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Blood Moon Jhin – League of Legends’ skin.
Today we’ll talk about one of the representatives of a large series (except perhaps the Project series) of skins – Blood Moon Jhin. This skin shares its design with champions such as Akali, Twisted Fate, Elise, Diana, Kalista, Kennen, Shen, Thresh, Yasuo, Zilean, Talon.
Blood Moon Jhin appears before us in a completely new form, because the developers have remade a completely visual component. One of the main differences is the mask that has become classic for the Blood Moon series of skins, covering the entire face, the image was complemented by a red-blue outfit that fits perfectly into the overall appearance of the skin, and a kind of highlight, if this is not enough for you, is a golden gun and a hinged equipment that definitely catches your eye and your teammates and your opponents.
The developers decided not to stop there and completely redone the animations of auto-attack and basic abilities. Now the genie fires violet shells exploding in a collision with enemies.
Also, the animation of returning to the base was changed, now Jhin turns his weapon into a brush and draws symbols before teleporting. The developers also redid all the sounds of the character.

How to get Blood Moon Jhin in 2020?

Of course, you already want this skin, and not in vain, because in my humble opinion it is one of the best Blood Moon skins at the moment and you are in luck, it is still sold in the in-game store for some ridiculous 1350 Riot Points and I think You have already made your choice!
But if you want to buy an account with Blood Moon Jhin already activated on it, then in our store you will find accounts for every taste!
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