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God Staff Jax Review

The God Staff Jax skin is an awesome upgrade for the champion Jax in League of Legends. It’s an epic skin that you can buy for 1350 RP, released on January 11, 2018. This skin is all about making Jax look like a godly warrior, with cool visuals, animations, and sound effects. In this article, we’ll talk about the lore, design, and features of this skin, as well as how to get it.


god staff jax splash art

The story behind the God Staff Jax skin is pretty cool. Jax was a champion looking for a super-powerful weapon. Finally, he found the God Staff, a staff that glows and gives him god-like powers. With this staff, Jax becomes a true god of strength. The God Staff Jax skin lets you feel the power of Jax’s god-like abilities when you play the game.

Concept and Inspiration

The God Staff Jax skin is all about making Jax look like a boss divine warrior. He’s decked out in gold and majestic purple, giving off this holy and grand vibe. The skin gives you a peek at Jax’s mysterious nature under all that godly gear. It’s like he’s part of a crew of god-like champs, including God Fist Lee Sin and Radiant Wukong, each representing a different aspect of godly power.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

god staff jax turn

The design of the God Staff Jax skin is insanely detailed. Jax looks like a badass monk or priest, all blinged out in gold with a fancy cape. His pants and boots are simple and practical, showing off his fighting skills. But the best part? His glowing hand and staff. They scream “extraordinary” and add a mysterious touch to the character. The cool beads around Jax’s waist give him an Eastern vibe, making him even cooler.

When it comes to sound effects, the God Staff Jax skin doesn’t disappoint. You’ll hear satisfying metallic clanks whenever Jax swings his staff, making it feel powerful. The auto-attacks and abilities have similar sounds, but the unique metallic clangs make the staff stand out. Just a heads up, though: after a while, the repetition might get a bit boring.

Jax’s animations in the God Staff skin are smooth and impactful. His attacks and empowered strikes show off his mastery and make him look like a total pro at dishing out devastating blows. The Leap Strike animation is especially awesome, highlighting his agility and badassery. The Counterstrike animation looks visually stunning with its blue-gold swirl, but some extra effects would make it even more epic.

Unique Features

The God Staff Jax skin has some really cool stuff that makes it stand out from other Jax skins, even in 2023. The recall animation is super impressive. It shows how awesome Jax is and how he’s a total boss with his divine powers. At first, he’s doing his usual fighting moves, but then it turns into something supernatural. While recalling, Jax’s extra glowing arms show up, which give a hint about his magical limbs that make his attacks lightning-fast. But, it’s important to know that these extra arms don’t have any special effects during combat.

Also, when Jax dies in the game, his death animation is pretty cool. He stretches his supernatural limbs, showing off his godlike nature. It would have been even better if they developed these animations more to make the whole experience even cooler.

How to Get It in 2023

If you want to get the God Staff Jax skin, there are a few ways to do it. One option is to go to the in-game shop in LoL and buy it for 1350 Riot Points. You can also check out Smurfmania.com, a legit online marketplace that has lots of League of Legends skins. Just look for the God Staff Jax skin in their catalog, buy it, and you’ll have this awesome upgrade for your champ.

Gamers Feedback

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Jax Ultimate skin where you can choose his weapon? Staff, sword, axe, flail, mace, spear, glaive, stock of a shotgun…the list can go on forever.

Such good skin. Finally, i had enough OE to activate the shard.

When the skin itself makes you wanna play a champ.

I wish they had the staff floating at he’s e and releasing the 4 arms that punch the target I think that would be cool!

My Feedback

I’m super excited to share my experience with the God Staff Jax skin. It’s made playing Jax way more awesome because it looks really cool and makes him stand out.

One thing that stands out to me is how the skin looks. Jax’s gold decorations, fancy cape, and glowing hand and staff make him look like a boss on the battlefield. It gives him a powerful and godlike vibe. All these details make the skin really eye-catching for everyone in the game.

Although the God Staff Jax skin is impressive, I do wish there was more variety and depth to it. It would have been awesome if they included Jax’s extra arms when he uses his ultimate ability. Imagine him using all six arms to unleash crazy powerful attacks and showing off his godlike status even more. But even though they missed that opportunity, the skin still looks amazing and is a great choice for Jax fans.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, the God Staff Jax skin is visually stunning and makes playing League of Legends more immersive. Jax looks like a powerful god with his fancy design, cool animations, and unique sound effects. It would have been even better if they added Jax’s extra arms during his ultimate ability, but overall, it’s a really cool skin that’s worth trying if you love playing as Jax.

Considering the new effects and animations, I’d give the God Staff Jax skin a rating of 7 out of 10. It brings a fresh look to the game and enhances the gameplay experience, but it falls a bit short in terms of offering truly unique features and further development. Still, if you’re a Jax fan, I recommend giving this skin a shot and feeling the power of the gods yourself.


How much does the God Staff Jax skin cost and when was it released?

The God Staff Jax skin is priced at 1350 RP in League of Legends and was released on January 11, 2018.

What is the lore behind the God Staff Jax skin?

The God Staff Jax skin revolves around Jax finding a powerful weapon called the God Staff, which grants him god-like abilities and transforms him into a divine warrior.

What are the design and features of the God Staff Jax skin?

The skin features detailed design elements, with Jax adorned in gold and majestic purple, wearing a cape and glowing hand and staff. It gives him a holy and grand appearance, emphasizing his god-like powers.

How does the God Staff Jax skin enhance the gameplay experience?

The skin offers smooth and impactful animations, satisfying sound effects, and visually stunning recall animation. It adds visual flair to Jax’s attacks and abilities, making him feel more powerful and epic in-game.

Can the God Staff Jax skin be obtained in 2023?

The skin can be purchased from the in-game shop in League of Legends for 1350 Riot Points. It may also be available through third-party online marketplaces, such as Smurfmania.com.