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Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger Review

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger is an awesome skin for all you League of Legends fans out there! It came out on October 11, 2018, and it’s super cute and fun. It gives Heimerdinger a whole new look with adorable dragons, cool magic, and a cartoony style. Let’s dive into the story, design, sounds, animations, and cool features of Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger. Get ready for an amazing dragon-training adventure!


dragon trainer heimerdinger splash art

In the League of Legends world, yordles are known for training dragons. But Heimerdinger breaks that tradition and believes that humans and dragons can be friends. He’s done lots of experiments and wants to show everyone that dragons can be allies. He’s now a Dragon Trainer with his cute dragon, Pythagoras, by his side. Together, they want to change people’s minds about dragons.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

dragon trainer heimerdinger turn

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger has new models and textures that make him look cartoony. The golden goggles and dragon horns make him look extra cool. The bone treated as weapons shows that he knows how to train dragons.

The abilities have cool visual effects (VFX). Some abilities, like the small fireballs, may look weak, but there are cool touches like egg indicators, spark trails, and a hovering dragon over enemies. The big fireballs and the beam attack from the dragons feel powerful because they’re big. The animations are funny, especially with Pythagoras stealing the spotlight. The turrets also have their own animations, matching the skin’s theme.

The sounds are what you’d expect from a skin with fire and explosions, but they could have more variety. However, the dragon’s chirping sounds and Pythagoras’ adorable noises add cuteness to the gameplay.

Unique Features

  • Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger’s unique features are the cute dragon companions and their interactions. 
  • The dragons, especially Pythagoras, shoot fireballs, look cute, and fly around, making the game fun. 
  • The bone treats and the golden goggles with dragon horns add to the charm and theme. 
  • The abilities aren’t super innovative, but they fit perfectly with the skin’s cartoony design.

How to Get It in 2023

You can buy Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger in the League of Legends store for 1820 Riot Points. You can also check Smurfmania.com for other places to get the skin. Prices may vary, so look for the best deals.

Gamers Feedback

Here are some reviews from League of Legends players about Badlands Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger:

Beautifully executed skin! Great aesthetics, animations, and correlation between the theme and the champion’s abilities.

Love that his W is the dragon on his head breathing fire. Very well-thought-out skin.

Heimerdinger of the House Donger, First of His Name, the Teacher, King of the Science and the First Invention, Creator of the Machines, Breaker of Physics, and Father of Dragons.

My Feedback

As a Heimerdinger fan, Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger is one of my favorite skins. I love everything about this skin! The Lord of the Rings reference, and other things! The cute dragons and their fireball-shooting antics always make me smile. Playing as Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger adds fun to my matches. The design, sounds, and animations capture the whimsical theme perfectly. It’s so cool to see Pythagoras flying with flames during the UPGRADE!!! animation. I’m delighted that Riot Games provided an alternative for individuals who enjoy playing champions that aren’t focused on technology or mechanics!

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger is an excellent skin for Heimerdinger fans. The focus on cute dragons, the cartoony design, and the charming animations make it a standout option. The abilities may not be groundbreaking, but Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger brings joy and fun to the game. I highly recommend this skin to any Heimerdinger main or fan of cute and fun skins. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger a solid 9. Get this skin and enjoy a dragon-training adventure that will make you smile in every match!


What is Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger and when was it released?

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger is a skin in the game League of Legends.

It was released on October 11, 2018.

What is the lore behind Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger?

Heimerdinger breaks the tradition of yordles training dragons and believes that humans and dragons can be friends.

He aims to change people’s minds about dragons with his cute dragon companion, Pythagoras.

What are the design, sound effects, and animations of Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger?

  • The skin has a playful and cartoon-like style with golden goggles and dragon horns.
  • Abilities have cool visual effects, including fireballs, egg indicators, spark trails, and a hovering dragon.
  • The animations are funny, with Pythagoras stealing the spotlight, and the turrets have their own themed animations.

What are the unique features of Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger?

The skin features cute dragon companions, particularly Pythagoras, who shoot fireballs and add fun to the gameplay.

The bone treats and golden goggles with dragon horns contribute to the charm and theme of the skin.

How can I obtain Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger in 2023?

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger can be purchased in the League of Legends store for 1820 Riot Points.

Other sources such as Smurfmania.com may offer different prices, so it’s worth looking for the best deals.