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Darkforge Jarvan IV Review

Welcome, fellow summoners, to another exciting exploration of the League of Legends universe! Today, we dive into the dark and awesome world of Darkforge Jarvan IV, a skin released on July 25, 2011. This skin gives a cool twist to the brave prince of Demacia. Get ready to discover the allure and unique features of this skin as we uncover its story, design, and overall appeal. So, grab your weapon and let’s charge ahead!


darkforge jarvan iv splash art

Prince Jarvan, the cool heir of the Lightshield dynasty, has always been groomed to uphold Demacia’s values. He’s the perfect example of his nation’s ideals. But he’s torn between the high expectations on him and his desire to fight on the front lines. Enter Darkforge Jarvan IV, a skin that shows the prince in a new and intriguing way. While staying true to his noble lineage, he embraces a dark and stylish theme, showcasing his toughness and unwavering determination.

Concept and Inspiration

Darkforge Jarvan IV is the embodiment of true style, finding the perfect balance between elegance and practicality. Inspired by the developers’ vision, this skin features a sleek and timeless design that sets it apart from others in the League of Legends lineup. It takes the iconic Jarvan IV and infuses him with a captivating dark vibe, adding an edge to his already powerful presence on the battlefield.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

darkforge jarvan iv turn

Dressed in striking black armor with a bronze glow, Darkforge Jarvan IV exudes strength and functionality. The armor’s design takes into account practicality, providing great coverage while maintaining a sense of royal grandeur. However, the spiked shoulders can sometimes restrict arm movements, and the helmet’s horns are more decorative than practical. Despite these minor flaws, the overall look is undeniably awesome, with meticulously arranged plates and eye-catching webbed wings.

Let’s not forget about Jarvan’s trusty lance, which perfectly matches the refined armor. With elements of a sword and a spear, the spear shaft features a vibrant red color, while the large blade at the tip consists of multiple sharp edges. Although the skin doesn’t introduce new animations, particles, or sounds, the visual appeal of Darkforge Jarvan IV makes up for these omissions.

Unique features

  • Striking black armor with a bronze glow, projecting both strength and elegance.
  • Meticulously arranged plates and captivating webbed wings.
  • A lance that seamlessly combines sword and spear elements, with a red shaft and a formidable multi-bladed tip.

How to Get It in 2023

If you’re eager to add Darkforge Jarvan IV to your collection, fear not! You can buy this skin from the in-game shop in LoL. Darkforge Jarvan IV is priced at 975 Riot Points, offering excellent value for its captivating design and unique features. Alternatively, you can visit Smurfmania.com, a trusted online marketplace for League of Legends skins.

Gamers Feedback

Jarvan desperately needs new splash arts. I just looked at this and Dragon Slayer’s ingame model, and they look nothing like their splashes.(they look silly in their splashes)

This skin is a refrence to Kain Highwind for those who didn’t know.

None of Jarvan’s skins are particularly impressive.

Looks like Kushala Daora armor from MHP2.

The art work looks so much better than the in-game one.

My Feedback

As a LoL player who proudly owns Darkforge Jarvan IV, let me share my personal experience with this awesome skin. When I first saw it, I liked it immediately because of the splash art, design, and lore. Equipping this skin not only changes Jarvan IV’s appearance but also fills me with confidence and power as I lead my team into battle.

The character design in the artwork reminds me of Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII, and it looks really cool. It might have taken some inspiration from Warcraft 3, which is awesome. The line “For my father, the king” spoken by Jarvan is really meaningful and shows what drives him. And when Darkforge Jarvan transforms, it’s like he’s going through a similar corruption as Arthas did in his story. Overall, the artwork and story elements are super relatable

Conclusion and Rating

To wrap it up, Darkforge Jarvan IV is a skin that strikes the perfect balance between appealing visuals and practicality. It takes the iconic prince of Demacia and infuses him with a captivating dark charm, capturing the attention of both allies and enemies alike. While the lack of additional animations, particles, or sounds may be a small drawback, the sheer beauty and formidable presence of Darkforge Jarvan IV make it an outstanding choice among the wide selection of skins available.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate Darkforge Jarvan IV a solid 8. It showcases a captivating design that successfully merges elegance and functionality, bringing a unique flair to the battlefield. Whether you’re a fan of Jarvan IV or simply appreciate remarkable skins, Darkforge Jarvan IV is undoubtedly a worthwhile addition to your collection.

What is Darkforge Jarvan IV skin in League of Legends?

Darkforge Jarvan IV is a skin for the champion Jarvan IV in the game League of Legends. It gives Jarvan IV a dark and stylish appearance, showcasing a balance between elegance and practicality.

How can I obtain the Darkforge Jarvan IV skin?

The skin can be purchased from the in-game shop in League of Legends for 975 RP (Riot Points). It is also available on trusted online marketplaces for League of Legends skins.

What are the unique features of Darkforge Jarvan IV?

The skin features striking black armor with a bronze glow, meticulously arranged plates, captivating webbed wings, and a lance that combines elements of a sword and a spear, with a red shaft and a multi-bladed tip.

Does Darkforge Jarvan IV have new animations, particles, or sounds?

No, the skin does not introduce new animations, particles, or sounds. However, its visual appeal and design make up for these omissions.

How would you rate Darkforge Jarvan IV?

On a scale of 0 to 10, Darkforge Jarvan IV receives a solid 8. It showcases a captivating design that merges elegance and functionality, making it a worthwhile addition to any player’s collection.