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Dunkmaster Darius – skin released on June 16, 2013. He shares his line with skins such as:

-Lord Darius

-Dreadnova Darius

-High Noon Darius

-Woad King Darius

-Academy Darius

-Bioforge Darius

-God-King Darius

Dunkmaster Darius is a basketball genius with millions of fans around the world. His divine dunking literally stunned the global community and attracted hundreds of proposals from various teams. Don’t forget that Dunkmaster Darius is present in all areas of life. He even improve the Dunktown Express so much that all traffic collapsed. Now let’s talk about skin design. The visual image is well developed and can surprise with a lot of details. Darius wears a red jersey with white stripes and black shorts. The name of the team is written on the jersey – Noxus, probably in honor of the home country of Darius. He himself wears a stylish hairstyle as well as a tattoo on his arm. Dunkmaster Darius also carries a basketball with which he bounces all the time. Instead of an ax, he is armed with a basketball hoop, which is actually a formidable weapon due to its size. Hoop is bent and bloody, as Darius has used it more than once.

Riot has created a colorful and interesting skin that will appeal to all sports fans. However, they did not stop there and also updated particles, animations for all abilities, and sounds. Dunks using a burning ball, incredible jumps – the skin is literally consumed by basketball!

How to get Dunkmaster Darius in 2021?

Dunkmaster Darius is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. The skin is priced at 1820 RP and if you are a basketball or Sport Athletes skins fan then this skin is definitely made for you.

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