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Count Kassadin Review

Count Kassadin, a super cool skin in League of Legends, is a must-have for all you spooky and Halloween lovers out there. This legendary skin was released on October 24, 2019, and quickly became super popular among gamers. In this article, we’ll dive into the awesome lore, design, and unique features of Count Kassadin, giving you all the info you need to decide if this skin is worth adding to your collection. So, grab your garlic and wooden stakes as we take a journey into the dark and mysterious world of Count Kassadin!


count kassadin splash art

In the dark corners of the League of Legends universe, there’s a seriously creepy character named Kassadin. On Halloween, just the sight of Kassadin gives kids the heebie-jeebies because he doesn’t come bearing treats or sweets. He’s someone you definitely want to stay away from, wandering the streets with a spooky and lonely vibe. Count Kassadin totally embodies this persona and becomes the epitome of terror and everything Halloween.

Concept and Inspiration

When it comes to a fun and cartoonish vampire, Count Kassadin is the perfect choice. His vibrant and flashy appearance sets him apart from the regular human version of Kassadin. The designers did an awesome job of balancing subtle elements and the overall charm of the skin. Count Kassadin isn’t meant to be scary, but he totally captures the essence of Halloween in a unique way that you’ll love.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

count kassadin turn

Count Kassadin wears an eye-catching purple and pink vampire outfit that looks like a long cape. The costume has fancy gold decorations and cute pink wings on his back. It’s a seriously cool outfit that makes him stand out from his other skins.

The special effects that come with Count Kassadin’s abilities are really awesome. The big green eye of Null Sphere and the glowing Nether Blade give off a funny yet menacing vibe. However, the purple mist and bats that accompany Force Pulse and Riftwalk could have been more original and less generic. They’re kinda similar to effects used in other skins, which can feel a bit repetitive.

The sounds in Count Kassadin are supernatural and add a touch of humor. Null Sphere, in particular, stands out with its memorable sound effects. While the sounds aren’t groundbreaking, they really enhance the visual experience and create a cool atmosphere.

Count Kassadin’s recall animation is a clever reference to classic vampire stuff. He stretches and summons a vampire coffin while some eerie vampire music plays. Then, he lies down in the coffin and teleports away, which is a super satisfying way to head back to base.

The splash art of Count Kassadin is just plain beautiful. It uses shadows to create a super dark and mysterious feel, even toning down the gold decorations. It might seem less vibrant, but that’s exactly what captures the skin’s spooky theme.

Unique Features

  • Count Kassadin has a seriously eye-catching vampire outfit that’s vibrant and flashy.
  • The cool gold decorations and pink wings make him look awesome.
  • His abilities have really cool special effects, especially the green eye of Null Sphere and the glowing Nether Blade.
  • The recall animation is super cool with the vampire coffin and eerie music.
  • The splash art is beautifully done, capturing the dark and mysterious vibe perfectly.

How to Get It in 2023

Remember, Count Kassadin is a Legacy skin, which means it’s only available at certain times when the Legacy vault opens. But, if you really want to add Count Kassadin to your skin collection, you’re in luck! You can purchase Count Kassadin from, a trusted online marketplace for League of Legends skins. They have a wide range of skins available, so you can explore and find the ones you love.

Gamers Feedback

“The artwork and the model look sick.”

“Now that I think about it This skin and Pre-void Kassadin are the only skins in which we see Kassadin’s face.”

“They really should’ve made his null sphere projectile into a wine glass for this skin.”

“Yet another skin – where the main color scheme looks quite crappy, to say the least. Thus, forcing you to buy some chromas – for this skin to truly shine (like buying a game that tastes like a half-backed cake – without the DLCs).”

My Feedback

I still remember Halloween 2019 when I purchased the Count Kassadin skin, and it instantly became my favorite Halloween skin. Every year since then, I eagerly await the event to dust off this spooky gem and show it off in the Summoner’s Rift. Count Kassadin has a special place in my heart for one simple reason – BATS. Let me tell you about an amusing bug (or maybe a feature?) that made this skin even more epic.

There was a time when the Count Kassadin skin would periodically gain bats throughout the course of the game. It started with just a few bats fluttering around, but as time went on, their numbers multiplied exponentially. By the end of the match, I’d be surrounded by an ungodly swarm of bats. It was so intense that sometimes I couldn’t even see the character model through the sheer volume of bats. It was like having my very own bat army following me into battle. Talk about making a dramatic entrance!

Typically, holiday skin chromas can take away from the original holiday feel due to the color variations. However, the Count Kassadin skin breaks that tradition with its stunning chromas that enhance the Halloween spirit.

Among the chromas, the orange chroma stands out with its vibrant hue, perfectly capturing the essence of a glowing pumpkin on a moonlit night. It’s a sight to behold as you traverse the map, leaving a trail of orange magic in your wake. The yellow/orange/purple spider chroma brings a sinister twist to the skin, giving it an eerie and mysterious vibe. And let’s not forget the green/purple chroma, which adds an extra touch of enchantment to Count Kassadin’s appearance. These chromas truly amplify the holiday feel without compromising the skin’s original allure.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Count Kassadin is a skin that totally delivers on its cartoonish vampire concept and stands out in the world of League of Legends skins. While there might have been missed opportunities to make it even more unique, it still captures the essence of Halloween and the allure of vampiric power.

While the purple mist and bats in Force Pulse and Riftwalk may seem a bit repetitive visually, they still contribute to the overall theme and atmosphere of the skin. It would have been awesome to see more unique effects in these abilities to make the experience even better.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate Count Kassadin a solid 8. It offers an enjoyable and visually captivating experience that will definitely leave a lasting impression. So, if you’re ready to embrace the darkness, don’t miss out on the chance to add Count Kassadin to your League of Legends collection.


When was Count Kassadin skin released?

Count Kassadin skin was released on October 24, 2019.

What is unique about Count Kassadin skin?

Count Kassadin has a vibrant and flashy vampire outfit with cool gold decorations and pink wings. His abilities have special effects, such as a green eye on Null Sphere and a glowing Nether Blade. The recall animation features a vampire coffin and eerie music. The splash art captures a dark and mysterious vibe.

How can I get the Count Kassadin skin?

Count Kassadin is a Legacy skin, so it’s only available at certain times when the Legacy vault opens. You can purchase it from trusted online marketplaces like

Is Count Kassadin skin worth getting?

Count Kassadin offers a visually captivating experience with its vibrant design and unique features. While it may not be groundbreaking, it captures the essence of Halloween and the allure of vampiric power. Overall, it’s rated highly by players and receives a solid 8 out of 10.

Are the special effects and animations of Count Kassadin skin impressive?

Count Kassadin’s abilities have cool special effects, such as the green eye on Null Sphere and the glowing Nether Blade. The recall animation is a clever nod to classic vampire imagery with a vampire coffin and eerie music. These effects enhance the visual experience and create a cool atmosphere.