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Djinn Malzahar Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Welcome to the awesome world of League of Legends! Today, we’re diving into the super cool realm of skins where fantasy meets style. In this article, we’ll explore the epic Djinn Malzahar skin that dropped on February 1, 2011. This regular skin, priced at 520 RP, transforms the Prophet of the Void into a mind-blowing genie. So, get ready to satisfy your curiosity, and let’s embark on this magical journey together!


djinn malzahar splash art

In the scorching sands of Shurima, an irresistible voice called out to Malzahar, leading him to the ancient ruins of Icathia. There, he stared into the abyss of the Void, embracing its dark power and discovering a newfound purpose. Now, Malzahar sees himself as a shepherd, responsible for bringing others into the fold. Although Riot Games hasn’t officially given lore for Djinn Malzahar, we can imagine the awesome story surrounding this mysterious persona.

Concept and Inspiration

Djinn Malzahar totally rocks the genie vibe, representing the Prophet’s connection to the Jinn realm. The design stays true to the classic Malzahar base while seamlessly incorporating the mystical theme. While it doesn’t introduce groundbreaking elements, Djinn Malzahar is totally captivating with its awesome look and fits the genie theme perfectly. This skin is a must-have for any Malzahar fan out there!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

djinn malzahar turn

Sporting traditional genie attire, Djinn Malzahar rocks stylish harem pants and a vibrant blue and yellow vest. He completes the look with a majestic turban and a crimson scarf, while his eyes shine with an amazing blue glow. The inscriptions on his clothes glow too, enhancing the magical vibe that surrounds him. The skin also features new textures, swapping the previous purple tones for a striking red hue with fiery orange eyes. Some say the new texture looks like crabs, which adds a unique twist to the design.

However, it’s important to note that this skin doesn’t come with new animations, particles, or sounds, which is a missed opportunity. The genie theme offers so much potential for cool visual effects and unique audio cues, so it’s a shame that these elements weren’t included. Nonetheless, Djinn Malzahar’s inherent charm makes up for this slight downside.

On Djinn Malzahar’s awesome splash art, you can see a scene of a dark desert night. You can kinda spot some ruins blending in with the sandy landscape and the starry sky. Malzahar, floating like a classic genie, looks incredibly cool.

Unique Features

  • Totally captivating genie-inspired design that perfectly captures the theme.
  • Clothing with awesome textures, glowing inscriptions, and eye-catching colors.
  • A striking blue-eyed gaze that exudes a sense of magical power.
  • While it lacks new animations, particles, and sounds, Djinn Malzahar still impresses with its overall aesthetic appeal.

How to Get It in 2023

For those who want this skin in 2023, getting this skin is super easy. You can simply purchase it from the official League of Legends store for 520 Riot Points. Alternatively, you can explore trusted third-party marketplaces like Just search for Djinn Malzahar skin, choose your desired account, and you’re good to go!

Gamers Feedback

Here are a couple of reviews from real League of Legends players about Djinn Malzahar:

“He is buff in the splash and in-game, plus the colors look good with purple and the voidlings are probably the best on any skin.”

“I rerolled epic skin for this.”

“Why doesn’t vizier Malzahar skin have reddish voidlings like the splash art but this skin has no voidlings on the splash art whatsoever…”

My Feedback

As a Malzahar main, I’ve been using the Djinn Malzahar skin since it was released, and I can confidently say that it’s a must-have. The skin’s visuals are top-notch, with an improved passive color that makes it easier to see your character’s abilities. Plus, the voidlings are transformed into incredible genies, adding a touch of grandeur to your gameplay. Playing with Djinn Malzahar has made my gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable. While it’s a bit disappointing that there aren’t new animations, particles, and sounds, it doesn’t take away from the overall charm and appeal of Djinn Malzahar.

Conclusion and Rating

To wrap it up, Djinn Malzahar is a fantastic choice for Malzahar fans who want skin that combines style and thematic cohesion. Compared to other genie-inspired skins, it offers a slightly more vibrant and colorful aesthetic without straying too far from Malzahar’s original design. The new color scheme of the voidlings and ability particles may not match Malzahar’s original palette perfectly, but it still complements the overall theme of the skin. I possess a collection of different skins for this particular champion. In normal games, I can choose from the following options: the base skin, the Shadow Prince skin, and the Djinn skin.

With its captivating genie appearance and seamless integration with Malzahar’s identity, it is definitely a worthy addition to any champion’s wardrobe. I highly recommend this skin and give it a rating of 6 out of 10.


What is the Djinn Malzahar skin in League of Legends?

The Djinn Malzahar skin is a cosmetic item in League of Legends that transforms the champion Malzahar into a mystical genie. It features a vibrant blue and yellow outfit with glowing inscriptions and a majestic turban.

How can I obtain the Djinn Malzahar skin in 2023?

You can purchase the Djinn Malzahar skin from the official League of Legends store for 520 Riot Points. Alternatively, you can explore trusted third-party marketplaces like to find accounts with the skin available.

Does the Djinn Malzahar skin come with new animations and sounds?

No, this skin does not come with new animations, particles, or sounds. It retains the base Malzahar abilities and sounds. This is seen as a missed opportunity by some players considering the skin’s theme.

Are there any unique features of the Djinn Malzahar skin?

Yes, the Djinn Malzahar skin features a captivating genie-inspired design with eye-catching colors, glowing inscriptions on the clothing, and a striking blue-eyed gaze. While lacking new animations, the overall aesthetic appeal of the skin is still impressive.

How would players rate the Djinn Malzahar skin?

Opinions may vary among players, but the Djinn Malzahar skin generally receives positive feedback for its thematic cohesion and captivating appearance. However, the lack of new animations, particles, and sounds may be a downside for some players.