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Eternum Nocturne Review

Attention, fellow summoners! Today, we’re diving into the shadowy depths of the League of Legends universe to shed some light on a skin that strikes fear into even the bravest champions. Introducing Eternum Nocturne, a legendary skin that was released on December 05, 2012. In this article, we’ll explore the lore behind this intimidating skin, its concept and inspiration, the design elements including cool sound effects and animations, unique features, how to obtain it, and I’ll even share my feedback. So, get ready to face the darkness head-on!


eternum nocturne splash art

In the darkest nightmares, where terror takes form and shadows consume all, emerges Eternum Nocturne. This skin embodies your deepest fears, brought to life in organic metal. It lurks, watches, and patiently waits to envelop existence in eternal darkness. With its imposing presence, Eternum Nocturne strikes awe and terror into the hearts of all who encounter it. Beware, summoners, for this armored nightmare walks among us.

Concept and Inspiration

The concept behind Eternum Nocturne is that of an armored otherworldly being, a force that transcends dimensions. It captures Nocturne’s relentless pursuit of fear and chaos. However, some players have voiced their opinions about the skin’s execution. They compare it to an armored lobster, where the body appears too thin and lacking the ferocity one would expect. The armor itself fails to deliver the expected menacing impact. Additionally, the long fingers on Nocturne’s blades seem more flashy than practical. While the skin showcases effort and dedication, some aspects fall short of truly capturing Nocturne’s unstoppable and menacing nature.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

eternum nocturne turn

When it comes to design, sound effects, and animations, Eternum Nocturne certainly makes an impression. The skin offers a new look with striking red glows that accentuate Nocturne’s otherworldly presence. The addition of new effects for his abilities and attacks creates a distinct visual impact, intensifying the fearsome aura that surrounds Nocturne. Moreover, the skin introduces a series of new animations, from his emotes to his attacks, recall, death, standing idle, walking, and abilities. These animations breathe fresh life into Nocturne, making him look cooler and adding depth to his character.

Unique Features

  • The new model with menacing red glows.
  • Impressive effects for abilities and attacks.
  • Diverse animations for emotes, attacks, recall, death, standing idle, walking, and abilities.
  • Sound effects that enhance the otherworldly presence of Eternum Nocturne.
  • An atmospheric and distinct voiceover brings the character to life.

How to Get It in 2023

If you’re eager to wield the power of Eternum Nocturne and unleash chaos on the Rift, there are a few ways to acquire this legendary skin. One of the easiest options is to visit LoL’s in-game shop, where you can buy this skin for 1820 Riot Points. Also, you can visit, where you can browse through a wide selection of League of Legends skins, including Eternum Nocturne.

Gamers Feedback

I’ll leave below a couple of reviews from real League of Legends players about Eternum Nocturne:

“When you use your E on Vilemaw or Baron is just amazing. The effect on the target has red glittering particles which makes this skin worth it. And of course, all the other effects are also amazing.”

“Best skin in the game and is definitely worth the price. Jump on the enemy adc or APC and the ult alone will freak them out.”

“The ult looks so nice and his claws and tail rotate soo cool.”

My Feedback

As an fan of League of Legends, I have Eternum Nocturne in my inventory, and I must admit, it hasn’t quite lived up to my expectations. While the skin certainly showcases some impressive design elements, it falls short of truly capturing Nocturne’s relentless and menacing nature.

The concept of an armored otherworldly being is intriguing, but in practice, the skin feels a bit underwhelming. The thin and weak appearance of the body coupled with armor that lacks the desired impact dampens the overall effect. The flashy, elongated fingers on Nocturne’s blades seem more like a visual gimmick rather than a practical addition.

The special effects, such as the particle changes and some animations, do add a fresh touch to Nocturne’s abilities. However, some of the animations feel repetitive or lack the impact I was hoping for. The sound effects, while decent, could have packed a more powerful punch to truly enhance the skin’s otherworldly presence. It’s also puzzling that the classic “Darkness” quote is missing from the Paranoia ability, which feels like a missed opportunity.

On the positive side, the skin’s splash art is visually striking, with its electric, neuron-like shapes and vibrant colors. However, it portrays Nocturne as overly bright and clear, which doesn’t align with his in-game appearance.

Conclusion and Rating

All things considered, Eternum Nocturne is a skin that shows a lot of effort and dedication, but not all of it translates into a truly satisfying experience. It falls short of fully capturing Nocturne’s unstoppable and menacing nature, which is disappointing for fans of the champion.

That being said, if you can overlook its flaws and are a dedicated Nocturne player, the skin still possesses a certain level of style, particularly when it comes to the ultimate ability, Paranoia. The new look, red glows, and distinct animations offer a good amount of visual flair.

In conclusion, I recommend Eternum Nocturne for purchase primarily to those who have a deep appreciation for Nocturne and want to diversify their skin collection. However, if you’re seeking skin that truly encapsulates Nocturne’s terrifying essence, you may want to explore other options. Taking everything into account, I rate Eternum Nocturne a solid 6 out of 10.


What is Eternum Nocturne and when was it released?

Eternum Nocturne is a legendary skin in League of Legends. It was released on December 05, 2012.

How can I obtain Eternum Nocturne in 2023?

You can purchase the skin from the in-game shop for 1820 Riot Points. Alternatively, you can try third-party websites like that offer League of Legends skins.

What are the unique features of Eternum Nocturne?

  • The skin has a new model with menacing red glows.
  • It offers impressive effects for abilities and attacks.
  • There are diverse animations for emotes, attacks, recall, death, standing idle, walking, and abilities.
  • The skin has sound effects and a distinct voiceover that enhance its otherworldly presence.

What are some player feedback and reviews about Eternum Nocturne?

  • Players have praised the skin’s effects, particularly the red glittering particles on targets when using the E ability.
  • The skin is considered one of the best in the game, with the ultimate ability (Paranoia) being particularly impressive.
  • The rotating claws and tail of Nocturne are also well-received.

What are some criticisms and personal feedback about Eternum Nocturne?

  • Some players feel that the skin falls short of capturing Nocturne’s menacing nature, with a thin and weak appearance and armor lacking impact.
  • The elongated fingers on Nocturne’s blades are seen as flashy rather than practical.
  • While the skin has some impressive elements, such as particle changes and animations, some animations may feel repetitive or lack impact.
  • The sound effects could have been more powerful, and the absence of the classic “Darkness” quote in the Paranoia ability is disappointing.
  • The skin’s splash art, while visually striking, portrays Nocturne as overly bright and clear, not matching his in-game appearance.