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Fiddle Me Timbers Review

Ahoy, League of Legends gamers! Today, we embark on an adventure with Fiddle Me Timbers, a skin that transforms the spooky scarecrow Fiddlesticks into a pirate. This awesome skin, released on August 09, 2010, brings a fresh concept and design to our beloved champion. Let’s dive into the story, idea, look, and cool features of this swashbuckling skin.


fiddle me timbers splash art

Fiddlesticks has set sail into the pirate world, rocking pirate gear and equipped with all the stuff of a seasoned pirate. He aims to be like the famous pirate Blackbeard, striking fear into his enemies with a supernatural twist. With his new look, Fiddle Me Timbers adds a touch of the high seas to the Fields of Justice.

Concept and Inspiration

The idea behind Fiddle Me Timbers is pure creative genius, even in 2023. Who would’ve thought of turning Fiddlesticks into a pirate? The splash art shows detailed background drawings with a mix of horror, mystery, and the eerie glow of the moon. The dark birds and the overall darkness of the scene add to the skin’s mysterious vibe. It’s a unique approach that combines entertainment with a spooky atmosphere.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

fiddle me timbers turn

Taking a closer look at the skin, we see that Fiddle Me Timbers is made of wood, resembling a pirate ship. Fiddlesticks rock a cool pirate hat and a bright red pirate outfit, complete with all the gear of an experienced pirate. His weapon of choice? An anchor, adding a unique and fitting touch to his pirate persona.

While the skin doesn’t have new animations or sound effects, it more than makes up for it with its exceptional design. The attention to detail is incredible, taking the skin to the next level. The splash art captures the pirate essence, with Fiddlesticks holding a bottle of rum—because what pirate can do without it? The colors, reflections, and style perfectly depict a pirate rogue. Though the background is stylistically simple, it sets the scene for Fiddlesticks’ pirate transformation.

Unique Features

Now, let’s weigh anchor and sail towards the cool features of Fiddle Me Timbers. Here’s what makes this skin stand out:

  • Pirate Perfection: Fiddle Me Timbers embodies all the pirate features you can imagine, mixed with a delightful touch of humor and silliness. It’s a skin that doesn’t take itself too seriously but keeps you engrossed in its fun charm.
  • Scarecrow Essence Intact: Despite the flashy pirate outfit, the skin still maintains the original scarecrow vibe, creating an intriguing contrast that adds depth to Fiddlesticks’ character. The creators found the perfect balance between scarecrow and pirate elements, resulting in a harmonious fusion.
  • Meticulously Crafted: No laziness or out-of-place design elements here! Fiddle Me Timbers showcases meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the skin feels well thought out and cohesive. From the braided beard to the dented sword, all the model parts seamlessly blend with the pirate theme.

How to Get It in 2023

If you’re itching to add Fiddle Me Timbers to your collection, worry not! You can easily acquire this swashbuckling skin at LoL in-game shop for 520 Riot Points. Also, head over to, and search for Fiddle Me Timbers. With a few simple clicks, you’ll have this pirate-themed gem ready to set sail in your inventory.

Gamers Feedback

I’ll leave you some feedback on Barbecue Leona from real League of Legends players:

“The designs great but they missed a huge chance to make a whirlpool with sharks for his ult.”

“Would’ve loved for them to give this the dark water treatment and turn his spells blue, but it is a 970 legacy skin, so we kind of get it. Just had hopes because of the splash art. Probably gonna get the robo one instead.”

“For this skin especially I would’ve rather that they increased the price and in turn increased the quality of the skin. I dunno, it’s just the whole clashing of Bilgewater aesthetic with Fiddlesticks crows/farm sounds and effects. In his bio there are reports of Fiddlesticks being in all the civilizations but made out of different materials which in a sense means that a fair chunk of his skins could be canon so having the Bilgewater fiddle use water sounds and monstrous creatures in his abilities would be really cool and fit that nations theme well.”

My Feedback

As an owner of Fiddle Me Timbers, I can confidently say that this skin is a total game-changer. Turning Fiddlesticks into a pirate is like a complete makeover that totally rocks. You can still see hints of the original scarecrow vibe beneath the cool pirate outfit, blending the old and the new perfectly. The attention to detail in the design is outstanding, with no laziness or out-of-place elements. Kudos to Riot for a skin with such immense potential—although a beard would’ve been a perfect addition to match the old skin. Just saying!

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Fiddle Me Timbers takes an awesome idea and applies it to a character you wouldn’t expect. It brings all the pirate goodness you can think of, twisted in a fun and silly way that keeps you engaged. While it doesn’t have new animations or sound effects, the exceptional design makes up for it. Some water effects and a beard could’ve made it even better, but still, it’s a skin that truly stands out. I highly recommend Fiddle Me Timbers to anyone who enjoys playing Fiddlesticks. It adds a fresh and exciting dimension to your gameplay. With its unique concept, detailed design, and pirate-themed charm, this skin deserves a rating of 7 out of 10.


When was the Fiddle Me Timbers skin released?

The Fiddle Me Timbers skin was released on August 9, 2010.

How can I obtain the Fiddle Me Timbers skin in 2023?

You can acquire the Fiddle Me Timbers skin from the in-game shop in League of Legends for 520 Riot Points. Alternatively, you can search for it on and purchase it there.

Does the Fiddle Me Timbers skin have new animations or sound effects?

No, the Fiddle Me Timbers skin does not have new animations or sound effects. However, its exceptional design compensates for this lack of additional features.

What makes the Fiddle Me Timbers skin unique?

The Fiddle Me Timbers skin stands out for its pirate-themed design, which combines the pirate elements with the original scarecrow concept of Fiddlesticks. The attention to detail and the harmonious fusion of scarecrow and pirate elements make this skin unique.

What rating would the Fiddle Me Timbers skin receive?

The Fiddle Me Timbers skin receives a rating of 7 out of 10. While it lacks certain features like new animations and sound effects, its exceptional design and creative concept make it a worthwhile addition to Fiddlesticks’ skins.