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Blacksmith Poppy Review

Hey, all you League of Legends players out there, especially those crazy-about Poppy! Today, we’re beginning our journey down the rabbit hole to explore skin city – and get this – we have a surefire blinder of an entry into its glory: Blacksmith Poppy. Released way back on August 23rd, 2010, it’s hard to imagine something more awesome that hasn’t rocked the LoL paradigm ever since. So grab your hammer ‘cos here comes da force-of-nature spectacle yer about ta witness! Who doesn’t love them some Poppypower anyway? Whether you’re an OG or one of those types who knows their skins but don’t feel the beat (if such a species exist), I guarantee ya won’t be disappointed after “forging ahead” with us today! Here we go…


blacksmith poppy splash art

Let’s unveil the spellbinding story behind Blacksmith Poppy! Picture a sturdy blacksmith toiling away under Sir Omn’s authority at Freljord. There, Poppy, equipped with an empowered hammer, trusts her fate lies in constructing an arm for a mysterious champion. Little did she realize – IT’S HER!! And that same hammer is the weapon she was searching for all along. This tale speaks volumes of every ‘destiny’, courage, and self-discovery which amplifies Poppy’s character and amps up our enthusiasm for this legendary skin even more!

Concept and Inspiration

Blistering the anvil as her hammer rings, Blacksmith Poppy is a crafty skin that puts you straight in the thick of it. She looks perfectly tailored for a woman so skilled with forging, dressed in protective armor and brandishing a most imposing hammer to boot. It’s quite fitting considering she hails from ‘Medieval’ – a whole host of incredible skins like Little Knight Amumu, White Mage Veigar, King Tryndamere, and Medieval Twitch. So if you fancy getting lost in this adventurer’s tale –all tied up neat-like into one astounding Skin– then why not join hands with Blacksmith Poppy? You won’t regret it!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

blacksmith poppy turn

When it comes to design, sound effects, and animations, Blacksmith Poppy makes a mark. When you look at the splash art for this skin, there’s no denying it: You see quality craftsmanship in-game too! And with her ‘Keeper’s Verdict’ ability coming to life with blazing red fire effects, Poppy is set apart from other skins. She still spins her hammer around before throwing it towards her enemies – only now when that anvil bursts out of the ground through those flames. That’s something truly special! Talk about making a statement.
She was dressed in a combination of leather and cloth, the perfect suit for someone as dedicated to being a blacksmith as she was. Her bronze visor, tool belt, cap, and aprons added charming specificity – although the armor lacked some depth due to its simplicity, it still achieved exactly what it set out to do – and brilliantly so!

Unique Features

Blacksmith Poppy certainly has a lot of features under her belt that make her stand out from the crowd. Let’s quickly run through all that she offers us:
  • As if it were written in the stars, this blacksmith-themed skin creates a perfect fit with Poppy’s lore and character. Picture it: her unstoppable hammer pounding on hot metal – this scene radiates such awesome powers that those who have experienced it will never forget! The sparks flying around like fireflies. It’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this special edition of Poppy.
  • Poppy’s getting some serious upgrades– her trusty Whomper is being retooled, with her shield set to get its own transformative makeover. Those changes are absolutely huge for the mighty mech!
  • Particles never looked so hot! The “Keeper’s Verdict” ability is bringing the heat with its new fiery effects. It’s almost like an anvil from a cartoon sky erupts out of the ground – talk about a wild and exciting thrill ride!
  • Of course, the legendary Poppy hasn’t missed a beat – her iconic moves are still alive and kicking! No flashy new animations or anything; just the same old delightful dance we all know so well.

Obtainability in 2023

Blacksmith Poppy is placed in the Legacy Vault, so you will have to wait for it to open before purchasing this skin for 975 Riot Points. Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait, you can buy this skin from You can also try to get this skin at Hextech Crafting.
Gamers Feedback
Most players did not like this skin. Many note the inconsistency of splash art and the appearance of the skin in the game. I’ll leave you some feedback about Blacksmith Poppy from real LoL players:
“The particles for the ult look the best out of all the skins.”
“One of the best looking skin for poppy imo. other ones are meh except Noxius Poppy.”
“I prefer Noxus poppy, but I will be getting ragdoll and blacksmith when it goes on sale.”
“This splash art and in-game skin are like… I feel like they were created in parallel worlds”

My Feedback

To me, this skin looks way too simple. Even in appearance, there is nothing remarkable that could increase the immersion in the game, give a charge of aesthetic pleasure, or make me stand out on Rift. Despite the fact that this skin is in the Legacy Vault, it has no collector’s value. And I won’t even talk about the price.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, I would like to add that this skin is not worth waiting for the Legacy Vault to open. I suggest you to look at other Poppy skins like Lollipoppy or Hextech Poppy. I can’t recommend this skin for purchase, as it won’t give you the emotions that a good LoL skin should give. I’ll give it a score of 4 out of 10.


What is the Blacksmith Poppy skin in League of Legends?
Blacksmith Poppy is a skin for the champion Poppy, released on August 23, 2010. The inspiration for the skin was blacksmithing.
How can I get Blacksmith Poppy skin in 2023?
In order to get this skin for 975 Riot Points in the in-game store, you will have to wait for the Legacy Vault to open. You can also purchase this skin at or through Hextech Crafting.
What do LoL players and the reviewer think of the Blacksmith Poppy skin?
Blacksmith Poppy is clearly not a subject of sympathy of League of Legends players, from the disadvantages many note a rather simple appearance. I gave the skin a score of 4 out of 10.