Feral Warwick – today we’ll talk about the League of Legends skin that was released in 2010 and cost 975 Riot Point in an in-game store.
Feral Warwick was developed by Ezreal and voiced by Brian Sommer.
As we know, this skin has been updated, so the article will be divided into 2 parts:
1) Before updating the skin
2) After update
Initially, Feral Warwick was almost without clothes, brown, and the remains of the shackles can only say that this beast can not be tamed by anyone. Real primitive anger and uncontrollability were embodied in this skin, and it enjoyed well-deserved popularity among fans of this champion.
However, Riot Games decided to change the appearance of this skin, which I think is a bad decision.
They cut off one arm and replaced it with a mechanical one, and instead of shackles they added armrests and a tattered vest, apparently reminding us that Warwick is a werewolf.
The community was divided into 2 camps, one believes that the new version of this skin does not fully correspond to its original name and previous appearance, while others liked the fresh look of this champion, someone even came up with a legend that while Warwick was held captive over him conducted experiments, as a result of which he had a new mechanical arm. However, whether you like the new skin or not, you decide!
The only reminder of the unbridled and primitive nature of Warwick remained on his shoulder in the form of large scars.

If you think that Warwick always has the ghastly ability to devour his enemies with his razor-sharp claws and wreak havoc in whatever manner he pleased then you’d be wrong. He was bit by a radioactive wolf that landed him with his immense powers and he is never so far away from his master for too long, he has never failed his master and he continues to scan the arena for possible victims and continues to devour them one way or the other. Do you think you would be able to stop him or is it just more convenient to join forces with him?

How to get Feral Warwick in 2022?

Unfortunately, this skin is no longer available in the in-game store and anyone who offers you to purchase an activation code for Feral Warwick is a trickster!
But not everything is lost, our store offers a wide range of accounts with Feral Warwick already activated on it.

Grey Warwick is the skin of the Warwick which has disastrous abilities and makes it different from its enemies. But the main thing is that when we purchase it we know about the abilities that Grey Warwick processes. We take start with the jaw of beast in which it bites the enemies to make them weaker in the battle. With that it uses Blood hunt to find more enemies below 50% health and it also increases its speed. Lastly, Primal howl create a layer of protection around it against any type of damage and Eternal hunger also provide it energy and reactivated according to its level of health to make it stable in the battle field.

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