outfit he sported – complete with that distinctive eye patch. Nothing was overlooked in this buccaneer’s particular brand of swashbuckling style!

Obtainability in 2023

Want a piece of pirate life in your inventory? Unfortunately, Bilgerat Rumble is not available for purchase in the League of Legends. You can also buy it in the Smurfmania store.

Gamers Feedback

In general, players liked the Bilgerat Rumble skin. It’s hard to say, since this skin is not available for sale, which makes it difficult to get feedback. I will leave you some feedback from real LoL players about the Bilgerat Rumble skin in League of Legends:
“I don’t see any reason why this skin doesn’t include the following: 1. wooden leg 2. pirate hook instead of the mace 3. anchor instead of electrical harpoon 4. parrot on rumble’s shoulder…. and maybe even rom or bones for the scrap shield? :P”
“This skin reminds me of ratchet and clank.”
“This skin is no more available :c”

My Feedback

A great option for its price! Riot didn’t offer anything conceptually new in the Bilgerat Rumble, but in the case of this skin, you don’t need to. The great theme, great look, and even some added particles along with its inaccessibility make this skin desirable for many League of Legends players. Of course, I have it! I suggest you stock up on Riot Points and wait for the Legacy Vault to open to purchase it. You can also buy it at right now!

Conclusion and Rating

Today on review we had a great skin from the past. A piece of true League of Legends history, which we are still playing today. This skin has just about everything to be called a must-have for all Rumble mains. This skin will definitely make you stand out on Rift and let your opponents know that you chose Rumble for a reason! I give this skin a score of 7 out of 10 and recommend it for purchase.


What is the Bilgerat Rumble skin in League of Legends?
Bilgerat Rumble is a skin for the Rumble champion, released on April 25, 2011. The skin is inspired by the pirate theme.
How can I get Bilgerat Rumble in 2023?
Right now it’s not possible to buy Bilgerat Rumble in the League of Legends store because it has been placed in the Legacy Vault. The only way to acquire this skin is through the Smurfmania store.
What do the LoL players and reviewer think of the Bilgerat Rumble skin?
Players liked the skin, and many praise its appearance and special particles. I gave the skin a score of 7 out of 10.