Braum Lionheart – skin released on December 7, 2015. He shares his line with skins such as:

– El Tigre Braum
– Mafia Braum
– Santa Braum
– Sugar Rush Braum
– Dragonslayer Braum

This is the skin that portrays Braum as a courageous hero and a noble knight. Another skin for Rift Quest’s fantastical universe, in which the players’ favorite champions take the form of figures in a board game. Because he is the bravest and most valiant knight of them all, Braum Lionheart is his nickname, and the name lives up to its reputation. The other knights in these lands look up to him as a model because of the virtuous deeds he has performed, and he himself is held in the highest esteem. The hero of Rift Quest, Braum, is depicted on the splash art as standing near a fire while the rest of the Rift Quest heroes are gathered around him. They are most likely participating in a campaign while on an exciting and perilous adventure. You can spot Ryze Whitebeard, Varus Swiftbolt, and Gragas Caskbreaker fighting alongside Lionheart’s allies. There is also a small poro wearing a gold helmet in the mix. It’s pretty cool how their roles are broken up in the same way that they would be in a typical role-playing game. Therefore, Braum Lionheart is clad in the exquisite armor of a knight and is armed with an iron shield fashioned into the shape of a lion’s head. It is also important to point out that he has a red beard, which unmistakably makes a reference to King Richard the Lionheart.

In addition to the textures, the developers have also modified the particles that are used for the auto-attack and the abilities. The ice particles that Braum Lionheart uses have been upgraded. During its auto-attack, ice particles simply fly out of its shield, and during the activation of various abilities, it releases pieces of ice at opposing characters. Unfortunately, the animations of movement, death, recall, and sounds have all retained their previous states.

Do you want to hear the stories of a legendary knight who has fought his way through the arena, as well as the woods and the highlands, destroying his foes and carving his triumph into stones and thrones? If so, you should listen to the exploits of this man. As a valiant knight, Braum Lionheart is held in high esteem by everyone, and his adversaries respect and fear him in equal measure. When it comes to his friends and companions, he has a kind heart, but when it comes to his foes, he has a very stern look on his face. Don’t be fooled by his short fuse and enormous size.

How does one acquire Braum Lionheart in the year 2022?

The Braum Lionheart skin is a standard one. This indicates that you can make a purchase of a skin from the in-game store whenever it is most convenient for you. It is awesome that you can add a skin to your collection for only 750 RP, and you can do so here. In addition, those who enjoy Rift Quest skins and skins with a medieval theme will find this skin to be appealing.

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