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Darkrider Sejuani Review

The Darkrider Sejuani skin, released on January 17, 2012, is a popular regular skin in the League of Legends game. Priced at 975 RP, this skin offers an exciting transformation for the champion Sejuani. In this article, we’ll delve into the lore, concept, design, sound effects, and animations of Darkrider Sejuani. We’ll also explore its unique features and how you can get your hands on this skin, with a biased nod toward Smurfmania.com. Finally, I’ll share my personal feedback as a gamer who owns this skin, providing an insider’s perspective. So, let’s discover what makes Darkrider Sejuani a standout addition to your League of Legends collection!


rider sejuani splash art

Picture this – an undead army with a badass cavalry led by Sejuani riding a massive, reanimated drüvask. She’s all about bringing death’s vibe to the world, and Darkrider Sejuani is the embodiment of her chilling, fierce presence. As the Fury of the North, she charges fearlessly into battles, leaving behind a frozen trail of destruction.

Concept and Inspiration

Darkrider Sejuani takes Sejuani’s icy warrior style and adds a wicked twist. She’s got that spooky, supernatural thing going on, you know? Her armor has this ghostly vibe, and her pale skin and eerie glowing green eyes just scream “otherworldly charm!” But hey, I’ll admit, she could’ve used a bit more oomph to look superimposing.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

darkrider sejuani turn

Alright, let’s talk about what makes this skin so epic! First off, that ghostly appearance is on point! Her armor is all metal and has these skull ornaments with glowing eyes instead of boring shoulder pads. Her flail, made of ice and attached to a chain, is brutal and slim – perfect for the icy theme.

Bristle, her loyal battle boar, gets some cool changes too. He’s not super monstrous or undead, but he rocks intimidating armor that shows off his magical essence. And those glowing eyes of his? Talk about a supernatural connection! Some might think a boar as a steed is strange, but hey, it fits the whole theme, so no complaints.

You have to see wicked artwork! Darkrider Sejuani is like the Night King from Game of Thrones – so rad! She’s riding Bristle high in the air, surrounded by her ghostly army, all set in a winter wonderland with those sick polar lights.

Unique Features

Darkrider Sejuani boasts several unique features that set her apart from other skins. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this skin stand out:

Ghostly Vibes: Darkrider Sejuani looks super creepy and captivating with her pale face, glowing green eyes, and ghostly armor. She gives off this spooky, powerful aura that grabs everyone’s attention on the battlefield. It’s like she’s from another world!

Icy Weapon: The coolest thing about Darkrider Sejuani is her massive flail made entirely of ice. When she swings it, the frozen spikes give her attacks a chilling effect. It looks amazing and adds an icy touch to her devastation. The flail is visually striking and fits perfectly with her Frost Warrior theme.

Spectral Mount: Sejuani rides into battle on her undead boar, Bristle, who looks totally terrifying with his armored look. They make a scary pair that strikes fear into the hearts of enemies. It’s like they’re saying, “Beware, we’re gonna wreck you!”

How to Get It in 2023

To get the Darkrider Sejuani skin, you can buy it from the LoL in-game store for 975 Riot Points. Another option is Smurfmania.com, a legit marketplace that sells a bunch of League of Legends skins. Just go to their website, find the Sejuani section, and choose Darkrider Sejuani.

Gamers Feedback

I didn’t even know that this skin existed, until I just got the shard from hextech crafting.

Her armor reminds me of a (frost) death knight..neat^^

Why did they make such a ugly looking passive shield… this doesn’t fit to most of her skins at all.

My Feedback

Now, I have to be honest with you—I don’t actually own this skin in my inventory. However, I’ve had the chance to check it out and explore its potential. Let’s dive in and discuss what I think about it.

First things first, let’s talk about the appearance of Darkrider Sejuani. In terms of visual changes, I must say that it falls a bit short of my expectations. It feels more like a chroma, where the only notable difference is a change in her clothes’ color. Now, don’t get me wrong—the skin isn’t terrible by any means. It’s just that I was hoping for a bit more variety and uniqueness.

However, I have to give credit where it’s due—the splash art for Darkrider Sejuani is seriously impressive. It reminds me of the epic world of Game of Thrones, particularly the fearsome White Walkers. The art captures that chilling and menacing vibe, which instantly caught my attention. If only the in-game skin could match the same level of awesomeness as the splash art!

Personally, I believe Darkrider Sejuani could benefit from a small rework. Adding some fluorescent colors around her would make her stand out more and give her a more captivating presence on the battlefield. Think about the haunting and captivating aesthetics of Haunting Nocturne. Implementing a similar approach with Darkrider Sejuani would definitely elevate the skin’s overall appeal.

Conclusion and Rating

Overall, Darkrider Sejuani is a really cool skin that immerses you in the game. From her ghostly appearance to the chilling sound effects and icy attacks, it captures the essence of a supernatural ice knight. There are a few small things that could be better, like Sejuani’s presence and Bristle’s design, but the skin still delivers an engaging and visually appealing experience.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate Darkrider Sejuani a solid 6. Despite its minor flaws, the skin’s unique features, spooky aesthetics, and immersive gameplay elements make it a must-have for any League of Legends player. Whether you love Sejuani or just dig supernatural themes, Darkrider Sejuani will leave a lasting impression as you fearlessly charge into battle, embodying the power of the North.

So, put on your spectral armor, grab your icy flail, and join the undead cavalry with Darkrider Sejuani!


What is Darkrider Sejuani and what makes it unique?

Darkrider Sejuani is a skin for the champion Sejuani in League of Legends. It features a ghostly appearance, an icy weapon, and a spectral mount. It stands out with its spooky aesthetics and immersive gameplay elements.

How can I obtain the Darkrider Sejuani skin?

You can purchase the Darkrider Sejuani skin from the in-game store for 975 Riot Points. Alternatively, you can visit legitimate marketplaces like Smurfmania.com to buy the skin.

What are the standout features of Darkrider Sejuani?

Darkrider Sejuani has several unique features, including her ghostly vibes with her pale face and glowing green eyes, an icy flail that adds a chilling effect to her attacks, and a terrifying armored mount named Bristle.

What is the lore and concept behind Darkrider Sejuani?

Darkrider Sejuani embodies the Fury of the North and leads an undead cavalry. She brings death’s vibe to the world and leaves a frozen trail of destruction. The skin takes Sejuani’s icy warrior style and adds a supernatural twist with a ghostly appearance and eerie aesthetics.

What is the overall feedback and rating of Darkrider Sejuani?

The overall feedback for Darkrider Sejuani is positive, with players finding the skin visually appealing and immersive. It is rated as a solid 6 out of 10, with minor flaws in Sejuani’s presence and Bristle’s design, but still offering engaging gameplay and a must-have experience for League of Legends players.