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Brand is a very old champion in League of Legends, this champion has been around for a whopping 9 years! and new skins are still being made for it to this day. Eternal Dragon Brand is fierce, and intimidating, just like the original brand. The best highlight of this skin, however, is the awesome-looking purple marks across his face. These features make the skin look badass, and just straight out awesome.

Eternal Dragon Brand came out in 2020, so the skin is still fairly new. Eternal Dragon Brand cost 1350 RP in the shop.

Eternal Dragon Brand in detail

This skin is just awesome. This skin has a really cool effect with all of his attacks. Riot Games did an excellent job in making his attacks look unique because they quite certainly do look unique. Instead of the typical orange flames, the player is now treated with even better purple-looking flames. These changes to Brand, are what I really like about the Eternal Dragon Brand skin.

I would personally use this over the rest of Brands skins because the overall changes and design of the skin are honestly much cooler-looking than the rest of Brands skins in my opinion.

Is the Eternal Dragon Brand skin worth it?

Absolutely, this is a really excellent skin for the champion Brand. If your looking for a good skin to use on Brand, then it might be your best bet.

It consists of a lot of great features that give it an edge over the rest of Brand’s skins. Although “which of Brand’s skins is the best” is ultimately subjective, the impact that Eternal Dragon reigns supreme.
Eternal Dragon Brand is a fantastic skin overall. The character model is really realistic, and some of the new animations are just fantastic. The fact that you now have a little dragon in your ult and passive adds weight to your moniker. And your supporting animation is top-notch shounen anime. However, there are a variety of reasons why this skin is so far away from the top. To begin with, his Ws are easier to avoid from a metagame perspective. Second, we already have enough humanoid characters, so I’d rather Brand be on the strange side. There is no such thing as a number three. Still a fantastic complexion.


It is a great-looking skin to own, in fact, some may argue that it’s the best skin available for Brand, and although that isn’t objectively official, it’s still significant to think that many players enjoy this skin.

This skin has a lot of features that make it stand out among the rest of Brand’s skins, and its uniqueness is an excellent quality about it that shouldn’t be ignored.

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