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Bilgewater Katarina Review

Greetings, League of Legends players! Today we’re taking off on a gaming ride with the dazzling skin – Bilgewater Katarina! This gem was released back on August 29, 2010, and it’s sure to be a grand prize piece in your collection. Brace yourselves and get ready to jump into the riveting stories behind this skin, discover its alluring features, and understand how to fit this swashbuckling beauty into your skin’s wardrobe! So without further ado let us raise anchor and set sail for an adventure around Bilgewater Katarina’s world.


bilgewater katarina splash art

In Bilgewater, a wild and lawless land bathed in danger, only one warrior reigns supreme – Katarina. She’s a masterful seafarer with remarkable blade mastery who navigates the waters of corruption and greed. Her very name invokes visions of crawling darkness; she prances atop treacherous shores where honor is nonexistent and violence lurks around every corner. Best brig yourself for an odyssey to uncharted depths, far more thrilling (and hazardous) than any other voyage out there!

Concept and Inspiration

There’s no doubt about it: Bilgewater Katarina livens up the classic character of Katarina and turns her into a total swashbuckling pirate ready to take on whatever seas come her way. Her eye-patch, hats, and newfangled swords draped across her back make for quite a sight – salty adventure incarnate! While some players have different opinions on the execution of this skin, its interesting blend of style and seductiveness is definitely worth experiencing if you’re looking for something with an extra pinch of pirate flavor.

Design, Sound Effects and Animation

bilgewater katarina turn

Bilgewater Katarina sure knows how to stand out–the detail in her daring new pirate look is undeniable. Her garb maintains her classic character with a fiery twist of scarlet shades, plus a few bold updates: killer cutlasses, a hardy brown hat, and a mysterious eye-patch that gives her those swashbuckling vibes. Not to mention the raven hair! She certainly looks like an enemy to mess with… Katarina players are in for a treat! Though the skin doesn’t bring any new animations or sound FX, its standout feature – that fresh particle effect on her Bouncing Blade ability – is enough to take your breath away. Watching as she throws her pirate saber at opponents and it plinks off them before zooming into the air and then smacking back down to earth? Well, let’s say you’re gonna be blown away by how awesome it looks. All that without diving too deep into their wallet now? Treasure it!

Unique Features

Katarina’s got a distinct, pirate-like getup with warm red hues and an ever-dashing hat to top it all off. She looks like she hopped out of a classic seafarer’s tale – who knows what spectacular adventures await her next? With a flourish, she unveils her swords, symbols of the legendary pirate she has become. It’s clear from one look – this is no mere wannabee but the real deal. Like a spark igniting a flame in her once timid heart, adventure and freedom blaze brighter than ever before. An unstoppable force of energy cackles with delight at each new triumphant milestone – nothing can stop her now! Her eye patch sure gives her a lot more swashbuckling style and makes her stand out from the other looks. It’s like a statement piece, you know? Whoa – She turns heads with that added touch of buccaneer chic! The Bouncing Blade ability takes your already epic combat experience to a whole new level, with its fresh and vibrant particle effect. Unleashing the power of this move gives an unforgettable feeling: as if every strike reverberates through your body!

Obtainability in 2023

The Bilgewater Katarina skin costs 975 Riot Points and is in the Legacy Vault, which is currently closed. If you don’t want to wait, you can buy this skin in the Smurfmania store.

Gamers Feedback

The skin is not very popular, players treat it neutrally. I’ll leave a couple of reviews about Bilgewater Katarina from League of Legends players:
“Effects? There are no effects. This skin is boring. You should update this skin already since she had a rework.”
“Not a bad skin for the price.”

My Feedback

I have a neutral feeling about this skin. Yes, the skin got reworked. No, they didn’t add anything good. It’s like the skin is just in the store and in my inventory and that’s it. I can’t say anything cool about it. Maybe someone will like the look of it, but not me.

Conclusion and Rating

Bilgewater Katarina is a representative of the skins that clog up the whole store. There is nothing special about it and its appearance is quite ordinary. It is not even saved by the limited ability to get it. It’s overpriced for skin with a new look and particles that don’t really stand out. I give this skin a score of 4 out of 10.


What is the Bilgewater Katarina skin in League of Legends?
Bilgewater Katarina skin on Champion Katarina, released on August 29, 2010. The skin was inspired by the legends of pirates.
How can I get Bilgewater Katarina skin in 2023?
Bilgewater Katarina is in the Legacy Vault and you should wait for it to open before buying it for 975 Riot Points. If you don’t want to wait, you can buy it and many others from the Smurfmania store.
What do LoL players and the reviewer think of the Bilgewater Katarina skin?
Bilgewater Katarina is not a favorite of all League of Legends players, it is considered a regular skin and nothing more. I gave the skin a rating of 4 out of 10 out of too high a price for too simple upgrades.