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Glacial Malphite Review

Glacial Malphite, an epic skin in the popular game League of Legends, brings a chilling and icy presence to the battlefield. Released on July 10, 2012, this skin falls under the category of epic skins, offering players a unique and visually stunning experience, even in 2023. With its concept of Malphite as an armored ice golem and its impressive design, sound effects, and animations, Glacial Malphite is a must-have for fans of this champion.


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That’s no glacier… Glacial Malphite’s lore tells a captivating tale of a being who emerged from the coldest depths of the Freljord. Born out of ice and stone, this formidable creature possesses immense power, channeling the frigid forces of nature. With each step, the ground trembles beneath his mighty feet, and enemies quiver in fear as he unleashes his icy wrath upon them. Glacial Malphite’s lore adds depth and intrigue to the character, making him an embodiment of unstoppable frozen might.

Concept and Inspiration

Glacial Malphite is an awesome skin that gives a cool ice vibe to the Shard of the Monolith. The concept behind this skin is to transform Malphite into an imposing figure crafted from frosty elements. Inspired by the chilling landscapes of the Freljord, Glacial Malphite’s design captures the essence of an icy behemoth, ready to crush anything in its path. The combination of ice and stone creates a unique visual appeal, making this skin stand out on the battlefield.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

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Glacial Malphite’s design is a sight to behold. The shards adorning his body showcase his indomitable toughness and icy nature. The armor is strategically placed on the softer parts, providing both protection and stunning visual contrast. The ice shards on his back reflect light, adding an extra touch of brilliance to his appearance.

The skin’s new effects truly enhance the gaming experience. When Malphite activates his Brutal Strikes ability, freezing air swirls around him, emphasizing the power and impact of his strikes. The Seismic Shard ability showcases chunks of ice bursting forth from the ground, leaving a trail of frozen devastation in its wake. These visual effects create a visually stunning display, immersing players in the icy theme of Glacial Malphite.

The sound effects in Glacial Malphite are subtle yet effective. The icy sounds accompanying his abilities contribute to the immersive experience, making each ability activation feel more impactful. The combination of impressive design, mesmerizing sound effects, and fluid animations truly brings Glacial Malphite to life, making it a skin that stands out from the rest.

Unique Features

Complete redesign: Glacial Malphite offers more than just a texture change. It features a whole new model and reflections for Malphite, giving him a visually striking appearance that embodies his icy theme.

New particle effects: The skin introduces new particles for Malphite’s abilities, adding an extra layer of visual flair to his devastating attacks.

Enhanced animations: Glacial Malphite comes with new animations for his Seismic Shard and Ground Slam, showcasing the power and icy nature of his abilities.

Refreshed sound effects: The skin incorporates new sounds for Malphite’s abilities, immersing players in the chilling atmosphere of Glacial Malphite’s presence.

How to Get It in 2023

If you’re eager to add Glacial Malphite to your collection and unleash his frozen might in battle, you can acquire this epic skin through various means. One of the convenient options is to visit LoL in-game shop, where you can purchase the skin for 1350 RP. Also, is a trusted online marketplace that offers a wide range of League of Legends skins, including Glacial Malphite. 

Gamers Feedback

“I personally like the mecha skin better, but not by much. I own the mecha skin and this skin and I enjoy both very much :)”

“His taunt remains the best in the game. That move he does, THAT is how you taunt.”

“That skin is so beautiful … Riot Games are more and more creating awesome skins!”

My Feedback

As an avid League of Legends player, I’m thrilled to share my personal experience with Glacial Malphite. I have this skin in my inventory, and I must say, it has quickly become one of my favorites. The attention to detail in the animations and visual effects is impressive.

One aspect I particularly love about Glacial Malphite is his reworked Q ability, Seismic Shard. The whole new animation and sound effects make it feel like I’m summoning a freezing blast that shatters the ground beneath my opponents. It adds an extra layer of satisfaction to landing successful hits and catching enemies off guard.

However, I have noticed a minor drawback with his E ability, Ground Slam. While the animations are different and re-skinned, the size of the effect seems a bit larger than the actual damage area. At times, it appears that the edge of the ability hits enemies with the particles, but they don’t take damage, which can be a bit frustrating.

Additionally, I found the sound on Glacial Malphite’s ultimate ability, Unstoppable Force, to be a bit less powerful compared to his default skin. Given the immense impact and raw strength behind his ultimate, I expected a more thunderous sound effect that truly resonates with his icy theme.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Glacial Malphite is a skin that I highly recommend if you’re a fan of the champion. It brings a whole new level of visual appeal and thematic immersion to playing as Malphite. With the complete redesign, new particle effects, enhanced animations, and refreshed sound effects, this skin transforms Malphite into a formidable force of ice and stone.

Taking into account its unique features and the overall enjoyment it brings to the game, I give Glacial Malphite a rating of 8 out of 10. The attention to detail and the reimagining of his abilities truly set this skin apart. So, don’t miss out on the chance to add this skin to your collection and unleash the fury of the frozen depths upon your opponents. Prepare to dominate the Rift with this chilling and awe-inspiring skin!


What is Glacial Malphite in League of Legends?

It is an epic skin in League of Legends that transforms the champion Malphite into an armored ice golem, giving him a chilling and icy presence on the battlefield.

How can I get Glacial Malphite skin in 2023?

You can acquire Glacial Malphite through the in-game shop for 1350 RP or by visiting trusted online marketplaces that offer League of Legends skins.

What are the unique features of Glacial Malphite?

It offers a complete redesign, new particle effects for abilities, enhanced animations, and refreshed sound effects, providing a visually striking appearance and immersive gameplay experience.

What is the lore behind Glacial Malphite?

Glacial Malphite’s lore tells the story of a being that emerged from the coldest depths of the Freljord, born out of ice and stone. He possesses immense power and channels the frigid forces of nature, embodying unstoppable frozen might.

What are some notable player feedback and personal experiences with Glacial Malphite?

Players have expressed appreciation for the skin’s visual beauty and the immersive experience it provides. However, some feedback mentions minor issues with the size of the damaged area for the E ability and the sound effect of the ultimate ability. Overall, Glacial Malphite is highly recommended for fans of the champion.