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Blood Moon Talon is a skin in the Japanese style of the kabuki theater, one of the skins of the Blood Moon series released in 2017.
Blood Moon Talon, or rather its visual component has undergone changes, a red cloak was added, as if from hair, and a white mask and wooden shoes traditional for the Kabuki theater were also added.
In general, the skin looks like a real Japanese ninja who does not show compassion for his enemies and acts extremely quickly and accurately!
Now Blood Moon Talon throws daggers in which red gems are encrusted and also all his weapons are decorated with precious rubies.
Even the animations and sounds underwent processing, for example, returning to the base, Talon jumps onto a large pole and at the very end before teleporting, jumps off it, accepts a fighting stance, all together, that is, sounds, animations and visual parts very much enliven our hero.
This is not your regular league of legends skin that you can just acquire to show it off, you have to be understanding of its powers to be able to equip and use it to the best of its offering. His most vigil and evil powers come out during the blood moon and it is a fearful sight for sure. He is actively seeking for his enemies and he doesn’t care wherever they are because he is willing to go all the way to snatch their souls and then look the mere fear in their eyes as he takes it away.

How to get Blood Moon Talon in 2022?

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So, basically, the main purpose to make the blood moon talon skin was to represent the taste of people living in Japan at the time of early ’20s. Japanese had a craze to wear pure white masks and shoes made up of wood. These outfits actually looked like ninja fighter’s outfits that they wore in their era. This skin involves a special power for Talon that represents his terror among the enemies. Blood moon talon skin has a good advantage because it was one of those skins which contain animations with some special sound effects added into it for more interest from the gamers.

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