Fae Dragon Ashe is one of the many champions obtaining dragon skins. This skin was released around the later half of 2020, making it quite recent. The skin itself is quite different from the default Ashe, making it quite unique as a skin.

Fae Dragon Ashe has many appealing factors that make it stand out among the rest of the Ashe skin family. For one it has dragon-like colors, and greenish purplish colors, which look very incredible, and will probably become well-liked by some League of Legends players.


Fae Dragon Ashe in detail

Fae Dragon Ashe is an incredibly designed character in general. This skin stands out well from the rest of the Ashe-based skins. All of her skins are great don’t get me wrong, but this skin in particular just looks amazing, in terms of aesthetic, and colors, and just everything about it is magnificent.

Fae Dragons Ashe’s bow is really well-made too. Her bow now consists of green/purple colors instead of the frost-themed bow. Don’t get me wrong default Ashe is pretty nice too, but Fae Dragons Ashe just has such a unique design.

To add the cherry on top of the cake, she has some really well-designed chromas too. All of her chromas have some really nice color choices and some excellent features.


Is Fae Dragon Ashe worth it?

I think Fae Dragon Ashe is very likable as a skin, because of that I think players will be more than happy to purchase this skin. Just like most skins, you can purchase it for the price of 1350 RP so it shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain. If this doesn’t seem like your type of skin, then that is completely fine, because there are plenty of other skins available for Ashe.

If there’s one thing that stands out about the Fae Dragon Ashe skin, it’s the stunning color combination. Instead of relying on blue, the skin uses a wonderful green and purple blend to provide players with amazing splash graphics and gorgeous animations. The League of Legends PC and Wild Rift communities reacted well to Fae Dragon, which is one of the most gorgeous skins for the champion. You can feel the dragon’s strength accompany you while fighting in the summoner’s rift. It’s one of Ashe’s newest skins, and its fantastic design sets it out in the bot lane.


Overall, I think Ashe is a really cool-looking skin, and I really admire the skin’s artistic looks. I think the color choices for this skin are absolutely genius, and fit the “dragon vibe” well. Her chromas are also really cool-ones, they come in so many colors and varieties. Many consider this to be one of the “best” skins on Ashe, and while that’s completely subjective, I personally think it’s one of the most well-designed skins in the Ashe family.

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