7 challenger tips in League of Legends

We will talk about the techniques that beginners use, the rest of the players for the most part simply ignore them. Here are challenger tips in League of Legends:
The first trick I would like to tell you is the abuse of the lack of vision in the bushes on the river. Everyone is familiar with the bushes and the role they play in allowing you to move around unnoticed. But there are a lot of mechanics and tricks associated with it that aren’t used as often as they deserve. Looking at the game challenger, you can see how they are constantly diving and emerging from the bushes. Especially in the lane phase. It is worth doing this if only because it will make your opponent think and assume what you are up to. But if you look closer, there is much more depth in it. They use bushes to hide individual activities. Let’s say you want to use an ability, but you want it to be unexpected for the enemy, or just hide the animations so that they have less time to react. If you have a habit of going around all the time, leaving the bushes – you can use this time to use the ability or make an auto attack, with the help of the absence of vision, like diving into the bushes. The same is with the aggression of minions: if there are no wards in the bushes, the minions will not see you there, so you can reset the aggression after destroying the opponent with auto attacks, simply by entering the bush. This little trick can help a lot, especially on bot and top during the lane phase.

Challenger players don’t get to where they are without knowing a little or two about how they got to where they are in the league. People are usually curious about the fastest method to reach the challenger levels, but the fact is that there is no simple way to get there without putting in a lot of effort. It’s time to go on the right track by studying some LoL Challenger tips and tricks that will help you advance in the game.
1.League of Legends Requires Full-Time Commitment
2.Recognizing that there is always room for growth
3.It’s a Solo Performance
4.Natural Ability vs. Prior Experience
5.One-Handed Strategy
6.Getting Used to The Meta
7.Take Advice from pros

So, the second trick of challenger tips in League of Legends. Everything here is built on mind games. It can be quite difficult to get used to it, but it will be very useful once you learn it. Let’s take an example for explanation. Let’s say you are a top laner, you are near your creeps, and you see that an enemy jungler has come to gank you. See, because you have a ward on the river. The first instinctive reaction of most people would be to just run away under your tower, after all, this is where you are guaranteed safety from most ganks. But if the jungler did not attack you right away, then we can assume that he is waiting for you to approach a little closer to the tower or to the bush where he sits, and this will give you time to play a rather dirty card. Pretend you don’t know anything. Go out a little forward and immediately come back. This will keep you at a safe distance while the enemy jungler thinks you are unaware of his presence. You can even get a little puffy: use the orange ability to bury your opponent and quickly get back into position. By doing this, you are simply teasing the enemy jungler, making him think that, in the end, you will be mistaken and will approach the place where he is, being aware of his presence, being able to retreat to a safe distance as soon as he shows himself. The advantage here is that you waste time that he could have spent farming or ganking other lanes. And as you guys know, in this game, every second counts.

Moving forward on our challenger tips in League of Legends, we’ll talk about managing creep waves. Most players have at least heard about the concept of creep management, because it is often talked about during games or other discussions, but they themselves do not apply it in practice. When you first hear what this concept actually is, it sounds quite difficult technically, but it is much easier to apply it if you are used to it and you do not need incredible skills in mechanics or planning. For example, to freeze the lane, you can tank until you move the fight to where you would like to freeze the lane, and then kill the enemy creeps so that they are as close as possible to your own wave. You can leave one, two more than yours, but I think most of you know how to freeze. The real trick here is to siphon a wave of creeps for different effects. For example, when an enemy creep wave moves towards you, you can aggro them and retreat into the bushes, and do this several times in a row. This will help unbalance the line by forcing it to push on its own. You can do the same to pull the minions up the lane and go into the bush or even get them closer to the jungler to save a couple of creeps they can kill.

You should also know how to create your own giant creep waves to storm and demolish enemy towers from the base.
The best way to do this is by killing two caster minions in a balanced wave. The melee minions have a lot more health, so your wave will kill them much longer, which means that your next wave of creeps will have more time to spawn and catch the lane. And as a result, you will get a huge wave of creeps, which arises from equals at the beginning of the situation. You need to have 2 more caster in your wave, and this will end with the so-called slow push. In about three minutes, the creep wave will become really huge. It will have 2 or even 3 guns, which is enough for great push. And sometimes such waves even demolish inhibitor towers. It takes all three minutes to prepare for this trick, and make sure that the enemy laner does not come back to the lane and clear the wave. But at best, this trick will give you a great push. Pro-players use this every game when they want to simultaneously push a line and group up for a teamfight, because this method of pushing is not obvious, so you can start pushing very slowly, leave, play points of interest, participate in a teamfight. At this time, your line will be pushing and will develop into a huge problem, and then you can take advantage of this if you won. Or it could threaten the victorious opponents so that they cannot do everything they could in this case.

Here are few more challenger tips in League of Legends:

So the next trick is about placing wards. It’s easy to fall into the trap of conventional warding. Just poke the ward where you are used to, near the point of interest or into the bush, through which ganks often pass, but this arrangement is easily countered by a kick, because the usual pings will be right there. In fact, it’s easier to learn how to place normal wards and remember where pings are usually placed. For example, in the river bush near the dragon and the bush behind the red buff. The higher you climb the elo, the higher the likelihood of finding a totem of control in these places, but you can’t always run and clean them. So it’s important to know how to ward out of their reach. The range of the control ward is 900, however, it does not penetrate obstacles. This means that when you ward a potential gank path or point of interest, you should think about where you are most likely to kick and place your kick so that it cannot be seen, but it still shows you enough information about the enemy’s actions. … Let’s use the river bush near the bot laine as an example. It is very often the red side players who put a ward there, because it removes the enemy vision and helps their jungker gank. This means that all wards that are in the bush or in the immediate vicinity will be protected, however you can place the hidden totem a little further from the line. For example, opposite the dragon’s lair. It will be out of reach of the control ports, but at the same time it will give you information about the jungler heading for your blue buff line. He will even help you if the enemy jungler tries to quietly take the dragon.

The next trick is all about greed. Most players at low elo are overjoyed when they win a battle. They immediately press the button to return to the base, after all, they have little health, and they want to spend the freshly earned gold as soon as possible. But what should you really do after you have won a point of interest, and in fact, teamfight is counter jungle. After all, unfortunately, almost no one does this. The fact is that when all the enemies are dead, the risk of dying yourself in the process is 0. So your creep waves will usually be triggered, opponents will only come into battle after a certain time, and this will allow you to actually take their camp for free and sometimes you can even try pick up their buffs. This, of course, is done from time to time, but players with challendger abuse this opportunity to the fullest at any convenient moment. In the league, everything is based on the degree of advantage, and although now people have begun to more or less correctly move between points of interest, it is still difficult to notice the counter jungle when the enemy team is dead. This does not happen even after successful teamfights and points of interest won, until you get to the higher levels of the game. So this opportunity is really worth abusing in order to increase the gap in gold, take it away from the enemy team, and this is also experience, buffs and a bunch of useful things that the enemy team will not receive. This is a really worthwhile endeavor.

The next technique in our list of 7 challenger tips in League of Legends is to entice you to points of interest. It is very easy to catch tunnel vision when seeing, for example, a baron. But running straight for him is often a mistake, because the enemy team may be ready to pounce on you from any bush. Honestly, this is one of those things for which you have to develop a separate sense of when to start picking up a point of interest, and when to bait on it. The easiest way to do this is to completely ignore the ability to pick up the point you are bait to and, for example, if you have a strong split pusher, you can split focus. Send it to another line where they will compromise, such as an inhibitor. The rest of your team will create pressure on the map and draw the attention of the enemy team. You don’t even have to try to pick it up. Just gather next to him and make the enemy team focus on you while your split-pusher breaks down the towers.

But if you are on low elo, there is a high probability that bad players will be crammed into your team, and they do not even know about the existence of this concept. But as you go higher and higher, you will increasingly notice. that most people don’t just think, but use it. It works even better if you have someone on your team with a teleporter, as this forces the enemies to send at least one team member to defense, and your teammate teleports to you, and the fight happens 4 on 5.
And finally, something that low elo players don’t even think about, although it’s very simple. If the enemy champion is low on health, then he will most likely want to return to base to spend gold and restore health. If you are a tank, just come up with a threat to undo recall, which will make them waste time.

This were 7 challenger tips in League of Legends. Remember, in this game, time is money. You are wasting their time by not giving recall, creating a threat. Maybe they will become vulnerable to diving, so they will have to miss the creep wave. Sometimes you can be bait this way, because there are enemy junglers nearby. They know you are going to do something like this, so be careful, but this is a low elo, and not everyone is one step ahead of you.

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