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Bittersweet Lulu Review

Lulu fans, it’s time for a sweet treat! Bittersweet Lulu is here with all the confectionery goodness it promises. This legacy skin – which was released on March 20, 2012 – brings more than a visual makeover. Dipped in dessert-like vibes, you’ll find that this incarnation of Lulu sports candy cane staff boasts festive decorations on her peaked hat. Pix, ever the faithful companion has lollipop wings that send shivers of curious delight down one’s spine too! But what makes this character truly stand out though? Those different colored eyes against transcendent curly hair. The perfect blend of sugary sparkles and eerie enchantment all at once!


bittersweet lulu splash art

Delve into Lulu’s delightful world and unravel her spell-binding origins. She inhabits the Peppermint Pine Barrens, which glisten with an enchantment that will empower adventurers but come at a sugary expense to their candy hearts. Bittersweet Lulu gilds the League of Legends universe with lollipop wings while toting a candy cane staff that adds sweetness.

Concept and Inspiration

Bittersweet Lulu is so much more than your typical skin – it’s a new experience for all her fans! A delectable delight, the concept here was to dress up Lulu in a candy-coated theme with a candy cane staff, sugary accessories on her hat, and Pix sporting his lollipop wings. Quite eye-catching too; they’ve given our beloved Lulu two different colored eyes and some sweet spirals for hair.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

bittersweet lulu turn

Bittersweet Lulu’s design is a real feast for the eyes! She and her crew – Pix with revamped wings, plus all those cutie enemies that she turns into cupcakes – got some stylish tweaks. That bright purple-and-white candy cane staff of hers razzles and dazzles as it triggers pops of color on the skin. Lulu wears an elegant dress painted in white and purple hues, flaunting a cute hat adorned with delectable lollipops and treats – although her face looks pale against this cheerful backdrop, almost like she was having too much fun with colorful makeup choices!

Listen up, the sound effects for her power – Whimsy – got an upgrade. A magical atmosphere calls for something special, and the team has pulled out all the stops! Plus, no new animations were added to Lulu’s spectacular persona but they sure combined to create a eerie ambience. Perfection!

Unique Features

  • With a distinctive candy-loving look, Pix is all ready to take off with its candy cane staff and lollipop wings. On their sugary journey, Pix’s enemies will be cupcakes in disguise!
  • Lulu had a captivating aura with her mismatched eyes and curly locks, bewitching those who crossed her path. It was almost like time had stopped for them – that quick glance of hers was magnetic.
  • The auditory experience associated with Whimsy has been spruced up, as fresh sound effects captivate the mind and transport you to a world of wonder! Joining in the delight is an upgraded audio landscape that plays off your imagination with playful tones.

Obtainability in 2023

You’re in luck, when the Legacy Vault opens its doors again you’ll be able to get this delightful skin added to your collection! If the word wait does not apply to you, you can buy a skin at

Gamers Feedback

Players generally liked this skin, and the concept of this skin was well-accepted by gamers. I’ll leave you feedback from League of Legends players about the Bittersweet Lulu:

“I love all of her skins. <3 Same with Orianna, Those are the only two champs where I love all of their skins. :D”

“Oh my god, this skin is way better than I thought. Turning an enemy into a Cupcake? WOW!”

“Oh god the splash art. It’s just I don’t even… Imagine this transform an enemy into cupcake + ap Cho’gath.”

“She’s so delightfully crazy”

My Feedback

There have been many other good skins since this one came out, so I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite Lulu skin. But it’s still worth noting the fact that it’s cool preserved skin! Bittersweet Lulu definitely holds a place in my heart, as well as in the hearts of other LoL players around the world, even because there is a whole history of the League of Legends universe development associated with this skin.

Conclusion and Rating

I can highly recommend buying Bittersweet Lulu the next time you open the Legacy Vault! Of course, this skin will not give you new animations, but its appearance and new particles will definitely please you. I give this skin a score of 7 out of 10.


What is the Bittersweet Lulu skin in League of Legends?

Bittersweet Lulu skin on Lulu, was released on March 20, 2012. The new skin turns Lulu into the queen of the sweet world.

How can I get Bittersweet Lulu in 2023?

The skin is in the Legacy Vault, which will only be opened in celebration of some event. Right now the skin is only available in the Smurfmania store.

What do LoL gamers think about the Bittersweet Lulu skin and what rating did the reviewer give it?

Players liked the skin and its idea, many are waiting for the opening of the Legacy Vault in order to purchase it. I gave the skin a score of 7 and 10.