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Fisherman Fizz Review

Welcome, summoners, to our review of the legendary Fisherman Fizz skin! Released on March 31, 2012, this is a regular skin that brings a splash of angler-themed mayhem to the Rift. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the lore, concept, design, sound effects, animations, and unique features of this beloved skin. So grab your fishing gear and let’s cast our lines into the world of Fisherman Fizz!


fisherman fizz splash art

He may be small, but Fisherman Fizz is a force to be reckoned with. Dressed in his iconic yellow rain suit, this little fisherman is always prepared to weather the storm. With a love for all things fishy, Fizz dives headfirst into adventure and meets none other than Urf, the manatee. Together, they embark on a journey like no other, bringing chaos and laughter wherever they go. The lore behind Fisherman Fizz is one of whimsy and boundless enthusiasm for the ocean’s treasures.

Concept and Inspiration

The concept behind Fisherman Fizz is truly intriguing. Imagine Fizz, the fish-obsessed trickster, donning the attire of a traditional angler. This skin transforms him into a lunatic angler, equipped with a harpoon and accompanied by his trusty companion, Urf. The inspiration for this skin lies in the meeting of two misfits, Fizz and Urf, whose shared love for fish brings them together in a wild and hilarious adventure. It’s a delightful twist on Fizz’s character that adds a whole new layer of charm to the champion.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

fisherman fizz turn

When it comes to design, Fisherman Fizz brings the aquatic charm to life. Fizz himself undergoes some moderate changes, with a new model for his trident and his lovable pet manatee, Chomper. The skin showcases Fizz wearing a coat, hat, and even a beard, giving him a distinct angler’s appearance. Urf, though his presence is limited, adds to the skin’s charm with his iconic lobster bib and sturdy character design.

The sound effects for Fisherman Fizz are a delightful addition. Chomper, Fizz’s trusty companion, gets new sounds specifically for the ultimate ability, Chum the Waters. These new sounds add a touch of underwater madness to Fizz’s arsenal, making each cast of the ability even more satisfying.

As for animations, there are no new additions to Fisherman Fizz. However, the skin’s overall design and character model change more than makeup for it, giving Fizz a distinct look that sets him apart from his other skins.

Unique Features

Fisherman Fizz brings several unique features to the table that truly make it stand out, even in 2023. Let’s summarize what we’ve discussed so far:

  • Fizz’s angler-themed design, complete with a coat, hat, and beard.
  • The inclusion of Urf, the manatee, with his lobster bib and sturdy character design.
  • Chomper, Fizz’s loyal pet manatee, adds an extra layer of charm to the skin.
  • The new lobster particle effect for Chum the Waters adds a touch of underwater flair to Fizz’s abilities.
  • With its distinct design, amusing character interactions, and captivating sound effects, Fisherman Fizz is a skin that truly embraces the craziness of Fizz’s aquatic adventures.

How to Get It in 2023

If you’re eager to add Fisherman Fizz to your skin collection, you’re in luck! You can purchase this delightful skin from the official League of Legends store for 975 Riot Points. Another platform where you can find a wide range of skins, including this skin, is Simply head over to our website, browse through the available skins, and choose Fisherman Fizz to make it yours.

Gamers Feedback

I’ll leave you some feedback on Fisherman Fizz from real League of Legends players:

“This is like the best skin ever. Even with urf, fizz still looks coolio.”

“I got Fizz he is awesome. But I don’t know which skin I should get because I really love all of them- Atlantean one looks ingame pretty cool. I love Tundra Fizz’s Shark and he looks nice in the picture. Finally, the Fisherman Fizz is more funny skin. I really can’t decide. :(“

“I have Tundra Fizz, and it’s the best skin for Fizz, but I do not know what to say about ultimate’s seriously look about the ultimate range, this fisherman ultimate is getting bigger and with that, he can hit more nearby enemies.”

My Feedback

Now, let’s get personal. As a gamer who has Fisherman Fizz in my inventory, I must say that I have mixed feelings about this skin. The only reason I like this skin is because of Urf. There’s something about his presence and the chaos he brings that adds a unique touch to the gameplay. However, compared to other Fizz skins, such as Atlantean, Fisherman Fizz falls a bit short in terms of overall visual appeal.

To truly enjoy Fisherman Fizz, you have to fully embrace the craziness depicted in the cool artwork and the story of Urf. But sometimes, it can become like an overplayed joke that just isn’t funny anymore because it’s been done too much. While it’s fun initially, the novelty of the skin can wear off over time.

That being said, I do appreciate the effort put into the design, sound effects, and animations. Fisherman Fizz brings a unique flavor to Fizz’s character, and the inclusion of Urf adds an extra layer of amusement. It’s a skin that’s worth trying out if you’re a fan of Fizz and enjoy the quirks and charms of Urf and fishing.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Fisherman Fizz is a skin that brings a distinct angler-themed twist to the mischievous champion. With its unique design, sound effects, and the presence of Urf, this skin is sure to bring smiles and laughter to your gameplay. Fans who love Urf or have a fondness for fishing might enjoy Fisherman Fizz more than regular Fizz skins. While it may not be the most visually stunning option, it has its own appeal and charm.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Fisherman Fizz a solid 8. It offers a delightful experience that adds a touch of whimsy to your games. So, if you’re a fan of Fizz and want to add a splash of angler madness to your gameplay, Fisherman Fizz is definitely a skin worth considering.


What is the concept behind Fisherman Fizz?

It is a skin that transforms Fizz, the fish-obsessed trickster, into an angler-themed champion. He wears a coat, hat, and beard, and is accompanied by his trusty companion, Urf, the manatee. The skin combines Fizz’s love for fish with the whimsical adventure of Fizz and Urf.

What are the unique features of Fisherman Fizz?

Fisherman Fizz offers several unique features, including Fizz’s angler-themed design, the inclusion of Urf with his lobster bib, and the presence of Chomper, Fizz’s loyal pet manatee. The skin also features a new lobster particle effect for Fizz’s ultimate ability, Chum the Waters.

How can I obtain Fisherman Fizz in 2023?

It can be purchased from the official League of Legends store for 975 Riot Points. It may also be available on third-party platforms like, where a wide range of skins, including Fisherman Fizz, can be found.

Are there any new animations with Fisherman Fizz?

No, there are no new animations with Fisherman Fizz. However, the skin’s design and character model changes give Fizz a distinct look that sets him apart from his other skins.

What is the overall rating of Fisherman Fizz?

It is rated a solid 8 out of 10. While it may not be the most visually stunning skin, it brings a unique charm and amusement to Fizz’s character, particularly for fans of Urf and fishing.