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Dreadknight Garen Review

Are you ready to embrace the darkness? Today, we’re diving into the world of League of Legends to check out the awesome skin called Dreadknight Garen. This super cool skin came out on January 18, 2011, and it’s a regular skin that you can get for 975 RP. So get ready and join me as we discover the story, design, special features, and more behind this epic armored warrior.


dreadknight garen splash art

Once upon a time, Dreadknight Garen was a heroic warrior, but then he got all power-hungry and corrupted. His Master’s dark magic messed him up really badly. Now he’s in charge of a frozen army, leaving nothing but destruction in his wake. Imagine a knight gone bad, a fallen hero with an insatiable thirst for power.

Concept and Inspiration

Dreadknight Garen aims to show our favorite champ as a fearsome warrior wearing engraved armor and wielding a wicked sword. The idea is cool, making Garen look darker and more menacing. But, honestly, the armor could be scarier. It’s visually pleasing, but it doesn’t quite strike fear into the hearts of enemies. It’s more about looking stylish than truly embracing the wicked theme.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

dreadknight garen turn

The design of Dreadknight Garen is pretty damn impressive. The armor and sword have amazing details that scream power and grandeur. The armor has all these cool metal decorations that create complex patterns, and the dark metallic colors with a regal purple cape add to its awesomeness. But the real star is the sword. It’s a work of art with smaller blades and a kickass purple stone on the main blade. It grabs everyone’s attention, whether they’re your allies or foes.

When it comes to sound effects and animations, Dreadknight Garen doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It sticks to Garen’s classic moves and sounds, keeping things familiar. It would’ve been nice to have some fresh audio and visual stuff, but hey, at least it stays true to Garen’s classic vibe.

Unique Features

  • Super cool engraved armor that looks visually captivating.
  • Stunning sword with intricate engravings and a striking purple stone.
  • Dark metallic colors and a regal purple cape for that extra grandeur.

How to Get It

If you want to snag Dreadknight Garen, it’s very easy. Just head to the in-game shop in LoL and buy it for 975 Riot Points. You can also check out Smurfmania.com for a bunch of League of Legends skins if you’re interested.

Gamers Feedback

I’ll leave below a couple of reviews from real League of Legends players about Dreadknight Garen:

“Best skin imo. Simple, but very nice for me.”

“I love the art for this skin but in game, it doesn’t look that good.. needs to be a bit more “shiny” and the red needs to be brighter.. :(“

“This skin needs the face and hairstyle from the splash art and also add purple or blue effects.”

My Feedback

Now, let’s get real about my personal experience with Dreadknight Garen. As a huge League of Legends fan, I had the chance to get this skin, but it didn’t quite live up to my hype. The idea of a twisted and wicked Garen is cool, but the execution falls a bit flat.

One thing that let me down was the armor design. Yeah, it’s detailed and visually appealing, but it looks too much like the regular Garen armor. It lacks that unique personality to truly embody the essence of a menacing and evil knight. The dark metallic colors, while cool, don’t make a bold statement on the battlefield.

Plus, while the sword is undeniably amazing with its extra blades and awesome purple stone, it kinda steals the spotlight. The skin focuses so much on the sword’s beauty that the rest of the outfit feels a bit lacking.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Dreadknight Garen is all about embracing the darkness and rocking some wicked power. But even with its visual appeal, it doesn’t fully deliver on the promise of a cool version of Garen. The design lacks that distinctive personality and striking presence that could make it truly stand out.

Considering the overall experience and missed opportunities to fully embrace its potential, I’d recommend Dreadknight Garen mainly to die-hard Garen fans. It might satisfy those who want a visual upgrade, but it won’t leave a lasting impression. So, I give this skin a rating of 5 out of 10.


When was Dreadknight Garen released, and how much does it cost?

Dreadknight Garen was released on January 18, 2011, and it can be purchased for 975 Riot Points in the in-game shop.

What is the lore behind Dreadknight Garen?

Dreadknight Garen was once a heroic warrior but became corrupted by dark magic. He now commands a frozen army, driven by a thirst for power and leaving destruction in his wake.

What are the design features of Dreadknight Garen?

Dreadknight Garen features visually captivating engraved armor with cool metal decorations and a regal purple cape. The standout element is the intricate sword with smaller blades and a striking purple stone.

Are there any unique features or special effects?

While Dreadknight Garen’s design is visually appealing, it doesn’t introduce new sound effects or animations. It maintains Garen’s classic moves and sounds.

What are some opinions and feedback about the skin?

Opinions vary among players. Some appreciate the skin’s simplicity and design, while others feel it could be improved with brighter colors or additional effects. Personal experiences and preferences may vary.