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Dawnbringer Soraka
Rarity: Legendary
Price: 1820 Riot Points
Release Date: November 27, 2019.
Concept: Soraka in the Dawnbringer theme.
Model: New model and textures: Dawnbringer Soraka embodies hope and order.
Particles: New VFX: relying on the forces of hope and order, she pierces her enemies and blesses her allies.
Animations: New animation and installation for Dawnbringer Soraka: it angelically heals a sick spirit during its recall (B).
Sounds: New SFX and VO lines: the sounds of the Holy Light brighten her kit, complemented by some unique dawn lines
Is it possible to buy Dawnbringer Soraka in the game? Yes!
“A child of the gods, born of chaos destroying order, Soraka contains both Riven and Yasuo. To end the conflict of the gods, she took light to pierce darkness, attracting the forces of dawn to bring order to a chaotic world.”
How to get Dawnbringer Soraka in 2022?
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On December 12, a similar event called Night and Dawn will debut in League of Legends, featuring Soraka as its major figure. The champion will have two skins, one from the Night and the other from the Dawn (like Leona from the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse). This will be a combat between two teams of three champions, rather than a duel between two champions. Dawnbringer’s Soraka, Karma, and Nidalee face Nightbringer’s Soraka, Vladimir, and Lee Sin. During the event, missions will most likely be available, as well as a more thorough story describing why this epic battle is taking place, and, most importantly, why Soraka is at the center of it.