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Elementalist Lux

Category: Ultimate Skin
Price: 3250 RP
Animations: A complete upgraded in form of animations with premium effects and exclusive new moves added.
Sounds: A whole new audio experience with your favorite hero Lux, adding new dialogues and sound effects to match with upgraded animations and moves.
Introduction: Lux is a revolutionary upgrade for Elementalist and it is much more than a simple costume upgrade. This skin upgrades the character abilities, strength, defenses, and movements in a far superior way that it would not be wrong to say with the right skillsets and expertise with Elementalist, you would be invincible. This skin gives you a whole new gaming experience with your favorite her Lux that is most certainly worth giving a try.

Animations and Sounds: The skin does not only offer upgrades in terms of abilities like strength, agility, movements and defenses with an updated version of shield but also has pretty impressive graphics updates with all new recall animations and extremely graceful attack movements combined with immersive 3D SFX that sync flawlessly with animations to heighten your overall gaming experience with this skin. I honestly cannot have enough of this skin as you feel like getting a considerable upgrade to your all-time favorite hero.

Pros: The pros on this skin are countless and it is not easy to explain them in a nutshell. Form animations to sounds and dialogues and the character ability upgrades that include increased strength, ability to move faster and powerful attacks with great accuracy are some considerable upgrades that you most definitely don’t want to miss on. The upgrades on this skin make it worth buying and you will not regret that decision.
Once you get this skin for Elementalist, no other skin is good enough for you and you will never consider any of the existing skins for your character.

Cons: The skin is bit on the pricy side and not easy to buy with a whopping 3250 RP, yet you cannot price good things and it is definitely worth those points if you are looking for a perfect skin with increased character abilities including defense, attacking and sound effects along with those impressive costume updates.

How to Get Elementalist Lux in 2020?
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Elementalist Lux | Buy League of Legends Skin - SmurfMania.com Elementalist Lux | Buy League of Legends Skin - SmurfMania.com

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